Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Music executive, Ubi Franklin isn’t taking the rumors of his alleged relationship with Ceec likely.

Ceec was at Ubi’s office earlier today but a female Twitter suggested that she was at his house. Ubi replied the woman who he tagged ”stupid fool”, saying Ceec was at his office for a meeting not his house.

Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Ubi Franklin slams female Twitter user who insinuated that Ceec was at his house this morning

Davido Lied About Buying A Private Jet – Capital NG

Davido who announced last week on social media that he was about to the the proud owner of a private jet has just been called out by a a Nigerian media outlet.

Davido had earlier revealed that the said jet would be arriving Nigeria in the coming weeks but it seems that may be far from the truth.

TheCapital reports that Davido didn’t buy any private jet.

According to the news outlet:-

Our source has exclusively revealed that what Davido went on air to announce is actually “fractional ownership” in which his financial commitment in the arrangement is meagre while the major financiers have chosen to play down their involvement to give Davido conceded prominence.

According to our source, conceding prominence to Davido in the private jet ownership is part of a business deal to make Davido very bankable in the showbiz industry.

This arrangement is to present Davido as a viable brand with a view to cornering lucrative deals from multinational businesses, countries and other foreign entities.

The guys at the vanguard of the jet ownership narrative are said to have agreed on a sharing formula with Davido when the deals start coming in.

The jet upon delivery would be deployed to Davido’s peripatetic needs and those of others in need of it. TheCapital has exclusively obtained information revealing a good number of Nigerians on this membership plan but whom have been reported to be jet owners.

Terry G Reacts To A Follower’s Comment Who Mocked Him For Having Sachet Water Instead Of Table Water On His Dining Table


Terry G shared a photo of himself at his dining table, having a meal of white rice and stew, but some of his followers felt sachet water was too low for someone like him.

A number of them pointed out that he could easily have bought table water instead. But the artist felt no shame in his game, instead, he used the opportunity to advertise his product – Terry G pure water.

The follower wrote: ‘Funny guy. this kind dining table no need see sachet water baba.”

And Terry G replied: “I drink my water period.”

He then proceeded to share a close-up photo of his sachet water.

See Picture Below:

DJ Ebro American on air personality discovers what ‘Legbegbe’ means


American OAP DJ Ebro finds out the story behind hit single 'Legbegbe' American OAP DJ Ebro finds out the story behind hit single ‘Legbegbe’

(Notion Magazine )

Mr Real’s, Legbegbe is one of the biggest songs that have come out of the country in recent months and American radio presenter, DJ Ebro has caught the bug.

Arguably one of the songs that influenced the trending Shaku Shaku sound, Legbegbe became the monster record that announced Mr Real to the Nigerian public and made him a household name.

But the success of his record is apparently not limited to Nigeria alone as even internationally, many are beginning to take notice of the song.

In a tweet posted by popular OAP, DJ Ebro, on Thursday, 11th May, he admitted to just finding out what ‘Legbege’ really meant and the story behind it.

OldMan Ebro


🤣🤣🤣🤣 … I just found out what Legbebe means and what happened with Seun Egbebe tryna steal iPhones!!! Crying real tears!! 🤣🤣🤣

The inspiration of the song is one that has developed several conspiracy theories, especially as it relates to Seun Egbegbe, even though the artist in a recent visit to the Pulse office continues to deny any link to his person.

Artists like Wizkid, Davido, Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage have continued to fly the country’s flag across our shores and this is another acknowledgement of how Nigerian music has progressed and easily crosses over to international ears.

Brymo Singer proffers solutions to Nigeria’s problems

Brymo is of the opinion that the industry could be structured better (Jaguda)

Brymo is one artist who has never shied away from controversy or airing his opinions on topical issues and this time, he opines a resolution to various crisis affecting Nigeria.
When he is not releasing controversial singles, Brymo is on twitter claiming to have invented alternative music in Nigeria and ending up as a trending topic.

This time however, the singer took to Twitter in the early hours of Monday, May 14, 2018 to post his thoughts on things that should be done to make not just the entertainment scene but the country a better place.


Make the entertainment industry truly profitable by first improving the price of records/movies,and structuring the local royalty system. Make piracy punishable by law and enforce it…this will create huge employment for young ppl, and boost proceeds from the sector..

In a strange way, Twitter is fast helping Brymo spread his ideas beyond his music and open him to a world neither public or private to continue to engage and share his thoughts.

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, BrymO said he was the inventor of the alternative music genre in Nigeria.

“In the Nigerian music scene, the ‘alternative’ was invented by me in 2013 as a cure to the ills of the mainstream, not to be a part of it.. to be ‘alternative’ means that the process of recording, performing, distributing and rating your work is different from the mainstream.”

His statement caused a bit of reaction online.

