Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a ‘cross-dressing porn addict with dark secret’


It has emerged that the father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a “cross-dressing porn addict who was carrying a dark secret” and he decided his family was better off dead than discovering his secret.


Alan Hawe, 40, slaughtered his wife Clodagh, 40, and their three children Liam, Niall and Ryan in August 2016 before hanging himself in their Co Cavan home in Ireland.


The reason for the murder-suicide was unknown initially but it has now emerged that the teacher had a shameful secret that may have driven him to kill, and the truth has never been revealed to those mourning his victims.


Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a


In a murder-suicide letter, Hawe had written “there was always something wrong with me” adding that he wanted his relatives to know “the rest”.


He had said it was easier for his family to die than to have to live with the truth of what he was doing, Clodagh’s relatives say.


Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a


Hawe said people were going to “cop on,” that the boys and Clodagh did not deserve to put up with that and that the “truth would probably have come out some time”.


Referring to his shame, Hawe wrote: “I certainly wasn’t abusing anyone. I just don’t know what I was. I wish I’d never darkened [Clodagh’s] life but there was always something wrong with me.”


Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a


The killer twice urged family members to contact his counsellor to get the additional information he couldn’t write about.


He added in the suicide note: “Clodagh and I were never going to come back from this and I was leaving some mess for her to clean up. No one deserves that crap.”


Fearing his life was unravelling with dark secrets about to be exposed, Hawe murdered Clodagh and her children, Liam, 13, Niall, 11, and six-year-old Ryan.


Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a


But Clodagh’s family are haunted by still not knowing why her husband took the lives of her and her sons, Mirror reports.


Mary Coll and Jacqueline Connolly, Clodagh’s mother and sister, still do not have the answers to their question: “Why did Hawe kill Clodagh, Liam, Niall and Ryan?”


Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a

(L-R) Clodagh’s mother Mary Coll, Clodagh’s sister Jacqueline Connolly, and Clodagh


They have called for a full inquiry, with her sister saying: “He said the truth was going to come out sometime. We don’t know what that truth is.”

Family members have since found out Alan Hawe had been dressing up in his wife’s underwear and clothes, accessing online porn on a school computer and phone, and browsing Russian dating sites. But it’s believed he had another secret that has not yet been uncovered.

Despite one of his last wishes that “family” should get “the rest” of the information from his counsellor, the details have still not been released. Clodagh’s family believe the truth behind the murders may lie in those details.


Father who killed his wife and 3 children before taking his own life was a


Clodagh’s sister, Jacqueline said:


Hawe said he was leading them to a life of ruin and Clodagh would have to clean up his mess. We still don’t know what that mess is.

He said the truth was going to come out sometime, we don’t know what that truth is.

We never found out why and we were advised that it probably would never happen at the inquest.

But he said in his own words he was caught red-handed and we know that he was looking at pornography on the school laptop and he never brought the school laptop home.

We’ve had sight of the counselling notes and he had said he was masturbating somewhere he shouldn’t have been, possibly school.

So we have pieces of information but we don’t know who caught him. We don’t know why he was ringing the INTO, whether it was for advice for a grievance. We don’t know where it happened, when it happened.

We do know, in the June, he cancelled all his counselling sessions and this all happened the day before he was to return to school so it was avoidance of the consequences he was about to face.


Until August 2016, Hawe was thought by most to be a respectable, clean living, deeply religious husband and father with a steady career as the deputy headteacher at Castlerahan National School, near his home in Co Cavan.

But Hawe was hiding secrets. His lies started to unravel when he was caught “red handed” in June 2016. He had been viewing pornography on a school computer – believed to have been in the school where he taught. In the last year of his life, Hawe accessed 97% of the pornography he viewed on his school laptop and some on his phone – hiding the truth from his wife.

It is also believed he was caught viewing questionable sites inside the school, and he never brought the school computer home. He didn’t go to the school out of hours and he was the only male teacher in the school and had sole use of an adult male-only bathroom.

Clodagh’s mother, Mary said:

In February 2016, Clodagh rang me one evening and she said, ‘Can I talk to you?’

