Guide To Naturally Last Longer In Bed


The average man lasts somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes during sex, but in a recent Cosmopolitan poll of 2,500 women, 77% wanted sex to last longer than 10 minutes, and 1 in 5 women wanted it to last more than 25 minutes!

And with a woman’s orgasm sometimes taking 20 minutes or more, we�ve got some catching up to do… follow these exercises and techniques, and you will train yourself to last much longer during sex.

Start Doing PC exercises
Your PC or pubococcygeus muscles which you can basically call your “sex muscle” is located between your anus (your asshole) and your scrotum (your ball sack). See picture for exact location of PC muscle

Stronger PC muscles help you have more intense orgasms and…

  • Stronger PC muscles helps you get much harder erectionsso having a stronger PC muscle prevents Erectile Dysfunction and…
  • Stronger PC muscles help you maintain harder erections much longer naturally without the use of expensive Viagra and…
  • Stronger PC muscles improves ejaculatory control (you’ll conquer Premature Ejaculation) which means you’ll last much longer in in bed during lovemaking and and studies have proven this.
  • Stronger PC muscles gives you stronger ejaculations so you’ll actually “shoot” instead of “dribble” and…
  • Stronger PC muscles can also help you have prolonged and multiple orgasms and…

3 Better Sex PC workouts to help you last longer in bed…

In order to locate the PC muscle do this: urinate, and then completely stop the flow of urine… the muscle that you used to stop urinating is the PC muscle.

Repeat this process a couple of times, and �stop� the flow harder each time, till you get a better idea on where the PC is located, and better control over it.

Now, try and flex this muscle while not urinating… at first you will have weak control over it, but after a few clenches, you�ll be able to squeeze it harder / control it better… now, on to the workouts!

PC workout #1:

  1. Just try to flex your PC muscles at least 100 times or more everyday. You can flex your PC muscles during TV commercials, while you’re talking on the phone, at stop signs or red lights, or while taking a shower and…
  2. It doesn’t matter where & when you do your PC exercises and nobody will ever know you’re doing them and to make sure you’re getting a good PC muscle workout…
  3. DON’T tighten up your abs or butt muscles too much while performing your pc exercises. It’s okay to flex these neighboring muscles somewhat, but flexing them too much too much and it’s okay to flex your abs some but flexing your abs too much will take away from your PC sex muscle workout.

PC workout #2:

  1. First thing in the morning and before you go to bed – Flex your PC muscles 10 times in a row at a moderate pace, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat 9 more times and then…
  2. Flex and hold your PC muscles for 5 seconds, rest for 5 seconds and repeat 9 more times and then…
  3. Completely release the pc squeeze — until the muscle is fully loose — between each tightening rep.
  4. During the day just try to Flex your PC muscles as many times as you can.

Advanced PC muscle workout #3:

  1. First thing in the morning and before you go to bed – Flex your PC muscles as many times as you can in 2 minutes, rest for 20-30 seconds and then…
  2. Flex and hold your PC muscles for 2 minutes (120 seconds) and…
  3. You probably won’t be able to hold it for 2 minutes but try to flex and hold your PC muscle for as long as you can and after you’ve finished holding PC muscles rest for 1 minute and then repeat 4 more times.

Any of these 3 PC sex muscle workouts should be done daily or at least 4 times a week and…

Try to convince your female sex partner to do PC exercises because Women can have better sex and more pleasurable orgasms from doing these exercises as well.

How to tell if your PC sex muscles are getting stronger:
Try to make your erect or semi-erect penis move by flexing your PC muscles and…The more you can make your penis jump around = the stronger your PC muscle is and… Some guys PC muscles are so strong they can place a towel over their erected penis and still move their erected penis up and down with a towel still on it!Also, after a good, intense pc exercise session, you may see the base of your penis looking thicker.

Sex tip: Having a woman flex her PC muscles during sex can help her orgasm quicker� however, unless you are attempting the male multiple orgasm, you should keep your PC muscle completely relaxed during sex, as squeezing it may cause earlier ejaculation.

