Basketball player, Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend refused entrance into restaurant in Beverly hills because of her dress

Basketball player, Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend refused entrance into restaurant in Beverly hills because of her dress

A highbrow restaurant in Beverly Hills refused to grant American basketball player Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend entrance because of what she was wearing.

21-year-old  Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend, Jilly Anais, got stopped at the door at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills this weekend because his girlfriend’s racy outfit violated the restaurant’s dress code.


Mastro’s rejects guests that don’t dress in a “classy” fashion. They once turned away Pittsburgh Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster because he was wearing sweatpants.

Basketball player, Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend refused entrance into restaurant in Beverly hills because of her dress

Dejounte was told at the door by a door staff that Jilly’s figure-hugging short dress was too revealing, so they couldn’t go in. He tried to persuade the door staff to let them in all to no avail. Dejounte later went in alone and spoke with a manager who then made an exception and allowed Jilly inside.

The embarrassing moment was caught on video.


Al Jazeera journalist narrowly avoids being shot by a sniper and hit by tear gas grenade as she reports from the front line of Gaza protests

Al Jazeera journalist narrowly avoids being shot by a sniper and hit by tear gas grenade as she reports from the front line of Gaza protests

Video footage shows an Al Jazeera journalist ducking for cover to avoid being shot by a sniper and hit by a tear gas grenade as she was reporting at the deadly Gaza protests.


The network’s international correspondent Hoda Abdel-Hamid narrowly escaped unhurt as a bullet whistled past her while she reported in front of the camera. She had on a helmet and bullet-proof vest but even those were not enough protection from the chaos going on around her.

Al Jazeera journalist narrowly avoids being shot by a sniper and hit by tear gas grenade as she reports from the front line of Gaza protests

She later posted a second video on her Twitter account showing tear gas canisters dropping from the sky and landing within yards of television crews. The tear gas canisters were fired by drones from the sky and can be seen thudding into the ground, sending reporters diving for cover and leaving them coughing and gasping for air.

She accompanied the video with a message that reads: “Targeting journalists won’t make the Gaza problem go away. This happened while away from the fence and no one around us was throwing stones or doing anything else… people were sitting, watching from afar while trying to keep safe. But there was nowhere to be safe, neither by the fence or away from it.”

Al Jazeera journalist narrowly avoids being shot by a sniper and hit by tear gas grenade as she reports from the front line of Gaza protests

Abdel-Hamid is being treated in hospital following her ordeal.

Al Jazeera journalist narrowly avoids being shot by a sniper and hit by tear gas grenade as she reports from the front line of Gaza protests

About 60 people were killed in yesterday’s clashes and more than 2,000 were injured as huge protests took place over the opening of America’s new embassy in Jerusalem. Monday’s violence on the border was the bloodiest for Palestinians since the 2014 Gaza conflict.

Watch both videos below.

Twitter video is loading

Twitter video is loading


Registered Nigerian sex offender wanted in Texas for child pornography slips into Canada with flow of asylum seekers

 Registered Nigerian sex offender wanted in Texas for child pornography slips into Canada with flow of asylum seekers

A registered sex offender Nigerian man, Adesanya Prince, who pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in Texas, has entered Canada through a well-known illegal border crossing in Quebec.

The 49-year-old pleaded guilty to child pornography charges Feb. 23 in Houston. He was out on bond awaiting sentencing on May 10, but instead fled to Canada.

He was arrested by RCMP officers last month after crossing into Quebec from New York State. U.S. authorities believe he may have been trying to be deported home to avoid prison.

According to the Canadian government, 70 to 80 people per day are crossing at Roxham Road. In recent months, more than half of them have been from Nigeria.

 Registered Nigerian sex offender wanted in Texas for child pornography slips into Canada with flow of asylum seekers

Prince was detained by RCMP officers as soon as he set foot in Canada. His criminal history was found during a security screening.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Prince’s arrest shows the meticulous nature of the background security checks done by RCMP and CBSA on Roxham Road asylum seekers.

“Trying to hop across the border without following the rules is no free ticket to Canada,” Goodale said last Thursday.

“There are immediate consequences, and when it’s a consequence of that kind, you’re inadmissible. You’re out of here.”

According to court documents, Prince sent a co-worker three videos from his cellphone in January of last year. Two of the videos involved graphic acts of beastiality involving dogs. The third video showed the sexual assault of a child.

When he was questioned by Houston police officers, Prince admitted sending the videos. He said he’d been sent them from a friend, kept them on his phone for about a month, and then forwarded them to his co-worker.

