Nigerian lady is accused of stealing from her roommate then stabbing her after she confronted her in Nnamdi Azikiwe University (video)


A Nigerian woman who allegedly stole from her roommate has been accused of stabbing the same roommate in anger after she was caught.


Mrs Mgboji Amarachi Paula, a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, allegedly stole her roommate’s laptop and other items. According to Nollywood actress Teddy who shared the story, Paula and her roommate was robbed and Trish, the roommate, lost a number of her belongings. They searched the room but didn’t find it.


Later, security got involved and they searched their room and found Trish’s missing belongings, making them conclude that Paula was the one who took the items.


Yesterday, Mrs Paula demanded that they divide their space in the kitchen, but Trish said it wasn’t necessary since their hostel management already said Paula will be removed from the room. In anger, Paula began throwing Trish’s belongings out yesterday and when Trish confronted her, she slapped her multiple times while threatening her with a knife as seen in a video shared online. She eventually stabbed her on the arm with the knife.

Sharing the story to Instagram, Teddy wrote:


How can you stab your fellow girl after stealing from her ? This is MRS MGBOJI AMARACHI PAULA @bekeepaula and that’s her in the video holding a knife. Few days before the incident, they were robbed…the other girl @trish_choco lost her laptop and some other things. After security got involved, they found everything in their room which was thoroughly searched before…She blamed PAULA for everything and since then she has been a threat to her life.
Just yesterday, 10th February, Paula requested that they divide their space in the kitchen because they are roommates and students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University presently in Lome, Togo. she refused saying there was no need because their management already said Paula would be removed from the room. Paula entered the kitchen, threw her stuffs away. While confronting her, Paula picked up a knife and hit her severally before finally cutting her right hand with it and punched her right hand too.


Nigerian lady is accused of stealing from her roommate then stabbing her after she confronted her in Nnamdi Azikiwe University (video)


Watch the video below.