If you really spend a good amount of time doing PC exercises you can expect to start having better sex within 2-to-3 weeks.

Exercise can help you last longer in bed & Have better sex so…

Do 20-to-30 minutes of moderate-to-high intensity exercise 3 times a week to help increase blood flow to the penis naturally without Viagra and…

You should do moderate-to-high intensity activities like fat loss intervals or competitive sports is because… These types of activities will give you more endurance to last longer in bed during sex.

Dr. James White, author of The Best Sex of Your Life, did a study that showed that… Men who exercised reported having 30 percent more sex and 26 percent more orgasms and… They had more sexual satisfaction than men who didn’t exercise and…

12 More Sex Tips for Men to Last Longer and Stay Harder in Bed

1. Lose Belly Fat

See how to lose belly fat so you can thrust your penis deeper into your partner during sex and when you lose belly fat…

Your penis will look bigger giving you more sexual confidence so for every 10 pounds you lose your penis will look an inch bigger.

2. Have more erections

Keep achieving erections and ejaculating on a regular basis, so that your penis stays “in shape”.

Keep having erections so you’ll keep having more and to also keep your erections more harder each time you have one because if you don’t…

You’ll truly lose it if you don’t use it because…

The less erections you have over time your erections will become much softer, leading to eventual Erectile Dysfunction (ED).


3. Increase your testosterone


The increase in testosterone will provide with more confidence and less anxiety, which will allow you to maintain better mental ejaculation control.

4. Get a stronger upper body & stronger abs

Get a stronger upper body and stronger abs so you can improve your thrusting and so your support muscles don’t tire during sex.

Sex tip: While the stronger upper body and abs will help you better support yourself without physically tiring, make sure to keep your mid-section and crotch / pelvic area loose during sex, in order to keep from tensing up and ejaculating sooner.

5. Avoid Excessive Alcohol & stop smoking

While a drink or two may actually help take the edge off, and numb you so you can last a bit longer than usual, excessive alcohol famously reduces your sexual sensitivity and makes it more difficult to maintain a long lasting erection &…

Cigarettes encourage poor circulation, and without good circulation you are likely to often be unable to maintain (or even attain) an erection when you want to have sex.

6. Take it easy:

As much as you may strongly desire your partner, it is a bad idea to use up all of your energy within your first few minutes in bed together and once you are feeling physically exhausted…

You are very likely to lose your erection and be unable to continue having sex. Pace yourself, and don’t forget how satisfying it can be to make love slowly and deeply.

Rushing + anxiety + overexcitement = lack of ejaculation control and no physical arousal.

7. Perform the male multiple orgasm technique

Using an ancient Taoist sexual technique called the male multiple orgasm (or MMO), you perform a strong and well-timed PC squeeze to block ejaculation during orgasm.

When you block ejaculation during orgasm, you can stay hard after orgasm, for multiple more orgasms, and continue on penetrating as long as you’d like with a rock hard erection.


8. Focus on sexual positions that improve blood flow:

If you are the partner on top, it is easier for blood to flow to your penis. This provides you with stronger erections that last for a longer length of time.

For the same reason, sexual positions that involve your partner being on top of you can drain blood away from your penis and make it harder to maintain an erection. If you are having problems with sexual stamina, focus on missionary or rear entry positions for a while and notice the difference this can make.

9. Calm down:

Sexual stamina can be easily influenced by nervousness or anxiety, and men often feel stage fright associated with new partners or their own body image issues.

If you think this is a problem for you, try to learn how to relax before sex, or talk about your nerves with your partner because…

She probably has nerves of her own, and she might be able to relieve some of yours when you share them.

This will be like lifting a burden off of your shoulders, allowing you to actually enjoy the sex without pressure, which will lead to better and longer lasting sex!

