Photo: INEC replaces burnt card readers for 14 LGAs In Anambra State


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says replacement card readers for 14 Local Government Areas (LGAs) affected in the fire incident at the INEC office in Anambra have been configured and delivered.


The commission however, noted that it is working hard to deliver to the remaining seven LGAs.


“After the fire incident in our office in Anambra State, replacement Card Readers for 14 LGAs have been configured and delivered. Working hard on the remaining 7 LGAs – Ayamelum, Ogbaru, Idemili North, Idemili South, Aguata, Awka North and Oyi” INEC tweeted.

Senator Ahmed Ogembe survives car crash in Kogi State (Photos)


Today, February 15, Senator Ahmed Ogembe representing Kogi central was involved in an accident along Abuja / lokoja Road, while heading to Okene for the elections.


According to Duke Opeyemi, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the Senator, the accident occurred at about 9 a.m on Friday, at Gegu community in Kotonkarfe LGA of Kogi state.


His bulletproof car somersaulted several times, but the senator and other occupants of the vehicle came out unhurt.



Senator Ahmed Ogembe survives car crash?in Kogi State (Photos)

Senator Ahmed Ogembe survives car crash?in Kogi State (Photos)

‘How building the Amazon of Africa put me on Interpol’s most wanted list’ – Marek Zmyslowski shares his encounter with Nigerian police


Marek Zmysowski, a polish-born entrepreneur, known for creating new businesses in Nigeria and sub-saharan African including Jovago, Jumia Travel, Hotel Oga and others, has just shared an interesting story of how he got on Interpol’s most wanted list.


According to him, ‘this is a story about how corrupt policemen disobey the judicial system of Nigeria and even manage to manipulate Interpol, at the request of one businessman that openly brags about his “influence”.


See the rest of his story below…


Warsaw Okecie Airport, January 14th, 2018. My holiday was coming to an end. I finally recovered from the five most stressful years of my life. In 2013, as a young and success-hungry Polish tech entrepreneur I moved to Nigeria to join the African Digital Revolution. I co-founded, that later merged with who shortly after became Africa’s first Unicorn, employing 3000 people in 23 African countries. My second startup, HotelOga (rebranded later to HotelOnline), turned into the biggest Hospitality Software and Destination Management Company in Western Africa. We were first to partner with the Online Travel giants like Expedia or I was fighting hard to change the narrative of Africa in the Western World. One of my TED talks was viewed by close to a million people. Google and the World Bank invited me to join as a mentor for their African programs.

I was about to board a flight to London to see a couple of London’s VCs to discuss their support in launching my new venture. I arrived at the airport on time, but boarding this flight was not meant for me anymore. At what was supposed to be another routine passport control, I was arrested by the Polish border security. I was informed that I’m wanted by the Nigerian Government for the crimes of Advanced Financial Fraud and that I will stay in custody until it is decided if I should be sent to Nigeria or not. I was allowed one phone call to my lawyer. During that first night in jail, between meditations, prayers, push-ups, breathing exercises, and anything that kept me away from totally freaking out and breaking down, I decided that I will do everything it takes to make sure this story eventually comes out. To prevent the same thing from happening to others. That thought allowed me to survive that night and kept me sane during many more to come.

I fell in love with Africa and its people for so many reasons, but the excitement and challenges of building businesses in frontier markets were for me always the most captivating thing. You have to solve the craziest problems a typical Western manager would never think of dealing with. But the reward is the biggest market opportunity of the 21st century. And why do some companies start their African journey in Nigeria? Because If something can go wrong, it will most likely go wrong in Nigeria. Nigerians joke between each other that their country is never the number one in the ranking of the most corrupt countries in the World just because they can bribe the ranking.

The reality is pretty close to the joke. According to Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Report, in 2017 Nigeria was the 4th most corrupt country in the World. In 2018?—?THE MOST corrupt state on the Globe. And what is the most corrupt institution in Nigeria? According to the Global Corruption Barometer, the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, the NOI Polls Organization, and The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission… it’s the Nigerian Police.

