Suspended CJN Walter Onnoghen reportedly forwards resignation letter to Buhari


Suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen, has reportedly tendered his resignation from office with immediate effect following allegations of misconduct and corruption brought against him by the executive arm of government.

The Cable reports that Onnoghen submitted his resignation letter to President Buhari on Thursday April 4th, a day after the National Judicial Council (NJC) completed its investigation into the allegations against the former CJN and forwarded the findings to the President.

Though the content of the report has not been made public, reports say the NJC recommended that Onnoghen should be compulsorily retired from service. He would have been due for retirement by 2020.

Onnoghen was accused of a series of offences ranging from false assets declaration − he allegedly did not declare several bank accounts he owns and which contain huge sums of money in local and foreign currency −, to bribery and misconduct.

Among several other allegations, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) claimed that several senior lawyers paid huge sums of monies as bribes into Onnoghen’s accounts. The commission also said that one senior lawyer, Joe Agi, who had also been accused of corruption in the past, gave Onnoghen a car gift worth millions of naira.

However, the ex-CJN, in his defence said the monies were gifts from the lawyers given to him many years ago when his daughter was getting married.

Onnoghen’s resignation, if accepted by President Buhari, would mean that the President would no longer take the cumbersome route of seeking the approval of the Senate before dismissing him. However, the resignation also means that the former CJN could still be entitled to all his severance package as a former head of the nation’s judiciary.

Meanwhile, the case of false assets declaration is currently ongoing at the Code of Conduct Tribunal. Both the prosecution and the defence teams in the case have closed their cases, and the tribunal had adjourned to enable both teams to prepare their final addresses before judgement would be delivered.

The case has been adjourned to April 15 for judgement.

Man accuses Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of taking over his Instagram account without his permission


A social media user is airing his grievance after he came online to find that the Instagram account he’s owned for years now belongs to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently broke out of the Kensington Royal social media account to create their own Instagram account @SussexRoyal. Just hours after they joined Instagram, they had millions of followers.


Now, a football fan who owned the account is complaining about having the royals take over his account without asking him for consent.


Man accuses Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of taking over his Instagram account without his permission


Kevin Keiley, from Worthing, West Sussex, selected the @sussexroyal handle when he joined the photo-sharing website because he lives in the county and supports Reading, whose nickname is the Royals. But Harry and Meghan, who arrived on the platform this week, have now been given the handle and Kevin said nobody asked him about it.


Mr Keiley said he only became aware of the switch when his son sent him a jokey text message about the fact the royal couple were posting from his old account.


He immediately logged in and found his handle, which he had owned ‘for years’, had been changed from @SussexRoyal to @-sussexroyal- . @SussexRoya had now been assigned to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Kevin told ITV: “All they needed to do was tell me over email what is happening, that the royals want your name and I would’ve given it, but no, they went behind my back and did it without telling me.”


Instagram said the change was in line with its policy which allows it to reassign accounts if users are inactive, though Mr Keiley said he was using it to view other people’s content and like posts.


Mr Keiley still has possession of the @sussexroyal Twitter handle and more people are now following him on there because they think he’s the royal couple.

He told Radio 1 Newsbeat: “I can tell you that Twitter’s gone mental. I used to have four followers and in 24 hours I’ve gone up to about 198.

“What I’m trying to do is keep tweeting, therefore they can’t take it if it’s active. I don’t know what the royals are planning down the line.”


“Sell my car and withdraw the last N2m in my account” – Top NiMET official kidnapped on Abuja-Kaduna road, begs his family as abductors demands N50million ransom


Muntari Yusuf, the General Manager, Public Relations of the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMET)  kidnapped along Abuja-Kaduna expressway has reportedly ordered his family to sell his car and withdraw the last N2million in his account to meet the ransom demand of his abductors.

Mr Yusuf was kidnapped alongside many other travellers on Tuesday afternoon along the expressway while traveling to Abuja.