Prince was arrested and charged with possession with intent to promote child pornography on May 15, 2017.

He pleaded guilty on Feb. 23 and was released pending sentencing. On that day, Prince also signed documents that put him on the sex offender registry. He wasn’t allowed to leave Houston while awaiting sentencing.

Prince is being held at an immigration detention facility in Laval, Que. U.S. officials have filed a request for a provisional arrest.

According to a U.S. Department of Justice spokesperson, lawyers in the U.S. are finalizing extradition paperwork. They hope to make the request official in the coming days.

“We will need to examine the legal channels that need to be followed,” says Goodale.
“The legal work is being done with respect to that question. But the point is (asylum seekers) should not expect to circumvent the consequences of their previous illegal behaviour. We would want to make sure that the appropriate consequences flow.”

A date for an extradition hearing has been set for May 18 in Montreal.

Source: Global National Quebec.

Another Nigerian shot dead alongside his female companion in South Africa; statement from (NUSA)

 Another Nigerian shot dead alongside his female companion in South Africa; statement from (NUSA)

Another Nigerian citizen Mr Francis Ochuba from Ngodo Umunneochi Local Government area in Abia State, was brutally gunned down alongside his female companion in Johannesburg.

This is coming hours after HalifsBlog reported about the killing of Chidi Ibebuike, a native of Uturu Okigwe, Abia State who was shot dead by yet to be identified gunmen on Sunday, 13th of May, 2018. His car was subsequently snatched by the assailants.

Below is a statement signed by Honourable Habib Miller, the National Publicity Secretary, Nigerian Union South Africa (NUSA) :

It is with a heavy heart and a resounding outcry for justice once again that we announce the killing of 2 Nigerians from Abia state in a space of 8 days.

Mr Francis Ochuba who hails from Ngodo Umunneochi Local Government area in Abia State was callously gunned down on the 5th of May, 2018 alongside his estate agent who is a female South African as they visited the tenant occupying his property for collection of rent in the central of Johannesburg.

Mr Chidi Ibebuike who is a native of Uturu Okigwe , Abia State was also shot dead at the entrance of his place of abode in Hazyview Mpumalanga on Sunday the 13th of May, 2018. His car was subsequently snatched by yet to be identified gunmen. The Chairman of Nigerian union in the Province Mr Amadi in company of other compatriots have reported the incidence to Hazyview police station and investigation is underway.

Before the recent untimely demise of the two Nigerians mentioned above, the last known incident of a Nigerian National killed was that of Mr Ebuka Clement who was set ablaze in Rustenburg, Northwest South Africa on the 21st of April, 2018.

It is important to note that a violent group in Rustenburg have given Nigerians in the Northwest province a quit or be killed notice. Since January, when the threat was proclaimed, there has been numerous cases of Nigerians kidnapped and a ransom remitted to abductors before they are liberated. Mr Desmond who is a native of Niger Delta whose loved ones couldn’t afford to pay the ransom requested by his abductors was inhumanely killed. Further more there has been reports of 8 cars belonging to Nigerians burnt. Ransacking of houses occupied by Nigerians. Molestation leading to injuries. Looting of Nigerian owned businesses with impunity at every opportunity they get and there are numerous other threats to life that are being directed towards Nigerians on a daily basis throughout the Republic that calls for utmost concern.

The aforementioned prompted 14 Nigerians to protest lack of protection from the South African police. In a sane community, one would expect a positive reaction from the police whose prior onus is protection of lives and properties and in this case hope that they would alleviate or completely abolish the menace. Instead the protesters were arrested and have been in detention since the 21st of January , 2018 while the Policemen who terminated the life of a 27 year old Nigerian Citizen Mr Ebuka Okori in January, 2018 in Durban Kwazulu Natal South Africa untimely have been released on bail. As at the time of writing this report, Nigerians in the aforesaid vicinity still live in fear of the aforesaid.

The incessant and extra judicial killing of Nigerians in South Africa is however a stark contrast to the general goodwill,protection,conducive environment and halcyon days South Africans and their businesses enjoy in Nigeria. There have been no record of looting of South African businesses in Nigeria. While South African companies transfer billions of dollars in profit made from doing business in Nigeria  back home to happy families with appropriate protection from our force , Nigerians are sending body bags of murdered bread winners back home to dejected families. Lots of Nigerian businesses have been looted with most affected victims not being able to recover from the trauma and bankruptcy the incidents have caused. There have also been cases of South African police joining looters and watching our compatriots get killed when they are supposed to protect all defenseless human beings no matter their Nationality.