Nigerian Police gets involved in business disputes to an extent not seen in any democratic, developed country. If Policemen were as passionate about catching thieves, murderers, rapists, and terrorist, as they are in becoming a side in a conflict between 2 companies, Nigeria would be safer than Switzerland. One might wonder what incentivizes them to act this way…

Online businesses in Africa used to be under the radar for some time. There was enough money to extort from the oil companies and big international corporations. But since Jumia and Konga (2 biggest e-commerce players) started showing their ads every 15 min on the national TV and setting up billboards on every street corner, we were bound to get attention from the guys that really run in this country?—?corrupted officials.

For a typical policeman, an online entrepreneur wasn’t just a “Yahoo Boy”anymore, whom he could stop on the street, shake up a little bit, take his laptop and force him to pay 20,000 Naira (around 50$) to get it back. Now there was serious money to be made from the new wave of Internet companies and their founders.

You should never underestimate the ability of your enemies to do illegal things against you. Especially in Nigeria, where most of my business was located. I met with a reputable Nigerian businessman once. He came for the meeting with his own coffee. “Having a taste for that one special blend??—?I asked. He replied to me: “Not really. I was just poisoned by my business partner once”.

For the first couple of years, I was relatively lucky and was able not to have any “adventures” with the big government institutions. Then, statistics decided to catch up with me. After leaving Jumia in 2015, I launched “HotelOga”. The company was funded from my private capital and investment from minority shareholders from Nigeria, India, and Poland. The local investor was a very prominent businessman with his hands in many different sectors, strategic for the Nigerian economy. He had also powerful friends that allowed him to keep those hands there. Someone you want to have as a “Godfather” in a hostile business environment. Where you definitely don’t want to be, is when the “Godfather”, your support system, turns against you.

During the startup fight for growth and survival, a conflict (around the company vision and management style) between myself and the Godfather arose. It reached a threshold when he, together with our CFO, tried to kick me out of the management board and take control of the company. They failed because my team, my co-founder and other shareholders came to my defense. The conflict, however, paralyzed our operations for months and almost made us go bankrupt. We were able to save the company by merging with our biggest competitor from East Africa. This allowed me to exit the company and remove myself from the equation, hoping that this move will release the tension between stakeholders.

I was arrested at Warsaw airport because my name showed up in the passport system as a person wanted by Interpol. Interpol put me on the list on the basis of an arrest warrant from Nigerian Police. The justification of the arrest only included a very vague description of my alleged crimes. Apparently, I stole my investor and my CFO money. The only evidence in the case? Victim statement. Nothing else. Just “testimonies”. Imagine going to the police now and telling them that your neighbor stole a million dollars from you. And now the police goes to arrest your neighbor without even asking if you ever had a million, not even bothering to ask if you have any proof of the theft.

I was lucky enough to have my case assigned to a young Polish public prosecutor, who could see that something is wrong here. The day I was arrested, he has requested the Nigerian police to send the full documentation of my case. After all these months, they still haven’t sent anything. What they did send, however, was the request for my extradition. Again with no supporting documentation. I was released the next day. Polish Ministry of Foreign affairs has sent to its Nigerian counterpart a formal request to explain the situation and give any information about the actions against me. Guess what? It’s been 6 months and just like the Police, they’re yet to give a reply.

What I couldn’t understand though, is how one can be pursued in the “First World”, based on some shady paperwork from one of the most corrupt countries in the World. Why is it so easy? My knowledge of Interpol back then came from action movies. A noble international institution, coordinating the cooperation between police organizations from around the World, helping to track down World’s biggest villains. Seems pretty black and white, right? Well, the reality adds fifty more shades of gray to this picture. Interpol has 190 member countries. They support it financially, but on top of that, Interpol accepts donations from private institutions. Imagine your local police or public prosecutor got paid by a big local company, how would that make you feel? In 2011 Interpol got a 20 mln Euro donation from FIFA, just before the outbreak of a huge bribery scandal including many top FIFA officials. Conspiracy theories fans would probably have something to say about that. When the news broke, the organization has returned the money to FIFA.

