No Actress Wants To Kiss Me Due To My Big Eyes’ – Ghanaian Actor Cries Out (Photos)

Ghanaian actor, Yaw Adu popularly known as Sumsum, has not been quite delighted about the choosy attitude of some actresses in the Industry. According to him, no actress wants to kiss him in the movies.

In a recent interview, he revealed that when he had the opportunity to kiss an actress in a movie, she turned him down when the scene got to that part.

“The only actress I have kissed wasn’t a star but I later had an opportunity to kiss Vivian Jill in a movie, which she needed a child and I had to sleep with her for her to conceive but she later turned me down and dodged me when I tried kissing her.

I did not ask her why she dodged me because I didn’t believe in myself either. Perhaps they think since I have big eyes, I might knock them with it which scares them away”. He said.

Sumsun further added that Ghollywood actresses also discriminate against those of them from Kumasi when it comes to kissing.

“I watched a movie, Liwin was directed to kiss Jackie Appiah but she denied him. Assuming it was Majid, she would have kissed him passionately with no qualms.”

Joe Jackson, Father to Michael and Janet, Dies of Pancreatic Cancer at 89


KAREN MIZOGUCHI June 27, 2018 02:05 PM
Joe Jackson, the music manager and father of 11, died early Wednesday morning, TMZ reports. He was 89.


The Jackson family patriarch had been battling terminal pancreatic cancer and was “not doing well” as of late, a source previously told PEOPLE.


Grandsons Randy Jackson Jr. and Taj Jackson confirmed the news in tweets Wednesday afternoon, writing, “RIP to the king that made everything possible! I love you grandpa” and “Joe was loved by the entire family and our hearts are in pain. Let us grieve.”

Daughter LaToya added, “I will always love you! You gave us strength, you made us one of the most famous families in the world. I am extremely appreciative of that, I will never forget our moments together and how you told me how much you cared. #RIP Joe Jackson”




Joe Jackson
Joe JacksonD Steinberg/BEI/REX/Shutterstock
On June 21, son Jermaine told the Daily Mail, “He’s very, very frail, he doesn’t have long. The family needs to be by his bedside — that’s our only intention in his final days.”

Just days later, Jackson appeared to share an emotional tweet hinting at his worsening health struggles. “I have seen more sunsets than I have left to see,” read the caption on a photo of Jackson, in his trademark hat, silhouetted against sun rays. “The sun rises when the time comes and whether you like it or not the sun sets when the time comes.”

However, his granddaughter Paris claimed that the message was in fact not written by the family head. “My grandfather did not tweet this,” she commented. “I’m not sure if he’s ever used this account.”

Over the years, Jackson — who was born on July 26, 1928, in Fountain Hill, Arkansas — had a series of health problems.

In November 2012, he recovered from a minor stroke at his Las Vegas home. Three years later, daughter Janet had to put rehearsals for her Unbreakable World Tour on hold when he suffered another stroke and heart arrhythmia in Brazil on his 87th birthday in July 2015.

In May 2016, he was hospitalized due to a high fever and in June 2017, he was released from the hospital after a car accident in Las Vegas.


Joe Jackson in May 2014Mike Marsland/WireImage
Joe is survived by his wife Katherine and their children Maureen, 68, Jackie, 67, Tito, 64, Jermaine, 63, La Toya, 62, Marlon, 61, Randy, 56, and Janet, 52.

Son Michael died from an apparent cardiac arrest at age 50 on June 25, 2009. Son Brandon died at birth in 1957.

Joe was also the father of Joh’Vonnie Jackson, 43, the daughter of Cheryl Terrell, whom he had a 25-year-long affair with. Katherine filed for divorce twice but never went through with the separation.


In 1963, Joe noticed his children’s musical talents after he discovered son Tito’s guitar talents. Soon after, Joe served as the manager for The Jackson Brothers, a band formed by sons Jackie, Tito and Jermaine. Then in 1965, Marlon and Michael joined the group and renamed themselves The Jackson 5 in 1966.

Anchored by a 7-year-old Michael, The Jackson 5 found immediate success, becoming the first American group to have four singles land the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Soon after, Joe moved the entire family from Indiana to California.

In 1968, Joe signed a Motown contract—without reading it—that gave the company ironclad control over everything recorded by The Jackson 5, a move that cost the family millions. Michael fired his father as manager in 1983.

In addition, Joe was known as the stern patriarch who was physically and emotionally abusive.

In her 1991 memoir, La Toya wrote that he abused her and terrorized her brothers, often pointing guns at the kids to get their attention. During an Oprah special in 1993, Michael admitted his father had beaten him.

Joe’s estranged relationship with son Michael resulted in him being completely left out of the King of Pop’s will after his 2009 death. Katherine continues to receive more than $1 million annually from the Michael Jackson estate.


Michael Ochs Archives/Getty
In a 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Joe said, “I don’t [regret the beatings]. It kept them out of jail and kept them right.”

In 2014, Joe opened up about his health in an open letter to daughter Janet.

“When I suffered four strokes last year, and was in the hospital recovering, only two people in my family traveled all the way to see in the hospital. My granddaughter Brandi (Jackie’s daughter) and my baby girl Janet,” Joe wrote. “She sat right next to me as I lay in bed, spent time with me, talking about a lot together. It meant a lot to me. I lay there listening to her as she talked about how she was going to get married. I am happy for her and wish her nothing but the best! I never tell you this, but I am proud of you Janet.”


HALLELUJAH”, An Inspirational, Victory & Gratitude Song From Fast-Rising Gospel Artist, Mc Peter.

IMG_6225.JPGEntertainment”HALLELUJAH”, An Inspirational, Victory & Gratitude Song From Fast-Rising Gospel Artist, Mc Peter.
June 09, 2018
“HALLELUJAH”, An Inspirational, Victory & Gratitude Song From Fast-Rising Gospel Artist, Mc Peter.

Listening to songs such as this wakes up the Spirit in you and that is exactly what the song-writer, Mc Peter wanted achieved when he was led to write the song for the edification of the body of Christ.


A song that helps open heavens, takes you there and makes it possible for your miracles to flow as it enables the connection one need to draw from God that which your heart desires.

Mc Peter.
As a young musical act, he says his inspiration for doing songs such as “HALLELUJAH” is hinged on first, his background as a singer, then as a worship leader and thirdly, the fact that he has good connection with heaven from where all gifts come from and that his ability to inspire people with his music is based on consistent practice and learning.

According to Mc Peter, “HALLELUJAH” brings to bare, the victories won over circumstances of life, the love we have and share in Christ and then, the salvation of our souls which the highest of wealth can not buy. Doing this song for me was an opportunity to express myself and how I felt and still feel about God, His undying love for me even as I rest my entire future in His able hands for direction of purpose.

Mc Peter.
Music is life for me, he continued, it brings me out in all ramifications and even after school, amongst other things, I will still do music.

A singer and writer, Mc Peter performs for church events across Nigeria, writes for others to perform and then, leads a group of worshipers whose main purpose is to raise the bar in the Christian Music Industry in Nigeria.

There are expectations of new singles from him soon.

“HALLELUJAH” will make you want more.