According to Daily Nigerian, in a recorded telephone conversation of Mr Yusuf, his brother, Nura, and one of the kidnappers, the kidnappers initially demanded N50million.

When the family raised N6million, the kidnappers rejected the offer, describing the issue as rubbish.

Mr Yusuf was then heard in emotion-laden voice directing his brother to withdraw N2million from his account and sell off his car to augment the initial offer.

“Since you are able to raise N6million, there is N2million in my account. You can go to the bank and withdraw it. If you reached agreement with them, fine. If they didn’t agree, go and sell that my (Toyota) Rav 4 car.
“I know the situation I am in. So don’t handle the issue with levity. Don’t speak to them (kidnappers) in harsh tone,” Mr Yusuf cautioned.

Singer, Halsey commands attention as she performs in tiny leotard in Japan (Photos)


American singer, Halsey commanded attention as she put a sexy display on stage during her recent performance in Japan.

The 24-year-old singer performed in a white leotard and revealing pink coat which showcased her thighs during the Tokyo Girls Collection held at Yokohama Arena in Yokohama city, a suburb of Tokyo.

Singer, Halsey commands attention as she performs in tiny leotard ?in Japan (Photos)

The New Jersey singer whose real is Ashley Nicolette Frangipani also added pointy lace-up boots that matched her suit.

See more photos below.
Singer, Halsey commands attention as she performs in tiny leotard ?in Japan (Photos)Singer, Halsey commands attention as she performs in tiny leotard ?in Japan (Photos)

Rihanna flaunts her ample assets as she poses in just bra and panties (Photos)


Pop star, Rihanna looked sexy as ever while modeling the new Spring line of her Savage x Fenty lingerie line.

The 31-year-old singer showed off her ample assets and incredible curves in a padded pink patterned bra and panties from her new collection. She also wore a pair of very sexy red strappy sandals as she put on a very sexy display.

See full photos below.


Rihanna flaunts her ample assets as she poses in just bra and panties (Photos)Rihanna flaunts her ample assets as she poses in just bra and panties (Photos)Rihanna flaunts her ample assets as she poses in just bra and panties (Photos)Rihanna flaunts her ample assets as she poses in just bra and panties (Photos)

UAE denies cancelling three months tourist visa for Nigerian passport holders


The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Nigeria has denied media reports that it has cancelled the three months tourist visa for Nigerian passport holders.

Reports were rife two days ago that the UAE government took the decision following the robbery operation by five Nigerian men in Dubai.

Well, the Embassy took to its twitter handle to deny the reports.

”Press Statement

In light of the press reports published today alleging that the UAE has suspended issuing tourist visas to Nigerian nationals, the UAE Embassy in Abuja announces that these news are inaccurate and stresses the importance of sourcing news from its official channel”.

UAE denies cancelling three months tourist visa for Nigerian passport holders

Meet the man who was the only passenger in a 189-passenger Boeing 737 plane to Italy


A man was surprised to find that he was the only passenger on board a Boeing 737 flight to Italy.

Skirmantas Strimaitis, a Lithuanian national, booked a one-way ticket to northern Italy. He was flying from Vilnius to Bergamo for a skiing trip on March 16 and was in for a shock when he discovered he had the entire Boeing 737-800 to himself.

The plane, which has a seating capacity of 189, had only Skirmantas, two pilots, and five crew members in it.

This comes after 157 people on board a Boeing 737 owned by Ethiopian Airlines were killed in a plane crash en route to Nairobi.

Strimaitis suspected something was amiss when he went to check in at Lithuania’s Vilnius International Airport and was told the crew were waiting for him. After asking why, Strimaitis was informed that he was the sole passenger on board.


Meet the man who was the only passenger in a 189-passenger Boeing 737 plane to Italy


Tour operator Novaturas confirmed to CNN Travel they chartered a flight from Bergamo to Vilnius for a group of clients that day. In order to avoid the aircraft coming back empty, one-way tickets were put on sale for the return trip.

However, Strimaitis was the only person to buy one. Leading to what he describes as a “unique and unreal” experience.