Interpol is trying very hard to remain a politically neutral organization. Just like every reputable law enforcement organization should be. The problem is, it’s equally neutral to the laws of all the members. It enforces the laws of Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland just like it does for China, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, and Iran. And you don’t need to be politically biased to point out differences in democracy and corruption between those countries. If you were a political opponent of Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi it would be just a matter of time to be convicted for “something” and wanted in their countries. And thanks Interpol, you would be wanted also in the rest of the World.

Entrepreneurs, however, rarely become political opponents of ruling governments. We tend to find opportunities in the system that currently exists, rather than trying to turn the whole political world upside down before making our living. Should we be then worried about Interpol and Police? In theory, we shouldn’t, it’s illegal for them to engage in civil disputes. Everyone, who has ever done business in a corrupt system knows the real answer though. If someone can bribe his way to a multimillion-dollar contract, having a business rival convicted is like a walk in the park. And once you have that conviction in the local country, thanks to Interpol… you know what happens next.

How does Interpol help catch the “bad guys’? It issues a so-called “Notice” to all it’s member countries about each wanted person. There are eight types of Notices, Blue being the lightest and Red dedicated to the worst scumbags walking on the face of this planet. Convicted murderers, rapists, drug lords, terrorists, and me.

The day I left the Polish custody. I got 3 phone calls. The first one was from my Nigerian banker who informed me about the police order to freeze all my accounts. The second call came from a Nigerian journalist, that got a tip from “someone” about my arrest and wanted my comments. Someone really wanted to give me some bad press. The only people in Nigeria that knew at that time about my detention in Poland, were the Police officers behind the arrest warrant. The third person I spoke to that day, was the “Godfather’s” lawyer. Her offer was pretty simple. If I pay 300k USD, my problems with the Nigerian justice system and Interpol will go away. And my image in the media will remain untarnished. That’s how some people secure their investment returns.

Still, I felt like the luckiest guy on the planet. The Red Notice was put into the system on December 22nd. That was just one day after I landed in Poland to spend Christmas with my family. That was my first time in Poland in many months. I was let free from custody just because Poland does not extradite its own citizens. Have I been stopped in any other frequently visited country, the situation would have been much different. I would be rotting in a Nigerian jail and probably confess to anything, just to get out, just like the “Godfather” planned.

On that day I decided to fight for justice. Even if it was going to cost me more than that ransom I was forced to pay. This fight was my new startup. I’ve recruited a team of lawyers from Nigeria, USA and Poland, specialized in international crime and Interpol abuse. I got support from Organizations: Fair Trials, Open Dialogue, Amnesty International, and Bill Browder, a former biggest foreign investor in Russia, probably the most famous victim of Interpol abuse triggered by corrupted Russian officials (you MUST read his book “Red Notice”).

The bizarre situation was that I was wanted because of a Nigerian court order, but we didn’t really know for what, which court ruled it, and when. The disinformation seemed to be planned to slow us down. We started by demanding that my bank sends us the police documents supporting the account freeze. After pulling all the possible strings, we got the scan of the letter, that the bank received from the police. We finally knew which department and which court is behind it. The happiness didn’t last long though. My lawyers were kicked out from that police station and refused any explanation. A big surprise also waited for us in court. The documentation of the case related to my situation “got lost in court archives”.

“Godfather’s” lawyers kept putting pressure on me to pay the money. They said the Nigerian government will push hard for my extradition. The “Godfather” himself was so confident that in a phone call admitted who got paid to chase me, and who to pay to clean this mess. Because in the end, he was just teaching me a lesson and wanted to help.

A couple of phone calls to my friends in Nigeria and I quickly found out that I wasn’t the only victim of the “Godfather’s” usage of “political relationships and power” so he could always get what he wanted. Two other founders of very well known, established Nigerian Fintech and eCommerce companies opened up to me about their experiences. And those were not pleasant stories, to say the least.