The death toll of Nigerians known to have been killed in South Africa since December 2016 till date now amounts to 118 with very few prosecution and no convictions of the offenders. Nigerian lives matters to the Union hence we will keep creating awareness of the injustice we encounter in South Africa. We can’t continue to watch as our people get killed without empathy. People get emotionally attached to animals who are pets and sometimes mourn perpetually after their demise. People even get emotionally attached to material things, houses,cars,phones and feel devastated when they lose them not to talk of a human life. Most of the men killed are bread winners to their families here in South Africa and Nigeria . The untold anguish,hardship,pain and disorientation they suffer is unimaginable and it calls for deeper reflections.

Our Government officials who are supposed to pressurize their South African counterparts on the predicament of killings, harassment and looting of Nigerian businesses claimed it is as a result of the illegalities our compatriots are involved in. It’s unfortunate that such stance is taken to probably cover the helplessness? Or is it the alarming ineptitude of our representatives? The question that comes to mind is , what correlation does collection of rent from One’s property and being a furniture designer has with crime? South Africa is not the only country with Nigerian immigrants but why so much killings in South Africa? The Nigerian Union of South Africa does not condone crime in any form but we ask that whoever is a suspect is charged and dealt with legitimately.

Our advise to the Nigerian government  representatives in South Africa is to channel their energy towards eradicating the major complexities Nigerians face in South Africa which is untimely termination of lives , harassment and business looting, instead of causing disunity and hostility amongst our compatriots.

According to the great icon Desmond Tutu_
If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has it’s foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

So the seeming silence of Nigerian government representatives on the incessant killings can be adjudged to be a silent connivance with the oppressors.

This xenophobic attacks on Nigerians residing in South Africa has gotten out of hand. This is one killing too many and it’s very heartbreaking considering the contribution of Nigeria as a country in extirpating apartheid only for our citizens to be the recipient of similar treatment.

We duly implore all South Africans,young and old to see us as brothers. To curtail the few that’s giving the whole country a bad image.To see beyond xenophobic prejudices that threatens even the so called economic coexistence we share.

Let’s put a lot of value on human lives at all times and let the necessary authorities act where and when it applies.

According to Nelson Mandela_Our daily deeds as ordinary South Africans must produce an actual South African reality that will reinforce humanity’s belief in justice, strengthen its confidence in the nobility of the human soul, and sustain all our hopes for a glorious life for all.

Desmond Tutu_In South Africa, we could not have achieved our freedom and just peace without the help of people around the world(most notably Nigeria), who through the use of non-violent means, such as boycotts and divestment, encouraged their governments and other corporate actors to reverse decades-long support for the Apartheid regime.

We call on reputable organizations worldwide with value for lives to please come to our aid since our outcry to our government representatives here in South Africa for protection is met with talks of the imperative of business relationship between both countries at  the expense of human lives.

The United Nations General Assembly resolution 51/81 of 12 December 1996 declares that racial discrimination, xenophobia are amongst the most serious violations of human rights in the contemporary world and must be combated by all available means. It also calls upon all States to enact and enforce legislation to prevent and sanction acts of racism and racial discrimination. So we are appealing to the South African government to adhere to this global recommendations in securing the lives of Nigerians and all foreigners within its borders now while it’s still a feasible course of action that will safeguard the brotherliness between both countries.



Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20

Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20

A Nigerian woman who turns 20 today has taken to Facebook to list her achievements.

Ogbonna Rita Prudent Chinwendu said she got admission into the university at the age of 15, four years later she graduated aged 19. Soon after graduation, she got a good paying job in Lekki, and as she turns 20 today, she has gotten an apartment of her own. Rita says she is now getting ready to go for NYSC.

Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20

She wrote:

God has shown me GENUINE LOVE
Love that superceeds all other loves !!!
At Age 15,I was admitted into a higher instution.As young as I was,God saw me through.
Good grades became my surname!!!
At age 19 he made me a graduate with flyng colors as my birthday gift.
At same age 19 he blessed me with a good paying job in lekki
And now,at age 20,he has given me an apartment as my birthday gift!
Mama got my backBeautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20?
Hardwork pays,Determination Rocks and Focus Helps
Thank you jesusBeautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20?
Happy birthday to me!!!!!!
Am a Taurus Diva
#NYSC loading

Beautiful Nigerian lady lists her achievements as she turns 20

Her post immediately garnered attention after it was shared. Considering the current state of the nation, most young people her age are still struggling to finish university due to constant strikes, and when they eventually graduate, getting a job doesn’t come easy. Hence, Rita’s achievements are considered a huge feat by most social media users who commented on her post.