He told CNN Travel:

The crew seemed quite confused at first. Maybe it was a new experience for them as well.

I was provided with a personal pre-flight safety demonstration. Then I just enjoyed the flight by taking selfies and writing. To have silence on a plane was very unusual. I was smiling all day.


Strimaitis says the pilot referred to him as “Mr Passenger” while speaking over the tannoy after the plane landed at Orio al Serio International Airport in Bergamo.

“The crew said how nice it was to have me on the board,” he explains. “I’m sure it was an easy job for them.”

Update: South African teacher filmed abusing a child has been arrested and the school shut down


A South African teacher who was filmed abusing a child in a viral video has now been arrested and the school where the abuse took place has been shut down.

The video, which was recorded last year but only surfaced online a few days ago, shows the teacher spanking a little girl’s butt because she vomited in class. She also hit the girl multiple times on the head and face and made no move to stop even as the child cried.

Social media users were outraged and called for the authorities to identify and arrest the woman, especially as there was another video of her abusing a little boy in a similar fashion.

The cruel teacher and the person who filmed the assault have now been identified and arrested and the school has been shut down.

Gauteng social development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza on Thursday closed down the crèche in Carletonville due to the reported cases of child abuse.


Update: South African teacher filmed abusing a child has been arrested and the school shut down

Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez reveals they ‘fell in love at first sight’


Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has revealed her first meeting with the football star saw her ‘fall in love at first sight.’

The 25-year-old Spanish beauty revealed this in a chat with Italy’s Elle magazine, saying the feeling was mutual following their June 2016 encounter.

Georgina said: ‘The first meeting with Ronaldo was at Gucci where I worked as a sales assistant. Days later we saw each other again at another brand’s event…

‘It was then we could talk in a relaxed atmosphere, outside of my work environment… It was love at first sight for both.’

Ronaldo and Georgina have a one-year-old daughter called Alana Martina and she is also raising Cristiano’s near-two-year-old twins Evaand Mateo and his eight-year-old son Ronaldo Jr.

Nigerians draw inspiration from second Anthony Joshua TVC


The Nigerian media stratosphere is agog once again as the grandmasters of data, Globacom, releases the follow up to the Anthony Joshua television commercial, where the world heavyweight boxing champion boisterously demonstrated the intrinsic values of having a reliable ally in one’s corner. It was a slice of life that jogs memories about the significance of effective partnerships.


Globacom had in early February released the original copy of an endorsement television commercial by Anthony Joshua, which ignited a fire of patriotism in Nigerians all over the world.

The second version of the TVC encapsulates how Nigerians in different geo-political zones across the country were not only enamoured by the remarkable odessey of Anthony Joshua but also drew inspiration from his bricklayer to world champion story. The people who followed the AJ narrative with rapt attention, leveraged the superiority and nationwide 4G spread of Globacom to follow the story.


In the sequel TVC, a University of Lagos female student was spotted watching the Anthony Joshua commercial. And she is followed by a teenage boy who is also seen savouring the TVC from the comfort of his father’s sitting room. The TVC then dovetails to fishermen throwing their net for an harvest in Lagos. The commercial cruises to a not-too prosperous tailor in Aba tapping inspiration from Anthony Joshua’s message. This is swiftly followed by a group of female basketballers drawing wisdom from Joshua’s message in Port Harcourt, where some lady basketballers were jointly watching Joshua’s message on an ipad on the court. This is closely followed by a classroom setting in Sokoto where students gathered to watch Joshua’s message on a laptop. A young boxer also took tutorials from the world champion and he later won his bout while a lady executive in Abuja was also shown watching the message on her phone.

The voyage of the TVC to the aforementioned cities is a clear testimony to the nationwide coverage of the Glo 4G, rated as Number 1 in the country in view of its spread and coverage. The intention of Glo to draw allegory as the number 1 in superior data coverage with the ascendancy of Anthony Joshua as the world’s number 1 boxer is unmistakable.


