Video: Vote only for the interest of the church in this election- Nigerian clergyman advises his members


As the 2019 election draws nearer, the Senior Pastor of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Abioye, has advised his members to cast their vote in the interest of the church and not for the interest of any party or individual. Speaking during one of his services, the celrgyman said

”A clear instruction. When it is time to vote, vote only in the favour of your church and not your party. Any believer that sells out his faith to any party is heading for hell. Don’t open your eyes and vote for people who will kill you. If you kill your concience, you will answer before the lord. We may not have the best of candidates, but we have them in grades. You know a better candidate than an evil candidate.

Christian were killed and no apologies by people who are in authority and you will still blindly go and cote for them”.

Watch the video of him speaking in his church below