Photo: Nude painting by Italian artist sells for $157m at New York auction

Photo: Nude painting by Italian artist?sells for $157m at New York auction

A nude paint that is the largest produced by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani sold for $157.2 million in New York on Monday night, becoming the fourth most expensive work of art sold at auction.


Painted a century ago, Modigliani’s masterpiece “Nu couche (sur le cote gauche)” fetched the highest price in Sotheby’s history and was the star single lot in the May art auction season in New York.


Modigliani follows Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso as the third highest-selling artist at auction. Monday’s sale failed to eclipse the $170.4 million paid for another Modigliani nude at Christie’s in 2015. Nearly 58 inches (147 centimeters) wide, the picture was the cover star of a recent retrospective at the Tate Modern gallery in London.


Modigliani reinvented the nude for the modern era, and when his series of paintings were first exhibited in 1917, they were considered so shocking that police closed the show in Paris. Bidding was restrained, lasting three to four minutes and opening at $125 million before auctioneer Helena Newman brought the hammer down at $139 million. The final price includes a buyer’s premium.


The price chalks up a healthy profit for its seller, who acquired the picture in 2003 for $26.9 million. Modigliani completed 22 reclining nudes and 13 seated nudes between 1916 and 1919. Most of the former are found in museums, such as The Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  Simon Shaw, co-head of impressionist and modern art at Sotheby’s, said the painting sold Monday, while rooted in tradition, reflected the changing status of women during World War I.


“This is a nude of a very self-possessed, sexually confident woman who is not looking out from a distance. She’s absolutely meeting our gaze,” he told AFP prior to the sale.  Modigliani’s dealer Leopold Zborowski gave him a stipend of 15 francs a day and paid the models five francs to pose in a Paris apartment


You can be identified with your ears

The outer and most visible part of your ear can be used to identify you because it is unique to each individual, thereby making it a good means of personal identification. Although thumbprints and DNA are the more preferred options, the fact that former gets worn out over time and the latter is quite invasive has made using the ears as a means of ID become increasingly more popular. The shape of the ear is easy to map with computer software and it rarely changes over a person’s lifetime. Current technology can correctly identify an individual ear about 99.6% of the time.

Coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers

Many studies have shown that people who drink coffee tend to live longer than people who don’t. Although scientists are yet to figure out what causes this bizarre benefit, research shows it exists. The benefit exists whether you drink caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.

Laughter can kill you

As bizarre as this sounds, there are many people who have gone down in history as people who died from laughter (probably had one too many LMAOs). Laughing itself isn’t deadly, in fact, the saying that “Laughter is the best medicine” still stands, however, a laughing fit can place undue stress on the heart and lungs, which can lead to a heart attack or asphyxiation especially in a person that is seriously ill. It is a very rare phenomenon, so the health benefits of laughing far outweigh the risks

Children Can Learn Between 4000 – 12000 Words Each Year From Reading Books

One study showed that children can learn up to 12,000 words per year from reading books alone. The average child will pick up around 2000-3000 words per year from their normal education. This amount increases dramatically if the child reads independently, even for as little as ten minutes per day.

The More Creative You Are, The Longer You Live

A study has shown that being creative is actually linked with living a long life. In fact, the study shows that the more creative the person, the lower their risk of death. Many scientists are of the school of thought that it’s because creative people tend to use their brain more through creative thinking, thereby keeping the brain healthy.


Plants Help Humans Increase Concentration and Creativity

Many studies have shown that people who are working or studying will have increased levels of concentration when they can see plants from their desks. This seems to be related to another finding, that concentration can be improved by exposure to natural environments. One theory to explain this might be that people take unconscious micro-breaks to look at the plants and inadvertently refresh their ability to concentrate on other tasks.

Only 2% Of The World’s Population Have Green Eyes

Green eyes are considered to be one of the rarest eye colours in the world. This eye colour is very common in people with North and Central European descent, and a few others from the Middle East and Asia. While eye colour was once thought to be controlled by only one or two genes, scientists now believe up to 12 genes influence eye colour. This can make it difficult to accurately predict what eye colours people might inherit from their parents.