I decided to first sue the Nigerian Police in the Nigerian Federal Court. We had nothing to lose, but so much to win. Nigerian police, in order to defend themselves, would have to present to the court the documents they used to build my conviction case. Those documents, that we were so desperate to find so we could fight them. Police could also decide not to show anything and risk losing the case. If we were lucky enough to get a fair Judge, outside the “Godfather’s” circle of influence, this might actually work.

And it did work. I had more luck than brains again. Police decided not to attempt to defend in the court, just to protect themselves from being exposed for taking bribes. On July 23rd, 2018, the judge ruled in my favor. My arrest warrant was struck down, bank freeze was ruled as illegal and I was even given a 2 mln Naira compensation. The symbolic amount in a symbolic victory.

Does it mean my problems are over? Not at all. Winning a case in Nigeria is one thing. Having anyone respect that court ruling is another. The same people in Nigeria that put me on the system are the only ones who can take me down. And of course, they haven’t. The only way left was to apply directly to the Interpol Headquarters in Lyon, France.

It takes the Super Global Police only a couple of hours to put you on the wanted list. It can take years to take you down. With an estimated of 20,000 Red Notices being active at any given time, a complicated legal structure of the organization (that makes it almost impossible to sue Interpol for its wrongdoings) and only a handful of in-house lawyers to analyze thousands of complaints monthly (!) about baseless Red Notices, the problem of dealing with this international organization can be bigger than the issue itself that brought you there. Why is Interpol just putting all these arrest warrants from the shadiest countries without any proper background check, but applies the time-consuming and financially-destructive procedure to undo it? The vision behind Interpol is noble. We need Interpol. But we don’t need an organization that is abused and spreads the corruption and abuse of power between the countries.

The extradition request and the Interpol arrest warrant are framed now and hang in my office, next to other diplomas and prizes. I’m equally proud of all of them. What happened to me could never have happened in a democratic country with a rule of law. It would never happen to me in the European Union or the USA if I chose to run my businesses there. But I want to run my business in Africa. I was always warned not to do business with Nigerians. The Irony is that the bad guys turned out to be people with American and Indian passports and the Nigerians, Ghanaians, Kenyans, and South Africans were the ones that helped me. My love and belief in Africa remain unshaken. We have so much to win together.

I’ve decided to write a book about my story. All of my income from the book sales will go to giving laptops and coding lessons to the smartest pupils from the poorest families in Northern Nigeria.

Sad! Baby Benaiah dies on the way to a Dubai hospital weeks after his dad wept by the roadside to raise money for his surgery


Baby Benaiah Monday has died on his way to Dubai, where he was expected to undergo a major heart surgery.

His death comes a few weekas after his story caught national interest after a video of his weeping dad soliciting for help for him in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, went viral on social media.

Sad! Baby?Benaiah dies on the?way to a Dubai hospital weeks after?his?dad wept by the roadside to raise money for his surgery

Barely 48 hours after the video hit the internet, Nigerians rallied around and donated to have him sent to Dubai for the heart surgery. 15 million Naira was needed for the surgery but expectations were exceeded and 70 million Naira was realized.

Sadly, Benaiah lost the battle on Friday morning in Lagos, while going for the surgery.

He was rushed to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, where he was confirmed dead.


Sad! Baby?Benaiah dies on the?way to a Dubai hospital weeks after?his?dad wept by the roadside to raise money for his surgery

Erica Mena and Safaree strike a suggestive pose in the kitchen as they share another snap from their engagement photos


Love & Hip Hop couple, Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena who are set to tie the knot have released their engagement photos.

The rapper just shared another saucy image from their engagement photos with both of them pictured striking a suggestive pose in the kitchen.

Gunmen in military uniform attack vehicle carrying election materials in Benue


A vehicle belonging to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in Benue State was attacked by gunmen dressed in military uniform while it was conveying non-sensitive election materials to one of the LGAs in the state.