She came in and she said to me, ‘You know Alan has been watching porn. He has told me this’.

I think he used to do it and then he’d feel guilty and ease his conscience and maybe to get her permission or whatever. But I know that it was affecting their relationship.

He started going to counselling every Tuesday night. I’d say to Clodagh, ‘Is everything OK?’ and she’d say, ‘It’s OK mam. If there’s anything, you know, I’ll tell you’.

But I would know by Clodagh’s expression, by her body language, if she was upset or annoyed and everything seemed to go back and he would come along with her and there was no bad feeling.

So he was going to counselling and then an issue arose in the school so his counselling sessions went from dealing with his porn addiction to his issues at school.

Rob Kardashian seeks to trademark daughter Dream’s name amid custody battle with ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna


Reality star, Rob Kardashian is seeking to trademark the name of his two-year-old daughter Dream with model Blac Chyna.


In new official documents obtained by The Blast, the 31-year-old father of one made it clear that he was hoping to market the toddler’s name for a number of merchandising opportunities.


Rob who has been in an ongoing litigation dispute over child support also added that Dream could be the face of children’s projects such as toys and electronic games, but made no mention of his ex-Chyna, 30, in the business filing.


He said: ‘I Robert Kardashian, hereby state that I am the parent of Dream Kardashian, a minor, and give my consent to the registration of Dream Kardashian’s name and/or nickname to Kardashian Incorporated.’


Paperwork indicates Rob is using the same legal team as the rest of the merchandising-savvy family.

Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks’ was ‘sent back home’ from Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscars after-party because his name was not on the list’ (Photos)


Ex-convict-turned model, Jeremy Meeks, 35, was reportedly turned away when he arrived at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscar after-party on Sunday.

The Hot Felon’ was left disappointed after being bounced from the A-list bash because his name was reportedly not on the list.


Hot Felon

A source told MailOnline: ‘Jeremy arrived to the hotel around 11:30pm. After trying one door, he was told to go up a hill because that’s where the party was.

Hot Felon

‘When Jeremy got to the right door, a woman holding a clipboard told him that he was not on the list for the party and would have to leave.

‘He spent about five minutes trying to get in but they wouldn’t budge. Eventually, he gave up and got back into his car and left.’

Hot Felon

I’ll be your surgeon, I’m going to restructure your face and body’ – Anthony Joshua tells Jarrell Miller after that violent push


British-Nigerian heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua promised to ‘reconstruct the face and body’ of Jarrell Miller after the American aggressively shoved him during their previous press conference in US.


At another fiery press conference in London on Monday,  an angry Joshua said: ‘There’s not much I can do to that face… but I’m going to reconstruct his face and I’m looking forward to the challenge.’


‘This is all I know. This is all I do. I know how to knock people out and beat them up. All that spirit this boy has got over there, talking s***, I’m going to strip it from him. Every ounce of spirit he has got, that is what I do to people. I’m going to strip him of his soul in that ring.

‘Look at his face, I am going to reconstruct his face on June 1. I do the job, I am a good boxer, heavy-handed puncher and have beaten better opponents than anyone else out there.

‘Landlord in the States, I am going to be your surgeon in the UK. You are going to have a makeover.’

The two fighters will meet at Madison Square Garden in New York on June 1, where Anthony Joshua will defend his IBF, WBA and WBO titles on his US debut.

Mum-of-three spends £19,000 on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle… See the outcome!

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It’s been reported that a number of women all over the world are getting freckle tattoos to look like Meghan Markle but a woman has gone the extra mile to spend £19,000 on plastic surgery just to look like her idol Meghan Markle.


Xochytl Greer, 36, a mother-of-three, from Houston, Texas, claims her daughter confuses the real Duchess of Sussex for her. Xochytl’s quest for perfection started after giving birth to daughter Isla nearly two years ago.


The attorney said she felt self-conscious over how her clothes fitted and felt that no matter how much make-up she put on or how she dressed, she would ‘never be presentable’. It was then that she started admiring the Duchess of Sussex and became determined to look more like her.


Mum-of-three spends ?19,000 on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle... See the outcome!