Skales Pissed singer walks out of interview

During a recent interview with TheNetngSkales, who was a guest on the network’s music breakdown show “Vibes with Victor,” stormed off in a temper after accusing the host of “attacking” him.

The pop star described the interview as an “attack”


The interview which had been going well for over 15 minutes, took a negative turn when the host of the show, Victor Okpala noted that he did not think the singer’s 2017 single – “Booty Language” was a genius song.

In the minutes following Victor’s assertion, the pair argued over the validity of the host’s statement while Skales insisted that the music journalist had no right to make such assertions.


As the debate heated up, Skales stated that he was getting pissed with the interview and subsequently stormed out of the interview.

Watch the video clip above.

Singer calls out Buhari as the worst president in the world

Skales has blasted President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The music star who could not hide his disdain for the present situation in Nigeria took to his Twitter page on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, where he called out Mr President.

Buhari is the worst president in the world yes I said it ….this human abuse has to stop …u lied to us wen I wanted to be voted in …shame !!! I love my country and I want the best for my country,” he tweeted.



Buhari is the worst president in the world yes I said it ….this human abuse has to stop …u lied to us wen I wanted to be voted in …shame !!! I love my country and I want the best for my country

Skales’ comment appears to be based on the recent accusations levelled against men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) which have come under serious fire for their alleged roles in beating up and illegally arresting innocent Nigerians.



Worst government worst leadership my country is a tragedy and a joke and it’s crazy how we adapt to this nonsense….big up naija people…it’s time we come togeda and stand against this bullshit end sars and bullying from our president he doesn’t care about us

Skales is not the first artist to come out to blast President Buhari over certain issues in the country. Controversial musician and activist, Charly Boy back in 2017 led a protest in Abuja which he termed an Anti-Buhari protest. At some point in the protest, it was alleged that Charly boy was assaulted.

Tiwa Savage Let’s talk about the 3 men in singer’s life

Tiwa Savage is one beautiful and talented woman who has been able to remain not just relevant but a force in the entertainment industry.

Despite her fame and power, the music star has been linked to a number of men. Who wouldn’t want to be linked to a woman who has got so much to offer? She prides herself as one of the most accomplished women in Nigeria and isn’t even slowing down.

Guys, let’s just introduce you to a number of these guys who have been involved in the singer’s life.

1. Tee Billz

Tee Billz and Tiwa SavageplayTee Billz and Tiwa Savage

(Ono Bello )

This was supposed to be one love story that would be used as a yardstick to measure other celebrity relationships turned into marriage but Alas! this wasn’t going to be. Before everything went south, Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz were inseparable, they shared a bond we hadn’t seen in a long time. So when they decided to get married, it didn’t surprise many as their wedding went to be one of the biggest celebrity weddings ever held in Nigeria. It was even televised live on one of the popular T.V. networks.

Tiwa Savage and Tee BillzyTiwa Savage and Tee Billz


It didn’t take long before this once admired marriage crashed. First, it was Tee Billz who went online to call out his wife, Tiwa Savage for neglecting her duties as a wife and also accused her of infidelity. Then Tiwa Savage went on to grant an exclusive interview where she took her manager turned husband, Tee Billz to the cleaners. Since then there have been moves to reconcile the couple but it looks like they have both gone their separate ways.

2. Jamil

Tiwa Savage with her son, JammelTiwa Savage with her son, Jammel

 (Instagram/Tiwa Savage)

Yes! He makes this list because he is the number one man in Tiwa Savage’s life. Jamil is Tiwa Savage’s son she had with her estranged husband, Tee Billz. If you take a close look at Tiwa’s Instagram page, you won’t scroll through without seeing photos of the cute boy on her timeline.

Tiwa Savage and JamilTiwa Savage and Jamil

Tiwa Savage loves her son, Jamil so much we think it would be difficult for anyone to come between the bond the mother and son share. Despite Tiwa’s busy schedule, she is always around her son and ready to show him off to the world.

3. Wizkid

Wizkid and Tiwa Savage dating rumoursplayWizkid and Tiwa Savage dating rumour

If this article was written a few months ago, we are so sure Wizkid’s name won’t be in this list as no one ever imagined that he would be seen as one of the men in Tiwa Savage’s life. Well, life has a way of twisting paths as can be seen in the new found relationship between these two. First, it was the two music videos, followed by Wizkid’s unusual birthday shout out which kind of gave people the idea this two might actually have a thing going.

Tiwa Savage poses with the star boy himself, WizkidTiwa Savage poses with the star boy himself, Wizkid


Even though it is not official, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid have both made it easier for speculators to conclude that they might be dating or having an affair. It is not clear but someday, we might just find the final piece to complete the puzzle.

Mavin Records 6 years after, how has the journey been?