The synopsis of the Anthony Joshua TVC is pegged on the enthusiastic announcement of his status as a Nigerian backed by a mega Nigerian telecommunication brand, Globacom.

Anthony Joshua reveals the similarities between him and Glo. Some of these include the never-say-die, unlimited, can-do spirit of Globacom. Celebrating the striking semblance, AJ said, “You need strength? Yeah, that comes from the hard knocks that life throws at us. And we are Nigerians, we know all about that”.


He goes on to compare life challenges with boxing, saying “You don’t stay down, you’ve got to fight. You have to dig deep to be a world champion”.


Further building a case for what makes him a passionate Nigerian, AJ said, “there is always been a big piece of my heart as a Nigerian and I do believe that it is that piece that sets me apart. It always says to me, ‘never give up, dream big! We come from a nation of warriors and that is why I believe in Glo.We have that same tenacity, that Nigerian fighting spirit that makes us game changers! We are relentless. We don’t just face our challenges, we step into the ring to win again and again and again. If you believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Yeah, I used to be a bricklayer in England but now I am heavyweight champion of the world!.


The clincher in the TVC was when AJ, referring to Globacom, said there was nothing better for a boxer than having a reliable partner in his corner.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen get similar tattoos and they’re proudly showing it off


John Legend and his wife have had their arms inked and they are so proud of it that they are showing it off.

Model Chrissy Teigen shared photos of hers and John’s tattoos. Chrissy’s tattoo reads, “John Luna Miles” ( the name of her husband and their kids). While John’s tattoo reads, “Chrissy Luna Miles”.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen get similar tattoos and they


Chrissy also got a love symbol tattooed on one of her fingers.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen get similar tattoos and they


The couple also made a video where they were goofing around, calling themselves the tattoo family.


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen get similar tattoos and they


See below.


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by far the stupidest thing you will see today

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by far the stupidest thing you will see today

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More Drama: Tonto Dikeh’s ex-hubby, Olakunle Churchill petitions Police IG over alleged forgery and illegal sale of his N22million Toyota Prado SUV


The messy drama between Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh and her ex-hubby, Olakunle Churchill is clearly far from over as the actress may face the law over the alleged forgery of car documents and illegal sales of a Prado SUV vehicle, belonging to the company of Churchill.


According to a letter submitted by Churchill’s Lawyer, Ace solicitors on the 4th of April to the office of the Inspector General of Police, the said vehicle was acquired by Churchill through his organisation, Big Church Group at the cost 22million.


The vehicle was however, converted to home use, when the actress welcomed their child, Andre.


After the Divorce, he left the white Prado SUV toyota SUV, which she thereafter allegedly forged ownership documents of the car and eventually sold it.


According to Olakunle’s counsel, ‘we make this submission to the police, not because he’s interested in having the vehicle back, but just to keep the police informed, so as not be dragged into any issue over whatever the vehicle may be used for, since he wasn’t aware of the transaction or even the person that acquired the vehicle’.


Below is the Letter of complaint from Churchill to the IGP through Ace Solicitors against Tonto Dikeh on the Prado SUV Car matter:

More Drama: Tonto Dikeh

More Drama: Tonto Dikeh

EFCC presents N22Billion budget to the house committee on anti-corruption and financial crimes for 2019


The Acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu on Thursday, April 4, 2019 defended the Commission’s 2019 budget proposal of N22, 070,514,431.00, (Twenty Two Billion, Seventy Million, Five Hundred and Fourteen Thousand, Four Hundred and Thirty One Naira) before the House Committee on Anti-corruption and Financial Crimes.


In his presentation, Magu lamented that incomplete releases of both approved overhead and capital estimates, have in no small measure, negatively impacted the ability of the Commission to meet its pressing needs and obligations.


He noted that only 54.17% was released in 2018 while only 40.06% of capital has been released so far with only two and half months to go to the end of extended 2018 capital budget year.