To emulate Meghan, Xochytl has undergone various procedures, including having lip filler and a nose job. She has also undergone liposuction on the stomach, inner and outer thighs, a bum lift, fillers under the eyes, jawline filler and Botox.

After having all the procedures, Xochytl says she now feels like a real princess.


Mum-of-three spends ?19,000 on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle... See the outcome!


She said:


When I look in the mirror, I’m happy again. I still see me, but a better version of me.



Mum-of-three spends ?19,000 on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle... See the outcome!


Speaking of why she chose to look like the Duchess of Sussex, 37, the 36-year-old said:


I really like her, I have always thought she was a classy person, she’s very relatable and I think she’s absolutely beautiful.

Beauty wise I thought she was gorgeous, then on a personal level through getting to know her a little more I guess it did enhance my admiration for her.

Knowing the things she went through, that she didn’t grow up with the perfect life and with family struggles made her even more relatable.


The mum believes her cosmetic surgeries were a success because her 23 months old child now shouts “mommy, mommy” whenever she sees pictures of Meghan.


Mum-of-three spends ?19,000 on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle... See the outcome!


Xochytl added:


I’m at the point where I feel I can put myself out there in the world again.

Previously I felt no matter how much make-up I put on or how I fixed my hair that I wasn’t properly presentable.

I had very big self-confidence issues, but now I feel I can put on a nice dress and don’t need to wear much make-up because I feel great.

I still wear the same sized clothing but they fit perfectly now, I don’t have big long rolls hanging out of my pants anymore.

I don’t think I look identical to Meghan Markle, but I do see our similarities a lot more now, my nose definitely resembles hers more closely.


She continued:


I also had fillers in my jawline to have a stronger jaw like she does, so I do feel I more strongly resemble her now.

I got out of it what I wanted and I see more of a resemblance to her, whenever my 23-month-old sees Meghan she looks at her and says ‘Mommy, mommy’.

When it happened I just kind of laughing, but it also makes me feel good, like ‘Ok, maybe I can pass for her’ but to me it’s just funny.

The way I carry myself on a daily basis has changed – I like going out again, being in public and feeling good about myself.


The mum said since her surgery, her children Brandon, 17, Kai, 12, and little Isla, 23 months, have benefited all the more as she has more energy.


Mum-of-three spends ?19,000 on plastic surgery to look like Meghan Markle... See the outcome!


She added:


When my surgery was unveiled it felt like I was the Princess for the day, it was a great experience and I really enjoyed it.

I feel very self-assured and very confident now. I don’t have to try on five different outfits every day before figuring out what I want to wear now too.

I can throw on the first thing I pick and know I look great, there is a new sense of confidence that Doctor Rose helped me to achieve.


Watch the video showing the moment the mum’s surgery result was unveiled.





Dancing senator and Davido’s uncle, loses his seat in the senate


Dancing senator and uncle of popular singer Davido, Ademola Adeleke, has lost his seat in the senate. In a keenly contested election last Saturday, APC’s Engr Lere Oriolowo, won the Osun West Senatorial District election.


Adeleke was not on the ballot box because he contested in the last governorship election in the state.


According to INEC, Engr Oriolowo polled a total of 102,147 votes to defeat the PDP candidate, Lere Oyewumi who scored 97,294 votes. Prince Dotun Babayemi of the African Democratic Party (ADP), came third with 42,915.


Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco


Meghan Markle, who has been in Morocco on tour with her husband Prince Harry, stunned in a custom Carolina Herrera gown as she and Harry met with King Mohammed VI on the last night of their Morocco tour.


The Duchess of Sussex, who is around seven months pregnant, wore the flowing blue dress for a private meeting at the King of Morocco’s residence in Rabat on Monday evening.

More photos below.



Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco

Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco

Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco

Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco

Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco

Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco

Meghan Markle dons a blue gown as she joins her husband for a private meeting with King Mohammed VI on their last evening in Morocco


Rihanna rocks sexy leopard Ruffle mini dress to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Oscars after-party (Photos)


Singer, Rihanna who was among the famous celebrities that attended Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Oscar after-party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Sunday night, took to Instagram to show off her stylish look to the event.

