Parents of bully victim release sick Snapchat video of their 11-year-old daughter being savagely attacked by bully after school


A sick Snapchat video captured the moment an 11-year-old girl was savagely beaten up on her way home from school.


In the sickening footage, Demi Martin was shoved into a wall, pulled by her hair and repeatedly hit as she walked home in Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent. Young schoolchildren who witnessed the attack filmed it, rather than put an end to the brutality.


The victim, who is in Year 7 at Haywood Academy in nearby Burslem, said she was eventually helped by a man and woman who gave her a drink. She added that she doesn’t know the bullies.


Parents of bully victim release sick Snapchat video of their 11-year-old daughter being savagely attacked by bully after school


Demi said:


I didn’t know what was going on when she hit me. I didn’t even know who she was, it just came out of nowhere.

In the morning when I wake up I can feel my heart beating really loudly and I’m scared to go out with my friends. I’m dreading going back to school.

People in my class have been sending messages saying ‘ha ha you got beaten up’ and that I deserved it. I feel like I can’t get away from it, it’s really getting me down.


Demi’s furious dad Tim Martin, 33, and step-mum Jade Braxton, 26, asked Stoke Sentinel to publish a short clip of the violence, which was shared on Snapchat.

Step-mum Jade said:

Demi told us that she was walking home from school, so when it got to 3.50pm and she still hadn’t got in I was ringing her but there was no answer.

I rang again and a teacher answered who said she’s been taken into the school by a member of the public as she had been beaten up.

Tim went to the school to pick her up and we reported it to the police. Demi hasn’t been in school since. I think the school should permanently exclude the girl who did it.

We don’t want to send her back into school in case it happens again. It’s bullying. Demi’s education is important, but at the moment she’s too frightened to go to school.


She added:

The video has been posted online and the girl is bragging about what she has done to Demi. The video is really hard to watch, I cried when I first watched it, it’s heartbreaking.

We want to share the video so the parents of these children can tell them that this kind of behaviour is not OK.


Parents of bully victim release sick Snapchat video of their 11-year-old daughter being savagely attacked by bully after school


The victim’s dad, Tim says he is grateful to the couple who stopped to help his daughter.

He said:

It’s horrible, absolutely terrible. I was quite upset. I’m grateful to the couple who actually helped her and brought her back to the school. She has bruises on her face, arms and legs and a chunk of her hair is missing.

It’s upsetting that other children think it’s OK to stand around and film this happening instead of trying to help.

When Demi came home on Friday she was shaking so she had a hot bath and while she was in there her phone was going off non-stop. Pupils at the school have been adding her into group chats and they are posting the video and laughing at her. She can’t get away from it, not even at home.

She’s too scared to go in as everyone in her class has seen the video. I wouldn’t like to be in her position.

She was still shaking two days later and she says when she wakes up in the morning she can feel her heart beating really fast. It’s made her anxious about going back to school.

We’re considering moving Demi to another school because of this. Demi is the one suffering by losing out on her education when she is the victim.


Staffordshire Police have now launched an investigation into the incident, which happened last Friday afternoon and left the girl with bruises, cuts, and part of her head bald after clumps of her hair were pulled out in the attack.

Watch the video of the attack below.