This year’s figure represents a 16.38% decrease from the 2018 budget of N26, 392,396,279.00, (Twenty Six Billion, Three Hundred and Ninety Two Million, Three Hundred and Ninety Six Thousand, Two Hundred and Seventy Nine Naira) and a rise of 14% in the personnel cost proposal from 12.717 billion in 2018 to 14.491billion this year.


The increase in personnel cost according to Magu, accommodates the salaries and allowances of 970 additional staff (currently being trained at the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA, Kaduna), who are expected to be fully enrolled on the personnel cost platform in 2019.


The additional staff, he said comprised 332 Assistant Detective Superintendents, 293 Assistant Detective Inspectors and 95 support staff that recently joined the Commission.


Magu expressed grief that the EFCC’s overhead cost which the Budget Office reduced from N7.3billion to N3.6billion was grossly inadequate for the Commission in view of the increased running cost, occasioned by developments such as the opening of three additional zonal offices, planned introduction of group staff life insurance of N650million, huge outlays on generator fuel cost, increase in airfares, proposed 60% increase in the rates of duty tour allowance (DTA) payable to staff on official assignment.


The EFCC boss equally expressed worry over the Budget Office’s drastic reduction of the Commission’s capital expenditure proposal from N15.196billion to N3.978billion, representing a 74.82% reduction from the approved estimate of N10.07billion in 2018.


He sees the approved capital budget expenditure as inadequate in the face of the Commission’s N2.02billion outstanding liabilities to Julius Berger; N1.5billion cost runs on its new head office complex; N0.299billion liabilities for consultancy on new head office; N0.47billion for purchase of security equipment (ammunition); N1.1billion on furnishing of new head office building; development of the permanent site of the EFCC Academy, Lafia; renovation of the old EFCC head office building, Wuse 2, Abuja, and the renovation of the Lagos Zonal Offices (10 Okotie Eboh and 15 Awolowo Road.


The anti-corruption czar disclosed that the 2018 budget witnessed an increase in the personnel cost of the Commission from N7.6billion in 2017 to N8.5 billion, which were the consequences of the full enrolment of 314 Assistant Detective Superintendents and same for 183 Assistant Detective Inspectors following the completion of their training programme in May and January 2018, respectively.


Others are: the completion of the Commission’s Jabi District, new head office complex and relocation, the establishment of three new zonal offices in Makurdi, Sokoto and Ilorin, the hosting of Heads of Anti-corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa (HACA) in Abuja in May, last year.


Also featuring was the anti-corruption concerts hosted in Abuja, Kano, Lagos and Enugu as well as the first ever anti-corruption marathon that drew out hundreds of marathoners from across the country, civil society organizations, and sports celebrities; acquisition of hectares of land in Nasarawa State for the construction of the permanent site of the EFCC Academy, of which its development is expected to commence this year.


Magu disclosed that in the course of the 2018 financial year, the EFCC obtained 315 convictions, and has within the first three months of this year, obtained 192 convictions. In the area of recoveries, he said N11.5billion was recorded in final forfeiture, N133.8billion in non-forfeiture recoveries, N8.92billion in direct deposits, N38.12billion in tax recoveries, N1.82billion in subsidy recoveries, and N42billion from banks (Third Party), totalling N236billion.


These, according to Magu, “are in addition to recoveries of various sums in other currencies, other assets, jewelleries (gold) and recoveries for major government agencies including NNPC and AMCON.” Within the first quarter of the current year, 2019, the Commission, he said, has made recoveries which included: N140.7million in cash, N2.021billion in direct deposits, N7.20billion in tax recoveries, N3.06billion in subsidy recoveries and $0.292billion.


He disclosed that the Commission was challenged in the areas of huge maintenance cost of the new head office building; inadequate resources to manage a huge and growing fixed asset forfeiture base and inadequate ICT infrastructure. Magu noted that “there is presently the complete absence of internet services at the New Head Office and zonal offices, including other related ICT service deliveries”.


