Man tries viral Polar Vortex boiling water trick. Gets burnt on video, roasted on YouTube

The trend of pouring boiling water and watching it freeze mid-air in sub-zero temperatures has gone viral to say the least. As the US Midwest battles Polar Vortex 2019, videos of boiling water freezing mid-air have surfaced on social media.

Chris Kieger who tried doing the Polar vortex had a different story to tell as some of the water burnt his calf .The 15-second long slow-motion video reveals the man throwing the water into the air above him. While most of the water successfully freezes like he may have wanted, the last bit from the pan lands on the back of his calf, burning him.

The video which is titled “Steamy Goodness” got comments that left more more burns for Chris than his actual burn .A comment read, “Let those scars serve as a permanent reminder that being stupid comes with a cost.”