The State INEC’s Resident Electoral Commissioner, REC, Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda, confirmed the report saying:  “This is true. Recently, our vehicle which was conveying non sensitive materials was attacked along Logo area by people in military uniform.” 

It wasn’t revealed if the attackers made away with any election materials.

Photos of a physically challenged vulcanizer in Kogi State

A Facebook user has praised a physically challeged man who is making sure he earns a living despite his condition.
The Facebook user shared photos of the physically challenged vulcanizer, who owns a shop in Okene, and wrote;
“He is handicapped physically but his mind is by no means incapacitated. I had just brought my car to his workplace to have my tires gauged. He quickly and adeptly got down to business. His actions almost didn’t show any form of incapacity and I was marveled,” the Facebook user said.
“He emphasized that he would close down his shop until he has performed his civic responsibility.

Now if a physically challenged man can think intelligibly like this, what stops you who is fit physically? I mean you are not stupid now so I expect you not to behave stupid”



Photos of a physically challenged vulcanizer in Kogi State

Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)


A great-great-grandmother, who has six grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren, was given an extra-special treat for her 100th birthday.


It was Doll Jenkins’ wish to have naked butlers for her birthday and the cheeky birthday wish was fulfilled when staff at her retirement home hired the buff butlers for her very special birthday party.


Residents at Milton Lodge made international news last year after they requested the naked hunks to come and serve a three-course meal. This happened after residents told staff they wanted to spend some time with a man.

Then, for Doll’s birthday this year, two hunks were invited back to join Doll, her family and staff at the home in Colchester, Essex to celebrate her big day last Friday.


Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)


Leigha Jones, senior carer at the home, said Doll had a great time with them.

She said:

Her face just lit up when they came in, she was beaming. We all sat in the lounge area waiting for them and when they came in she was a bit taken aback.

She told them to go and put some clothes on, but she soon came out of her shell and was flirting and smacking their bottoms.


Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)


She loved it and she kept asking them to come back and say goodbye to her properly.

Leigha said:


She kept asking if we could go and find the naked men again.

She is a lot younger at heart – she still gets around and walks when she feels strong enough and she still laughs and jokes.


The naked butlers, who are familiar to residents at the home, served dinner as part of the home’s Sparkle initiative, where staff raise money to grant the wishes of residents.


Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)

Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)

Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)

Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)

Great-great-grandmother treated to naked men for her 100th birthday party (+18 photos)


200-Level female student of Babcock university jumps from 3-Storey building on Valentine’s Day


A 200-level student of public and allied health in Babcock University had a close shave with death yesterday when she jumped from a 3-storey building in an attempt to kill herself.


The student identified as Susan, was said to have attempted the suicide because she didn’t get a Valentine gift from her boyfriend, while other reports claim she’s been battling with depression for a while.


Susan is still in coma at Babcock University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) where she was rushed to after the suicide attempt.

Photo: Onnoghen pleads not guilty to all charges, granted bail on self recognition


Suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, has left the premises of the Code of Conduct Tribunal CCT after he pleaded not guilty to the six charges levelled against him by the Federal government.

He was granted bail by the tribunal on self recognition.

The trial was adjourned till March 11th.

Onnoghen arrived the CT premises this morning, two days after a bench warrant for his arrest was issued by the Tribunal. The bench warrant has since been withdrawn.

Girl killed by train as she was looking at her phone while crossing the tracks


A 15-year-old schoolgirl was struck by a train and killed as she was looking at her phone while crossing a track.


Evie Wright was walking across a level crossing where a footbridge was supposed to have been built 20 years ago. She went through a gate on the pedestrian path across the track in Worle, Somerset. A child who witnessed what happened described seeing Evie with her head down. She ‘kept looking down at her phone, like she was checking the time’ before being struck by the train.

The witness, who did not know Evie, told an inquest into her death:


The train was quite far away, past the bridge, but I could see it getting bigger as it approached, so I stopped and waited.

The girl kept looking down at her phone, like she was checking the time.

I heard a loud crash as the gate opened and closed behind her, and she looked to be moving vigorously across the track.