Don Jazzy has made Mavin Records one of the leading record labels in the country and six years down the line, the label is celebrating a period filled with success stories and uncertain times.


Following the dissolution of his former label, Mo Hits Record formed in partnership with D’banj, Don Jazzy founded Mavins Records, also known as the Supreme Mavin Dynasty on May 8 2012.

Pop music has undergone a continuous change in its sound and appeal in the country since the early 2000s and one of the major progenitors of this is Don Jazzy.

playMavins celebrate sixth anniversary and they are grateful to their fans (MavinRecords)

For eight years (2004-2012), the prolific beat-maker alongside D’banj successfully drove Mo Hits to the pinnacle of the Nigerian music industry, so it was expected that he continues the success story with the revamped Mavin.

Headies Awards 2018: Unforgivable Errors From Nominees List

It’s no more news that the organizers of what would be considered as Nigeria’s number one music awards show,  Headies Awards,  have fixed their challenges  and are set to organize the 12th edition of the event.

Headies Awards has always managed to spark controversies over the years since its inception. Without doubt Nigerians always look forward for the annual music awards show because even with it own flaws seems like the most credible Nigerian music-focused awards show there is. Shout out to the other music awards platforms out there. So whenever, there is a perceived misdemeanor from the organizers of the Headies, the outcries comes out loud.

Last year, unfortunately, the Headies Awards did not come around as we would have expected. The organizers put out a public statement saying it was taking a little more time to adjust, rethink and repackage the music awards platform. There was postponement and then more postponement all because the Headies Awards wants to give us something worthy of it’s hard earned reputation.

At long last, an official date for the awards ceremony has been revealed together with the names of this year’s nominees. Frankly, the news didn’t create a lot of buzz like it would have mustered in the past. Just maybe some of us started caring less if the Headies rolled by or not. But then here it is!


Although it took a year long and some three months to plan the upcoming 12th edition of the music awards ceremony,  that has not made it totally devoid of visible errors. So a list of nominees was unveiled and a few errors have been spotted. One year and a few months is quite long enough to avoid this sort of error on the nominees list.

Here are some of the errors that would have been avoided if only a little more research was done by the awards panel.


According to the nominees list for ‘Producer of the Year, two of the nominees were credited for songs they did not producer.

First, Tekno is credited for producing ‘IF’ and ‘RARA’. There is no doubt that  Tekno rightfully produced ‘IF’, which was one the biggest songs last year he did not produce ‘RARA’. His label mate Selebobo holds production credit for ‘Rara’ which was released in December 2016. Towards the end of ‘Rara’, ‘Selebobo on the beat’ trademark peeks through.

headies 2

Again, Masterkraft is credited for producing Flavour’s ‘Virtuous Woman’, a track from ‘Ijele The Traveller’ album. Meanwhile the production  credit on that song should have been accorded to ace musician and music maker Cobhams Asuquo as the producer of ‘Virtuous Woman’. Well there is no doubt Masterkraft is responsible for producing Tekno’s hit ‘Yawa’.


Yet in another category for ‘Album of the Year’ an unforgivable error is spotted.

Brymo does not deserve to be nominated for that award in the upcoming Headies Awards 2018 because of the period in review July 2016 – December 2017. The album ‘Klitoris’ by Brymo was released in May of year 2016. That’s not all, ‘Klitoris’ was nominated for ‘Best R&B/Pop Album’ during the 2016 Headies Awards. An award category that was won by Kiss Daniel for his ‘New Era’ album. It’s too much of an oversight to have nominated Brymo’s album ‘Klitoris’ for an award in 2016 and 2018 by the Headies.

headies 3

These errors found puts the meticulousness and attention paid to details of the awards panel in doubt. The errors here mentioned would have been easily avoided it a little more attention was given in crosschecking facts. It would be great if the organizers can correct these blunders before they are seen as being laissez faire by the easily irritable public.

Top 10 RICHEST Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth – 2018

The Music and Entertainment industry is one of the best things that happened to the sleeping giant called Nigeria. Besides the oil & gas sector, the entertainment industry is about the most viable sector of our economy.

Our dear Nigerian musicians have been doing us proud and they make several millions to show for their hard work. In this post, we will be giving a rough analysis and ranking of the top 10 RICHEST musicians in Nigeria. The figures of their net worth are drawn from cumulative wealth, gig fee, endorsements and probable investments by these artists.