Image result for native cover magazine davido

Davido recently covered The Native Magazine, where he spoke to Toye Sokunbi about a variety of things, including his career, past beef with Wizkid and future plans. There are some takeaways from this interview about the events that have taken place and will take place in the life of David Adeleke.

Davido spoke about his beef with Wizkid and stated the reason for their reconciliation. “It just got to a point where we just thought, this shit is getting old. I mean, it got physical between our camps. We just wanted to make the relationship mutual. He has three kids, I have two kids. I’ve travelled a lot, I have experienced so much more in life, I have two artists that are doing well. Like, this shit is old bro, we’re not getting any younger.” In light of this, their never ending comparison which still thrives was able rapidly reduced.

 native magazine davido

He also talked about making music with Sony and how their strategies didn’t fit as the music they wanted him to make was not what he wanted to make. He said, “I knew myself. I was like, ‘this is not Davido’. My career has always been on fire at all times, [‘till then] there was never a time that I didn’t have a hit out, and that time I didn’t have a hit. So I called Sony up, and I told them look, you have to let me do what I want to do. That’s what inspired Back to Basics.”

 davido cover

He also talked about his Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) status and how people always made it seem like everything he achieved was because of his father’s wealth. He said it made things harder for him. “They always have this feeling that like…[because] your daddy has money… “they” would attribute every ounce of success to that fact, if they could. “In my head, I’m like, I didn’t choose my Dad, I am his son. I came into the world like anyone else.”

On rumours that his friend Tagbo died of alcohol poisoning, and that he had a hand in it, the international superstar commented,

“They were trying to put me in jail for ten years. Like it wasn’t a joke” Davido calmly tells me. “At the end of the day, the CP (Commissioner of Police) was doing his job, but I guess there were some things they could’ve handled more professionally. Because of who I was, I felt like they were trying to make a story out of nothing and to be honest, I did nothing.”

davido magazine cover

David plans to retire when he’s 30. “I am 25 now, and I have a five-year plan.” He says. “By the time I am 30, I don’t want to be actively doing music anymore”. The If singer plans to build a legacy. While working on growth, Davido is soon to reach the peak of his fulfillment.


Davido who went on social media days ago to announce that he has bought a private jet and even showed documents and pictures of it might eventually be a stunt.

A new report has it that Davido lied about owning a private jet. It was said that he only has fractional ownership of the jet but he spinned the full-ownership story to give his brand an increased value. The DMW man has now reacted to the story, reiterating that he owns the aircraft 100%.

Multiple reports had it that the story about Davido buying a private jet is all about social media hype. It was said that the singer entered an agreement to purchase the aircraft but his ‘financial commitment in the arrangement is meagre while the major financiers have chosen to play down their involvement to give Davido conceded prominence.’

Davido has come out to debunk the story. He dropped a comment on an Instagram news platform, laughing off the story. His comment read;

Lol owned 100 percent my friend.

See picture below.


Photographs of #BBNaija 2018 ex-housemate Leo’s real girlfriend has surfaced. As indicated by Stella Dimiko’s blog, her name is Melissa and she is situated in the UK.

There were gossipy tidbits circumventing that Leo and Alex would never be a thing, aside from the conspicuous reason that he isn’t as in love as she is with him. With this new disclosure, things amongst Alex and Leo was certainly for inside the house alone.

As indicated by the blog, ”Leo won’t date Alex outside the house because he has a better-looking babe in London, so everyone should rest about the issue Her name is Melissa and they are crazy in love.”

Look at her photographs beneath.


We are excited to launch ELITE MODEL LOOK NIGERIA 2017 10th Edition!
It’s been 10 awesome years of discovering super models.

In celebrating 10 years, for the first time ever!
We’d be touring 10 major cities in Nigeria scouting for the next super star😱

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Female 5’9 and above
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Treat Acne & Other Skin Conditions With Banana Peels!