10. Don’t Masturbate Too Soon Before Sex:

Masturbation uses up some of the energy and blood flow that you need to have a good erection and enjoyable sex, so avoid it if you know that you are going to be having sex sometime within the next few hours &…

Masturbation uses up some of the energy and blood flow that you need to have good sexual stamina, so avoid it if you know that you are going to be having sex sometime within the next few hours &…

Some people become so used to the way it feels to stimulate themselves that their body doesn’t respond as well to sexual stimulation from their partner (thereby making it more difficult to maintain an erection) but…

If you think this latter issue is impacting your sexual stamina, try masturbating in new and varied ways to ‘teach’ your body how to respond to different levels and kinds of stimulation.

Sex tip: while masturbating the same day before sex is a bad idea, masturbating the night before IS good, so that you don�t go into battle with a fully loaded weapon, ready to go off.

11. Try a penis ring:

For very little money, you can purchase a small rubber ring that can be worn at the base of the penis during sex. It helps to trap the increased volume of blood in your genital area, helping you to maintain a firmer erection for a longer time.


12. Examine your medications:

Unfortunately, many drug treatments can influence sexual stamina in undesirable ways. Certain anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are particularly bad for this.

If you think your medication might be interfering with your sex life, talk to your doctor about whether you might be able to try a new drug (but never stop taking your current drug without your doctor’s approval).

Sex tip: a low dose of SSRIs, a class of anti-depressants, can actually delay ejaculation. Just take a low enough dose that it doesn�t interfere with your sex drive and erection strength.

7 Tips for Giving Your Partner the Hottest Massage Ever

1. Start From The Face

  • Use two fingers of your hands and press the temples of your partner. Use both the hands for that.
  • Do it for a few seconds and you will see that they have started to relax.
  • After that, you can slide the fingers down and reach the cheeks to make tiny little circular patterns on them.
  • When you get down to the jaw, trace the lips very softly and you will see that they are starting to feel the pleasure of it.

2. Check The Neck’s Front

You will be amazed to find out what a simple caress can do when you glide your hands to the front end of the neck. Yes, that is a great tip for a sexy massage. The thyroid gland in there is a factor in the stimulation of the sex drive.

So, doing that might enhance the pleasurable sensation for your partner. Try and draw circles with your fingers around Adam’s apple of your partner to maximize the effect. You can also use the tongue for that.

3. Trace The Ear

Give a gentle squeeze in the ear and make sure that you use your forefinger and your thumb to pull the earlobe. Yes, that trick is known to get the blood flowing south in men.

Also, you could trace along the ear’s C-section with the tongue to make him go crazy. That’s a sure-shot move that always works. Try it out now and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

4. Don’t Miss The Lower Back

There is something in the kidneys; acupuncturists believe that is best for strengthening the sexual energy of a person.

So, while you massage all the other areas, make sure that you pay attention to the lower back as well. Knead the palms into the lower back until the skin there is all warm and heated up.

All you have to do next is use the fingers to trace them along the spine. This will be enough excitement for your partner.

5. Pay Attention To The Palms

Have you ever tried massaging the palms for a while? Sure it feels amazing, right? Well, now imagine how it would make your partner feel if you did that to him. That makes it all the more obvious why you should do it more.

Take your fingers and trace circles on the outer section of the palm to make your partner thrive with pleasure.

6. Check The Stomach As Well

  • All you have to do is take two fingers and tap them from the naval to the penis base of your partner.
  • Next, use your hands to circle the belly button for a while.
  • Make sure that you cover each and every part of the stomach when you circle your fingers.

The sensation that it produces is beyond explanation so doing that to the body of your partner will excite them more.

7. Massage The Soles Of The Feet As Well

The feet of your man is considered to be one of the basic erogenous zones of the body. Even if it is not, then it surely has some or other connection to it.

So, massaging them once in a while during a sensual massage will be a great idea. With your knuckles, grace his heel and reach his toes. You will have no idea how wonderful it feels.

