Robert De Niro says “F*** Trump” at 2018 Tony Awards and gets standing ovation

Robert De Niro says "F*** Trump" at 2018 Tony Awards and gets standing ovation

Roberto De Niro blurted out “F*** Trump” twice at the Tony Awards which took place on Sunday night.

He dropped the F word while he was introducing Bruce Springsteen ahead of his Tony performance on Sunday night.

“I’m gonna say one thing, — F*** Trump.” De Niro said and got a huge standing ovation from the room.

Then, he continued: “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f*** Trump.”

As he said the F word the second time, even more cheers erupted.

CBS ended up bleeping huge sections of De Niro’s remarks in an attempt to censor the profanity. But the uncensored footage has been shared on Twitter.

Watch it below.