She was on the track looking at her phone, and then she leaned forward as if to see the train.

I instinctively closed my eyes, and when I opened them about ten seconds later, I could see her lying face down on the track, and the train was stopped.


Train driver Simon Harkus told the inquest:


I saw her looking up at me as she stepped towards the crossing. There was nothing I could do to stop my train at such a short distance. I saw the girl hunch down as though bracing herself, and then I felt the impact as the train hit her.


Evie was said to have ‘loved life’. Earlier that day she had sent friends a message with a picture of a dress she was planning on wearing at a sleepover. The coroner found no evidence that she intended to take her own life.


Girl killed by train as she was looking at her phone while crossing the tracks


Following Evie’s death, her father Lee Wright has requested a footbridge be installed by North Somerset Council.

Mr Wright said:


Whilst all this is going on in the background, children are trying to cross this crossing. Our daughter is not the first to die like this. I am disappointed in the people responsible for this, and I would like to request something is done as soon as possible.


#NigeriaDecides: FG to close all land borders for 48-Hours


The Federal government has announced the closure of all land borders from 12 noon on Friday, February 15, 2019, till 12 noon on Sunday, February 17, 2019.


According to a statement by Muhammad Babandede, Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI), the closure is to restrict movement across the borders and prevent foreigners, who may attempt to participate in the elections, from entering the country.

The CGI said: “Further to the presidential election taking place on 16th February 2019, the Honourable Minister of Interior has directed the closure of all Nigeria Land Borders with effect from 12.00 noon of Friday 15th February to 12.00 noon of Sunday 17th February 2019.

This is to restrict movement across the borders during the election days. The public is to take note and ensure compliance.”

Burna Boy shows off the first ever Valentine gift he got from his new boo, Stefflon Don (Video)


Burna Boy’s new relationship with British rapper, Stefflon Don sure seems to be kicking off to a flying start.


Just a few days after he shared a loved up photo of them in bed, Burna Boy said he just got his first ever valentine gift from his new boo.


See the video below…

Sweet boy bought roses for every single girl in his class so no one would be left without a Valentine’s Day gift


A sweet 8-year-old boy used his pocket money to buy roses for every single girl in his class because he didn’t want any one of them to be left out on the special day.


Callum Drew, eight, bought 68 roses for all the girls so that they would have something to open yesterday.


For the past few years, Callum has made it a habit to give out flowers at Lacey Gardens School in Louth, Lincolnshire, from his grandmother’s shop. Sadly, his grandmother died earlier this year, but Callum wanted to keep up the tradition so he used money raised from washing cars to buy his classmates silk Valentine’s Day roses.


Sweet boy bought roses for every single girl in his class so no one would be left without a Valentine


He said:

I just wanted to get some flowers for the girls in year four as I don’t want them to feel let down on Valentine’s Day.

I will go around every class and give them their present. I have done it before for the last four years. The girls jump on me and scream because they are happy.


Though he’s giving every girl flowers, Callum’s biggest gift is being reserved for his girlfriend. The sweet boy says his girlfriend is okay with him treating all the other girls despite it being their first Valentine’s Day together.


Sweet boy bought roses for every single girl in his class so no one would be left without a Valentine


Callum’s mum, Stacey says she is incredibly proud of her son for his consideration for other people’s feelings.

She said:

He’s been doing it for four years, he started out with just his class but now he gives roses to every girl in his year – he says that no girl should be left out.

He’s also saved up and got a present for his girlfriend.

This year is a bit different. He normally helped his grandmother in the flower shop to earn the money but she died last year – this year he has decided to wash cars.

He has washed about ten cars and has a couple more booked in. He was outside from 9.30am until 4.30pm and even then I had to drag him in as it was getting dark.

I’m really proud of him. He hates the attention from the girls. Last year when he gave them the roses they all started screaming and piled on him.

