Photo: Woman attacked by her husband for allegedly refusing to have anal sex with him


A woman from Kijichi Mkoa in Western Zanzibar, Tanzania is nursing facial injuries after she was allegedly beaten up by her husband for allegedly refusing to have anal sex with him.

The victim says her husband has for long been pestering her for the unnatural act, but she has always rebuffed his advances.

According to the woman, Islamic practice does not advocate anal sex.The victim says her partner accuses her of being “naïve” on matters sex.

“He began demanding anal sex from me three months after our wedding. I told him: ‘no’; straight away! He, however, kept on urging me to give in to his demands. Even when I was seven months pregnant, he still wanted to have anal sex with me. I stood my ground, nonetheless,” the woman told Tanzania’s Mwananchi Newspaper .

The woman says her husband’s neighbours, who knew him even before she married him, told her that two other women abandoned him for demanding anal sex from them.

The accused, however, dismissed his wife’s claims, saying the fight between them broke out after his in-laws demanded a lot of money as dowry from him.

According to the suspect, his wife’s family mocks him for being “broke”.

Police are investigating the woman’s allegations.