In the last calendar year, some of our top artists have been able to rake in loads of money for themselves and we would hence rank the big top 10.

flavour olamidde

  1. Flavour / Olamide

Contemporary highlife king Flavour and street mafia Olamide are tied for the tenth position in the ranking of top 10 RICHEST Nigerian musicians. Flavour who is a fantastic live performer makes huge money from performing at high profile gigs. The singer is a brand ambassador for brands like Bullet Energy Drink, Hero Beer etc. Meanwhile, Olamide also charges quite a huge fee for shows, the Bariga born artist runs a yearly tour across UK, Europe, and America. He is a Hennessy & Glo ambassador and CEO of digital TV channel VOTS (Voice of the street).  The estimated net worth of both Flavour and Olamide is pegged at around N3.2 billion.

bank w


  1. Banky W

Olubankole Wellington is an all round boss and he has the money to show for it. A big status of his changed last year when Mr. Capable said bye bye to bachelorhood as he married actress Adesua Etomi. Banky W is a huge brand influencer and rakes in millions of Naira as brand ambassador for multinational companies like SamsungUber etc. The singer has also dived into acting, film production, event host, and public speaking. His estimated net worth is put to be around N3.5 billion.



  1. Timaya

Born Enitimi Alfred Odom, the Nigerian dancehall king is one of the top 10 richest artists in the game. The DM Records boss is not cheap when it comes to his gig fee. According to close sources, Timaya charges 8 million Naira to show up and perform at any event. Currently, Timaya has endorsements deals worth several millions with Nigerian TeleCo Glo and Cognac brand Hennessy. A few months back Timaya moved into a palatial mansion of a house in Lekki worth hundreds of millions. Timaya’s estimated net worth is put at N4 billion.



  1. Paul Okoye

Rudeboy member of the defunct Psquare duo takes number 7 spot. Paul Okoye and his brother used to dominate the African music scene until they split up last year. The duo used to charge about highest gig fee for a Nigerian artist, that has somehow changed as he stands alone. Notwithstanding, Rudeboy is still a big shot in the music business with his estimated net worth valued at about N5.6 billion.



  1. Peter Okoye

The other half of the defunct Psquare duo, Peter Okoye aka Mr. P is still doing fine as a solo artist. Even before the split, Peter had solo endorsements deals with Kia motors, Olympic Milk etc. Since the breakup, Mr. P has embarked on solo tours around America, Europe etc. The dancer and singer has a new clothing line in the works awaiting official unveiling. His estimated net worth is N5.8 billion.



  1. 2Baba

With over two decades strong in the Nigerian Entertainment industry, Innocent Idibia better known as 2Face or 2Baba is a double OG. The 42-year-old singer has a brand-friendly persona which has seen him clinch mouth-watering deals even ahead of younger colleagues. Currently has endorsements with Glo, Campari, etc., 2Baba has several real estate investments including his Rumors Night Clubs in Lagos. The “Gaaga Shuffle” crooner’s estimated net worth spikes to about 5.9 billion Naira.


  1. D’banj

His music may not be his best selling commodity at the moment but D’banj’s business and branding acumen are as strong as ever, a big negotiator. He is a brand ambassador to top brands, besides his brainchild CREAM Platform was valued last year by an American firm to be worth about $100,000,000. A decent amount of about 6 million would be needed to put D’banj on stage to perform. He is worth an estimated figure of about 6 billion Naira.



  1. Don Jazzy

Michael Ajereh Collins better known as Don Jazzy takes the number 3 spot on the list. The ace music producer has moved on quite seamlessly from being a beatmaker to a full-fledged businessman. Don Jazzy is the CEO of Mavin Records which houses top stars like Tiwa Savage, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello etc. He has many music related businesses known and unknown. The music maker’s net worth is valued to be around N7.5  billion.



  1. Wizkid

Second on the list is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid fondly called Star boy. Wizkid is the biggest music export out of Nigeria in the past 4 years. The singer’s achievements are enormous including topping Billboard Hot 100 Music Chart, earning a Grammy Award nomination, several legit international collaborations, performing at international music events etc. However, in all these things Wizkid has the money to show for it. The Starboy honcho charges about 12 million to as gig fees and even more when it’s outside Nigeria. Wizkid is a luxury King from wardrobe, automobiles, gadgets etc. His net worth has jumped in the past 12 months and is pegged at about 8 billion Naira.



  1. Davido

Baddest!!! Nigerian entertainer and record label boss David Adeleke sits at the summit of the list of top 10 RICHEST Nigerian musicians. The DMW boss has arguably made the most money in the past 12 months than any other contemporary Nigerian artists. The singer is the leader of the popular 30 Billion Gang, he has made the most hit songs in the past year too. Since last year Davido has been touring around the world performing at sold out concerts during the ‘30 Billion Tour’ which is still ongoing. The past year has been fantastic for Davido, his tracks “IF”, “Fall” have crossed over 60 million views on YouTube. Davido has revealed that he has made over $1 million off ‘pon pon’ sound. He has secured new endorsements with perfume brand AXE, Infinix Mobility etc. He has been rumoured to have recently purchased a Bombardier Jet. Davido’s estimated net worth is put at about 9 billion Naira.