The 31-year-old Barbados singer rocked an Alexandre Vauthier Leopard Ruffle Mini Dress which she paired with black heels.

See more photos below.

Rihanna rocks sexy leopard Ruffle mini dress to Beyonc? and Jay-Z?s Oscars after-party (Photos)Rihanna rocks sexy leopard Ruffle mini dress to Beyonc? and Jay-Z?s Oscars after-party (Photos)

Boy, 16, choked and raped girl, 10, on way home from school then dumped her in a ditch


A teenage boy choked and raped a young girl as she headed home from school, then left her for dead in a stream.

The 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of five offences relating to the incident in Exmouth, Devon, in October last year.

The girl, while going home from school, took her phone out to call her mother when she heard footsteps running behind her. Suddenly, hands grabbed her around the throat and she was dragged down a bank into the stream by the boy, who allegedly raped her after she fell unconscious.

A jury of nine women and three men were told the boy, now aged 17, admits choking the girl and sexually assaulting her but denies charges of attempted murder and rape. He was cycling home when he saw the girl in a grassy area, close to a riverbank covered in trees.

Prosecutor Anna Vigars QC said:


Although she never saw his face, the defendant was the person who grabbed her from behind.

We know that because he accepts that it was him. He took hold of her from behind, around her throat, wrapping his arm around her neck and squeezing hard.

By accident, she held down the home button on her phone – that activated Siri. That drew his attention to the mobile phone.

He took it out of her hands and threw it away from her, into the bushes.

She had seen some self-defence videos so she tried to do what she saw on those videos, which was to kick her attacker in the groin, but because he was holding her so tightly she couldn’t move sufficiently to get a good kick in.


Mrs Vigars said the boy continued to hold the girl around her neck and walked her towards the stream, tightening his grip when she did not move with him.

In a police interview, the girl described how she was “fading into a sleep” as she sat down in the water, Metro UK reports.

Mrs Vigars told the jury:


She thought she was going to die.

She thought a way to avoid the whole thing was to pretend that she was already dead. She flopped down and shut her eyes.

She hoped that whoever it was who had hold of her neck might just give up and leave her. When she pretended that was what was happening to her, she did fade away.

She can remember nothing from that point until she came to in the stream.

A woman walking by the stream found the girl after hearing “a panicked yelling” as she shouted out for a teacher, the court heard. The girl told her she had been strangled by a man who had taken her mobile phone. Police were called and an investigation was launched, with a number of doctors examining the girl.

The doctors found injuries to her genital area, while the boy’s DNA was present on her body and underwear. Bruising to the girl’s neck matched the seams of the coat he had been wearing, Mrs Vigars said.

The prosecution say he was trying to kill her and it was only luck that she didn’t die as he held her around the throat hard enough and for long enough for her to fall unconscious.

He meant her to die and he left her in that cold stream in October to die.


The boy denies charges of attempted murder, attempting to choke with intent to commit rape, and rape of a child under 13. He admits attempting to choke with intent to commit sexual assault and assault by penetration.

The trial, due to last for two weeks, continues.


R. Kelly went from Jail to McDonald’s where he allegedly used to pick up girls (Photos)

2ECA00F1-9604-4E29-83F6-A9BF78C6798C.jpegAfter R. Kelly left jail on Monday night he went straight to a McDonald’s in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, where he allegedly met a high school girl on her prom night in 1998 who he later impregnated and forced to have an abortion.


The claims were detailed in a 2002 lawsuit that the embattled R&B singer settled out of court.


R. Kelly’s former studio engineer James Leesaid in last year’s BBC documentary R Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes’, that the singer frequently picked up young women from the fast food chain. “He would occasionally go to this McDonald’s and come back to the studio with a girl or two,” Lee said. “Going to McDonald’s to pick up chicks. That’s what a 17-year-old does.”


R. Kelly went from Jail to McDonald?s where he allegedly used to pick up girls (Photos)

Cook County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Sophia Ansari told USA TODAY that Kelly posted $ 100,000, which is 10 percent of the $1 million bond set after spending three days behind bars.


