Funny Jokes Compilation (Get In Here)

Funny Jokes Compilation (Get In Here)

Having big boobs and ass is cool and sweet
Until it’s time for u
To run for ur life in the market
U will understand the difference between 911 and j5

*To those who have been in relationships for more than 5 yrs*
*Pliz assist me with past papers*

Some girls be like
My ex left a big hole in my heart …
You think you can decieve us
We know where the big hole is my sister

If You Still Remember Your EX’s Name,
That Means You Haven’t Moved On.

Thank God I Totally forgot Princess.
When proposing to an ugly chick
Guys be like…
” I hate to say this, but I love you”

Any Guy Who Raise His Hands To Beat A Girl Has Never Raised That Hands In Class

*My Oyinbo friend asked me “why Nigerians will lock their
car via remote and hear the lock sound and still check the
door to be sure”?*
*I told him that we like to be very sure. Our village people
might have played the lock sound in our ear.*

All these poor men harassing their wives for not giving
a male child, please what will The male child inherit
Dis is not d one doing me nw….

Married people will make love almost every night = no pregnancy
Young youths will just write text message and belle will enter…. hw manage
Me ayam not understanding again oooo

Who noticed this?
Yoruba people shout on phone,Igbo people lie on phone,Hausa people always call the wrong number.

Dhat awkward moment in hospital when you see a mosquito coming out from the HIV ward towards you
Taaa!! Taaaa!!!!..