Adult acne is a nasty thing. Just when you thought you’d put those awkward teenage years behind you, you wake up one morning in your mid to late twenties, and there it is: a ginormous, inflamed, middle school-esque pimple staring back at you from your forehead…or your nose…or your chin… Or all of the above – ewww…

Whether you’ve done your time with teenage acne or not, seeing it again during your adult years is not fun – and I’m speaking from personal experience! I’ve tried everything, from pills, to creams, to Proactiv-type products. Nothing worked, at least not for long. Fortunately for me, the problem fixed itself on its own and I now only battle the random breakout here and there.

treat acne and skin conditions with banana peels

My younger cousin is now going through the same thing, so for the past few months, I’ve made it my mission to find something that would help her. I didn’t want her to go down the same path as I did with pills, creams, etc. Now that I have this blog, I knew it was my duty to help her find a natural, chemical-free alternative to the steroid-laden pills and creams that are prescribed at the conventional dermatologist’s office.

treat acne and skin conditions with banana peels

Lo and behold, this link about using banana peels randomly crossed my path one night, and I sent it to my cousin and never thought about it again. A few weeks later, on our visit down to Florida, I noticed her skin looked much better and her acne scars were starting to fade. Imagine my surprise when she told me she’d been using the banana peels trick and loved it!

She even jokingly informed me that she’s become the “banana-nazi” so to speak, making sure no one throws away banana peels in her presence LOL 🙂

The steps are very simple:

Take a small piece of banana peel and rub it on the affected area for a few minutes until the inside of the peel turns brown.
As it dries, your skin will absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the peel. I leave it on for about 30 mins. and then wash it off with warm water. At night, I just leave it on overnight, then wash off in the morning.
Do this 3 times a day, and in a few days, you’ll notice results!
treat acne and skin conditions with banana peels

Even if you don’t have actual pimples on your skin, this trick can also help reduce acne scars from old breakouts. That’s where I come in: I used this on some old scars around my chin and jaw line and really noticed results within a couple days!

I’m not brave enough to share before/after pictures for the world to see, but the original poster graciously did this for us in her follow-up post. Just seeing those pictures was reason enough for me to try it and to send the link to my cousin!

If you’re looking to do away with commercial products and harsh chemicals on your skin, I urge you to give this a try. It’s totally worth a shot: what’s the worst that can happen – you get some banana on your face for a couple days? Totally worth the risk 🙂

So Why Does This Work?

Banana peels are chock-full of antioxidants, including lutein, which may help protect the skin against sun damage. They also contain esterified fatty acids, which have actually been isolated and incorporated into a patented lotion (Exorex lotion) used to treat eczema and psoriasis!

Some extra notes and other uses

Banana peels can also be used to treat warts as well! Just tape a piece of the peel to cover the wart, leave on overnight, and remove in the morning. Continue with nightly treatments until wart is gone.
To stop the itch from bug bites and poison ivy, rub banana peels on the affected area – no more itching!
Banana peels may also help with hemorrhoids because of the sugar content, which helps them shrink.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by rubbing banana peels on your skin, which helps to tighten and tone the skin.
Psoriasis sufferers may also find relief by rubbing banana peels on the affected areas, and may see results within a few days or weeks.
Banana peels contain lots of potassium, and the antioxidant, lutein.
Use ripe banana peels, to ensure the best results! And make sure they’re fresh; you don’t want to use an old peel that’s been lying on the counter for a few hours. (So yes, you may have to recruit some scheduled banana eaters for you 😉
How To Save the Banana Peels

There’s been lots of questions and ideas regarding how to save the peel to use it for subsequent treatments, so you’re not eating several bananas per day. And a reader (Hi Alison!) was kind enough to share her technique, which works great:

I’ve fine tuned my technique to cutting a portion of the skin from the banana at a time- just a shallow incision around a section big enough to do my face with, then peel off and use. That way it all stays in tact and 1 banana can go 1 or 2 days depending on size. The fruit gets exposed to the air but still good in a smoothie at the end on the day!

Why wizkid is special to me-Tiwa savage

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, has disclosed why she has a special relationship with colleague-Wizkid

This follows Wizkid’s sharing of numerous pictures of Tiwa savage on his Instagram page which got Nigerians talking.

However, the Mavin Records queen, on her Instagram responded to questions on their relationship saying, “You already know how emotional I get so this is just making me teary.

“Forget music, you’ve been there for me even when you didn’t have time

“When I doubt myself, you call me ‘mama JamJam’ and put a smile on my face. My dear Ayo, mama JamJam loves you.”

Man battling depression and suicidal thoughts celebrates going 4 months without self-harming himself

Man battling depression and suicidal thoughts celebrates going 4 months without self-harming himself

Twitter user, @siahash who is battling with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, shared these photos of himself on his handle as he celebrated 4 months of not self harming himself.

”I’ve been battling anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts & self harming for years now. And im here to say that today is not only my birthday but my 4TH MONTH CLEAN of self harming. So heres me & my battle scars”he wrote

Man battling depression and suicidal thoughts celebrates going 4 months without self-harming himself

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