R. Kelly went from Jail to McDonald?s where he allegedly used to pick up girls (Photos)

His bail was paid by a 47-year-old woman from the Chicago suburb of Romeoville, Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune. She listed herself as a “friend” of Kelly.

Kelly faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. His next court date is scheduled for March 22.

Unbothered Khloe Kardashian grabs her sister’s butt as they strike suggestive poses in revealing outfits (photos)


Khloe Kardashian is putting on a brave face and moving on with her life after being betrayed by two very important people in her life – her boyfriend Tristan Thompson and her kid sister’s best friend Jordyn Woods.

In spite of the recent heartbreak, the mother-of-one dressed up in a revealing outfit, along with her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, and they showed off their assets while giving their best poses.

See more photos below.


Unbothered Khloe Kardashian grabs her sister

Unbothered Khloe Kardashian grabs her sister

Unbothered Khloe Kardashian grabs her sister

Unbothered Khloe Kardashian grabs her sister

R. Kelly leaves jail after female ‘friend’ posts his $100K bail (Photo)


Embattled R&B singer, R. Kelly has been released from jail after posting bail following multiple charges of criminal sexual abuse.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Sophia Ansari told USA TODAY that Kelly posted $100,000 , which is 10 percent of the $1 million bond set Saturday, after spending three days behind bars.

Court documents show his bail was paid by a 47-year-old woman from the Chicago suburb of Romeoville, Illinois, according to the Chicago Tribune. She listed herself as a “friend” of Kelly.

On Monday afternoon, he was pictured with his defense attorney, Steve Greenberg walking out of the Cook County Jail following his release.

The terms of Kelly’s release prohibits him from having any contact with females under the age of 18.

The release comes just hours after he pleaded not guilty to 10 felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He’s accused of sexually assaulting four women between 1998 and 2010 and his alleged victims include three who were aged between 13 and 17 at the time.

The singer’s next court date is March 22.

R.Kelly pleads not guilty on all 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse


Embattled American singer,  R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse he was charged with.

His attorney Steve Greenberg entered the not guilty plea for Kelly on Monday and also revealed that Kelly has turned in his passport.

The R&B star was indicted last Friday in Cook County for sexually assaulting four women between 1998 and 2010. His alleged victims include three who were aged between 13 and 17 at the time.

On Saturday afternoon, a judge set bond at $1 million. To leave custody, he’d have to pay 10% of the total, or $100,000, but he doesn’t have enough money to post $100,000 bail.

Greenberg told reporters that his client’s finances are “a mess,” and that “he really doesn’t have any money.” Multiple press outlets have also reported that according to court documents, Kelly owes more than $160,000 in unpaid child support.

According to WBEZ, Kelly’s case was assigned to Cook County Associate Judge Lawrence Flood. His next court date was set for March 22.

Breaking: Cardinal George Pell, Vatican treasurer and third most senior Catholic in the world has been found guilty of child sexual assault


One of the most powerful men in the Roman Catholic Church, Australian Cardinal George Pell, 77, has been found guilty of multiple historical child sex offenses at a secret trial in Melbourne.


Pell is almost certain to face prison after a jury found him guilty of one charge of sexual penetration of a child and four charges of an indecent act with or in the presence of a child in the late 1990s.


The conviction of Pell, the Vatican treasurer and a close adviser to Pope Francis, will send shockwaves through the church, which is already reeling from accusations of sexual abuse committed by priests worldwide.


Pell is the most senior Catholic official to be found guilty of child sex offenses to date. His conviction brings the escalating international controversy around the abuse of children in Catholic institutions straight to the doors of the Holy See.


A court order banning media reporting of Pell’s five-week long trial, which began in November 2018, was lifted by Chief Judge Peter Kidd on Tuesday. The prosecution’s case hinged on the testimony of one man, who said Pell sexually abused him and another boy in Melbourne’s historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral after mass one Sunday.


The second victim later died from a drug overdose having never revealed the abuse to anyone, while the surviving accuser can not be identified under Australian law governing sex abuse victims.