Rihanna, Kanye, BTS named Time’s most influential people on internet

The music icons stood out as the biggest music names on Times online radar, majorly because of their cultural impact, entrepreneurship and huge following on social media sites


Rihanna denounced snap chat for ridiculing her domestic violence experience, Her actions plummeted the company’s financial values. The pop star has been a voice for women over the years and is also using her beauty and fashion line to inspire women who feel undesired. Her influence was summarised by Eliza Berman in a description for Time. “When Rihanna speaks more precisely grams, the whole world listens’’. Another famous music icon to make the list is Kanye West. However, “Ye’’ has a different relationship with the social media world, with the father of three regularly posting controversial quotes and pictures. The rapper infamously posted a picture of a signed Donald Trump’s hat with the slogan “Make America Great Again”. He received a lot of backlash, although he still remains very influential among his devoted fans that backed his album “Ye” to Number 1 on the official billboard charts. The award winning band BTS saw their “Tear” album become the first K-pop project to top the billboard 200 chart. The group has a very strong influence on their “ARMY” fan base and has been at the top of Billboards’ social 50 chart longer than many famous artists including Justin Bieber. Recently in May, the band won the top social artists award at the Billboard Music Awards. The magazine also featured activities such as Shaun King who constantly fights for marginalised societies, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. (NAN)

Oshodi transport interchange: Lagos announces closure of flyover to fix skywalk bridge


To Close Traffic from 10:00pm Sunday, July 1 To 5:00am Monday, July 2, 2018 The Lagos State Government on Friday said there would be partial restriction of movement on Oshodi flyover to enable it advance the ongoing construction of the Oshodi Transport Interchange. Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode This is with effect from 10:00pm Sunday, July 1st to 5:00am Monday, July 2nd, 2018. In a statement signed by the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Mr. Ade Akinsanya, the Government said construction work at the Oshodi Transport Interchange had entered critical stage and the contractor Messer Planet Projects Limited would be hoisting heavy structural steel trussSkywalk Bridge.

Men of LASTMA, FRSC, Police, LAGESC, VIO, etc. would be on ground to manage traffic and provide safety and security support during the 7-hour night operation. The Skywalk Bridge, the longest free standing pedestrian bridge in Nigeria at 53.4km long and six metres wide, would link Terminal One and Two buildings at the Oshodi Transport Interchange. The flyover would be completely closed in the direction of Anthony to the Airport, while the motorists (in both directions) would now make use of the second carriageway, that is, the one in the direction from Airport to Oshodi to Anthony. He said motorists coming from Anthony can either access Town Planning Way through Ikorodu Road or Apapa Oworonshoki Expressway and then turn to Ilupeju Industrial Avenue then link Agege Motor Road via Ilupeju bypass and make a U-turn at Bolade and turn to Apapa Oworonshoki Expressway. “For motorists coming from Isolo/Airport Road, you can enter the service lane at Charity and turn to Agege Motor Road at Oshodi and then link Ilupeju Industrial Avenue via Ilupeju Bypass and then turn to Town Planning Way to link up Apapa-Oworonshoki Expressway,” the Commissioner said. Besides, Akinsanya added that in the days and weeks ahead, there would also be closure on some certain section of roads within the axis to vehicular and human traffic, just as he solicited the cooperation and support of all road users plying the corridor to observe all the precaution signs on the road. “We encourage individuals and groups that may have cause to use the network of roads and bridges passing through, or linking Oshodi and environ, to be alert to disruptions and danger associated with movement of heavy steel and equipment,” he said. He added that the State Government has also put in place effective traffic management strategies to manage traffic situation during the period of closure. He said the notice of restriction of the road became expedient to enlighten motorists and other road users to utilize alternative routes to avoid delay as well as obey traffic officers deployed on the road to ease movement. Akinsanya also thanked road users and motorists for their support, patience and understanding since the commencement of the project, assuring that on completion it would be an iconic facility that would change the face of Lagos forever.