The Best thing a guy can do for his girl

If a guy has popped ” THE ” question or you both are going on 10 years into a marriage the best thing this guy can do to assure his lady is notice the little things , from her quirks to her emotions to the things she does around the house and in the family.

It shouldn’t stop at just noticing he can take a step further by appreciating . Guys can appreciate thier woman by dropping a series of ‘I love you ‘ with any chance they get.

A guy can also outright say ‘thank you’ or he can say ‘I don’t know what I would have done without you’. A foot rub or a back massage can never steer any guy wrong . He can also feet her that jewelry or gown that she gives a yearning look anytime they go to the mall.

These little things count and are what will form the memories in the long run