Photo: Hijacking foiled on Bangladesh-Dubai flight, 24-year-old suspect killed


A flight bound for Dubai from Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka, made an emergency landing on Sunday in Chittagong, Bangladesh, after a man attempted to hijack the plane.

The suspect identified as Mahmud Polash Ahmed, a 24-year-old Bangladeshi passenger from a village near the capital had been previously arrested in a kidnapping case.

The flight, operated by state-run Biman Bangladesh Airlines, took off from Dhaka at 4-35 p.m. for the trip to Dubai via Chittagong.

The pilot made the emergency landing in Chittagong about 40 minutes later, after a crew member reported “suspicious behavior” by the man, said Rezaul Karim, an official with the Bangladeshi military’s inter-service public affairs office.

All 143 passengers and seven crew members aboard the Boeing 737-800 were safely evacuated, Air Vice Marshal Mofidur Rahman said at a news conference broadcast live on Somoy TV.

The commandos fired at the suspect after he shot at them when they asked him to surrender, army Maj. Gen. Motiur Rahman told reporters, according to ATN TV news. He said that the suspect was carrying a pistol, but did not say where the shooting took place.

The army official said the suspect asked to speak to his wife and to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. before dying from injuries in an exchange of gunfire with military commandos. He died before reaching the hospital.

The suspect appeared to be “mentally imbalanced,” said Air Vice Marshal M. Naim Hassan, chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority. “I am saying this because of his behavior. He wanted to talk to the prime minister.”

Before the suspect was pronounced dead, Rahman, had described him as a “terrorist” and said that he had been arrested and was being questioned.

Mufti Mahmud Khan, director of the law and media wing of Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion security agency, on Monday, said the suspect was listed in its database and had been arrested in 2012. Khan declined to provide details about the kidnapping case.

Officials said on Sunday that Ahmed was injured in an exchange of gunfire with special forces, that he had shot at them first and was armed with a pistol.
Civil aviation authorities cast doubt on that account on Monday.

When asked about reports that Ahmed had a toy gun, ministry secretary Mohibul Haque said they didn’t know whether the pistol was a toy.

“We don’t know if there was any exchange of gunfire,” Haque said.

Bangladesh civil aviation minister Mahbub Ali told reporters that Ahmed had booked a seat on the flight from Dhaka to Chittagong, and that airport surveillance video showed him going through security with other passengers.

“There was no signal that he had something” when he boarded Sunday’s flight, Ali said.

Khan said when the agency’s bomb-disposal unit reached the scene, they found that Ahmed had fake “bomb-like material.”

A police chief in Narayanganj outside Dhaka, Mohammed Moniruzzaman,  said Ahmed’s parents confirmed his identity, and that residents of the village where he lived said he had a “bad reputation.”

A police official in Chittagong, Mohammed Alauddin, said by phone that no one had yet claimed Ahmed’s body from the Chittagong Medical College and Hospital mortuary.

Former Trump campaign staffer alleges he kissed her on the mouth without consent


A former staff on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team has accused him of sexual assault.

Alva Johnson said Trump kissed her without her consent outside a rally in Florida in August 2016.

She told Washington Post:


I immediately felt violated because I wasn’t expecting it or wanting it.

I can still see his lips coming straight for my face.


Johnson told the Post she turned her head to avoid the unwanted kiss, which landed on the side of her mouth and felt “super-creepy and inappropriate.”


The allegation is described in a federal lawsuit filed Monday in Florida, in which Johnson is seeking unspecified damages for emotional pain and suffering, according to the Post.


Alva alleged in the lawsuit that Trump grabbed her hand and tried to kiss her on the lips as he exited an RV outside the Tampa rally on Aug. 24, 2016.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismissed Johnson’s accusation, calling it “absurd on its face.”


Sanders said in a statement:


This never happened and is directly contradicted by multiple highly credible eye witness accounts.


In the lawsuit, Johnson, who is black, also alleges that Trump’s campaign discriminated against her by paying her less than her white colleagues. Trump’s campaign has denied the accusation.

