Cute new photos of 5-year-old little Taju who becomes internet sensation

They say tiny drops of water makes a mighty ocean. The story of 5-year-old Taju started as a comic relief and now, he’s found his way to getting the care and empowerment him and every Nigerian child deserves. Taju who can be said to possess a strong personality appeared to many as a hilarious kid when a video of him unable to state his age clearly in English went viral. Good-hearted Nigerian celebrities then took it upon themselves to give the young boy the empowerment he deserves. First, it was Don Jazzy who planned to give him N500,000 as part sponsorship of his education. Then many other celebs started throwing in gifts and promises to help the little boy achieve all he can by activating his God given potential. However, Taju managed to gain the attention of millions of social media users and is now an internet sensation. In fact, his words have been used in memes just to prove how much the little boy is loved by those who hope he gets the best in life.

Taju always his confident self.