Former Niger State Governor, Babangida Aliyu re-arraigned for N2billion fraud


On February 14, 2019, EFCC re-arraigned Babangida Aliyu, a former Niger State Governor, Umar Nasko and Tanko Beji, before Justice Mikailu Abdullahi of a Niger State High Court sitting in Minna. They are facing a seven-count charge of fraud to the tune of over N2 billion.


One of the charges reads in part: “That you, Tanko Beji, sometime between 1st January, 2011 and 31st May, 2011 in Minna within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, abetted the commission of criminal breach of trust by intentionally aiding Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, the former governor (also known as Chief Servant) of Niger State to dishonestly convert to his own use the sum of N937,110,500 which was withdrawn from Niger State Government House Security Account”.


They pleaded “not guilty” to the charges. Ayodele Olajide, SAN, counsel for Aliyu, thereafter applied for the bail of his client urging the trial judge to allow Aliyu continue with the bail previously granted him by the former judge.


“The earlier bail should stay since the defendants have not contravened the bail conditions,” he argued. Counsel for Nasko, Mamman Osumam aligned with the arguments of Olajide that the bail should subsist.


Justice Abdullahi granted their prayers and adjourned to February 21 and 22, 2019 for “mention”. It will be recalled that Aliyu, his then Chief of Staff, Nasko and Beji, a former deputy chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party were initially arraigned before Justice Aliyu Maiyaki in 2017 for the charges.

Super Eagles striker, Ighalo unveiled as the new No.9 for Chinese football club Shanghai Shenhua (Photos)


Super Eagles striker, Odion Jude Ighalo has been unveiled as the new No.9 for Chinese football club, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua after his former club, Changchun Yatai relegated to the Chinese League One in December.


Details about the deal are yet to be revealed, but it’s said to be a mega-money move.

Ighalo took to Instagram to share photos from his unveiling and wrote: ‘Destiny child on assignment??.’

Super Eagles striker, Ighalo unveiled as the new No.9 for Chinese football club Shanghai Shenhua (Photos)Super Eagles striker, Ighalo unveiled as the new No.9 for Chinese football club Shanghai Shenhua (Photos)Super Eagles striker, Ighalo unveiled as the new No.9 for Chinese football club Shanghai Shenhua (Photos)

Breaking: Onnoghen arrives CCT for arraignment


Suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, has arrived the Code of Conduct Tribunal for his arraignment. Onnoghen who was suspended by President Buhari on January 25th, is being arraigned over his alleged false declaration of assets.


Since the beginning of his trial, Onnoghen has refused to appear before the CCT on grounds that the tribunal lacks jurisdiction to hear his case.


On Wednesday, CCT chairman, Danladi Umar, issue a bench warrant for his arrest.

Kenya Moore’s husband closes down a whole business so they can have a private romantic Valentine’s Day (Photo)


Reality star and actress, Kenya Moorespent her Valentine’s Day in the best way and it was all put together by her husband, Marc Daly.


The 48-year-old shared a photo of herself and her husband enjoying a private romantic Valentine’s Day at a lounge he rented for only them.

She wrote: ‘When he shuts down a whole business to have a private romantic #valentinesday for his wife and baby ? Happy Valentines Day .’

Man who survived stampede at Rivers APC campaign rally, dies due to poor medical attention


One of the survivors of the stampede that occured during the APC rally in Rivers state on Tuesday February 12th, Bestman Kalagbor, has died. According to his close friends, Bestman who is married with children, died due to poor medical attention. He narrowly escaped being killed during the stampede. He was rushed to the hospital where he died yesterday allegedly due to poor medical attention.


Man who survived stampede at Rivers APC campaign rally, dies due to poor medical attention

Idris Elba and his fiance Sabrina Dhowre share a kiss as they celebrated Valentine’s Day at the beach (Photo)


British actor, Idris Elba and his stunning fiancee Sabrina Dhowre who are currently preparing for their wedding celebrated their Valentine’s Day at the beach.


His wife-to-be took to Instagram to share loved up photo of them sharing a kiss and wrote: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life @idriselba, you make every day a blessing.’