Over 21 women have accused Trump of various instances of sexual misconduct between the early 1980s and mid-2000s. He has vehemently denied the allegations.

Sterling seals first trophy for Manchester city

Manchester City retained the English League Cup by beating Chelsea 4-3 on penalties after a bizarre climax to the Wembley showpiece on Sunday which saw Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga refuse to be substituted.

Nothing could separate the sides as the match finished 0-0 after extra time but it was City who claimed the season’s first major silverware as they won the shootout.

Raheem Sterling fired the decisive spot kick past Spaniard Arrizabalaga to complete the first part of what could be a quadruple for Pep Guardiola’s side.

Arrizabalaga minutes earlier been involved in surely one of the strangest incidents in a Wembley final when he defied Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri’s orders to come off in the closing minutes of extra time after appearing to be injured.

Sarri, who had told substitute keeper Willy Caballero to take over from Arrizabalaga, was left fuming in the technical area at the open show of mutiny by one of his players.

“It was a big misunderstanding because I understood the keeper had cramp and was unable to go to the penalties. But it was not cramp and he could go to the penalties,” Sarri said.

To compound matters Arrizabalaga then dived over Sergio Aguero’s weak penalty during the shootout.

He did save from Leroy Sane but when Chelsea’s David Luiz struck the post with his spot kick, it was left to Sterling to smash his penalty high into the roof of the net and send the City fans into delirium after a tense afternoon.

Italy look up to Ronaldo to pull them through

Cristiano Ronaldo was supposed to be the missing piece of the jigsaw for Juventus in their quest to regain the Summit of Europe for the first time since 1995-96, the Italian club splashing out 117 million euros to bring the five-times winner of the continents elite club competition to Turin last summer.

But after Juves 2-0 defeat at Atlético Madrid in the first leg of the last 16 clash between the sides, the Serie A clubs ambitions hang by a thread. Runners-up five times since their last triumph, Juve will have to score at least twice without reply in the Allianz Stadium to take the tie to extra-time, but the Italian media have been busy collating Ronaldos statistics in the competition – and against the LaLiga side – and speculating an extra half-hour may not be necessary.

Tuttosport ran a headline sounding a rallying cry for the Old Lady: Juve? Coming back from 2-0 down? Cristiano has already done it…” in allusion to the 2015-16 Champions League when Wolfsburg took a 2-0 advantage to the Bernabéu and Ronaldo bagged a hat-trick to turn the tie around.

Ronaldo to the rescue?

The Portugueses statistics in the competition also make for impressive reading. Ronaldo has scored twice or more in a Champions League game 34 times, with 27 doubles, six hat-tricks and a four-goal haul against Malmö.

Against Atlético, Ronaldo has 22 goals, including three hat-tricks and one brace. One of those hat-tricks came in the Champions League, in the 2016-17 semi-finals.

However, Under Diego Simeone, Atlético have never lost a Champions League tie after triumphing in the opening leg. Juventus, meanwhile, have never overturned a 2-0 deficit in European competition home or away.

If Ronaldo is to save the day for Juve, he will need to write another piece of history in Turin on March 13.



Draymond Green spared no expense when he proposed to his girlfriend last month — TMZ Sports has learned the ring he used to pop the question is worth $300,000!!!

Remember, Warriors coach Steve Kerr accidentally broke the news a few weeks ago that Green got engaged to actress and “Basketball Wives” regular Hazel Renee … but now, we’ve got deets.

There was a helicopter. There was a yacht. Oh yeah, and a big ass ring.

Turns out, Day Day hit up Jason of Beverly Hills for the 6-carat flawless diamond ring … and the NBAer had his fingerprint on the whole thing.

“Draymond was very involved in the design process,” Jason Arasheben, CEO Jason of Beverly Hills tells us.

“I took multiple trips up to the Bay to show him stone options and to choose the setting. He was very particular about the quality of the center stone. He wanted only the best for Hazel.”

… and he got it!

Congrats to the couple — and if you’re wondering when the two will actually tie the knot, maybe ask Steve Kerr (he seems to know things).