The Commission, he disclosed, requires a minimum of N800million to upgrade its present state of ICT infrastructure. This is in addition to a proposal to Salaries, Income and Wages Commission for an upward review of salaries and allowances of the staff of the Commission. “This has been forwarded to the Presidency and, if approved, will be covered by Supplementary Appropriation,” Magu said.


Other challenges according to him are: poor detention facilities, particularly in the zones, inadequate office equipment, absence of health and fitness facilities in the head office and zones, lack of equipment in the clinics and inadequate office accommodation in the zones.


The Commission’s zonal offices in Ilorin, Makurdi, Uyo and Benin, he said are rented. There is also the pressing challenge of inadequate operational vehicles in the head office and across the zonal offices. In his response, the Chairman, House Committee on Anti-corruption and Financial Crimes, Hon. Kayode Oladele who led other committee members, described the 2018 budget performance of the Commission as a huge success.


Kayode and other committee members promised that, the committee will support the anti-graft agency in any area it needs parliamentary intervention in its drive to achieve a better performance and outcomes

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

At least 10 bank robbers were shot dead on Thursday, April 4 after Brazilian military police busted a gang trying to blow up ATM machines near Sao Paulo, officials said.
A manhunt is under way for the rest of the assailants after they fled two banks in Guararema municipality, 80 kilometres north-east of Brazil’s biggest city, the Sao Paulo state government said in a statement.
Some of the attackers forced their way into a house where they held the occupants hostage.
The hostages were later freed by military police.
Around 25 assailants were involved in the early morning raid, according to the statement.
During a search of the area police found seven rifles, four pistols, explosives and bullet-proof vests.
Brazilian TV showed one of the banks targeted by the gang was located next to a police station. The other bank was at the end of the same street.
See photos of the robbers below…

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in BrazilGraphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Graphic: 10 bank robbers shot dead in Brazil

Breaking! Jeff Bezos settles his divorce with wife MacKenzie, giving her $32billion of his Amazon shares


World’s richest man, Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie have officially ended their 25 years marriage after settling their divorce.


Jeff, 55, will keep 75 percent of their Amazonstocks, leaving MacKenzie, 48, with just a quarter which represents a four percent stake in the company worth around $32billion at current value.


According to Daily Mail, Jeff’s 12 percent stake is now worth around $100billion which allows him to retain his title as the richest man in the world because he still has $4billion more than Bill Gates. He will also take voting control of her remaining quarter and has been given her stock in The Washington Post and Blue Origin.


The pair announced the details in tweets on Thursday afternoon. But there was no mention of how they will divide their sprawling property portfolio or other investments and why they did not divide them equally.


Breaking! Jeff Bezos settles his divorce with wife MacKenzie, giving her $32billion of his Amazon shares

In their tweets, the estranged partners said they were ‘grateful’  after finishing the process of their divorce.

Breaking! Jeff Bezos settles his divorce with wife MacKenzie, giving her $32billion of his Amazon sharesBack in January, it was claimed Jeff Bezos’ affair with TV host Lauren Sanchez led to his divorce from wife of 25 years. Lauren is also in the process of divorcing her Hollywood agent husband Patrick Whitesell.


Breaking! Jeff Bezos settles his divorce with wife MacKenzie, giving her $32billion of his Amazon shares

Nigerians react after Ooni of Ife said the Igbo race first discovered and nurtured prosperity and wealth (video)


Nigerians on twitter are reacting to the comment made by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, that the Igbo race is the race that first discovered properity and wealth. Speaking at an event recently, the Ooni said

”Truth be told, the race that first discovered prosperity and wealth and they really nurtured it are the Igbo race. The Igbos first discovered it through their ancestral background, the linage of Obatala. They discovered the lineage of prosperity and wealth in terms of the divinity world and that is the reason why today, the Igbo race have very good expertise when it comes to commerce. They are very distinct. There is no place you would go in the world that you would not find an Igbo man. And the same goes with the jews. There is this mistake the world makes that the Igbos came from the Jews. No! It is the other way round. Truth be told, the first human race that existed was the Ibos before the jews and we were all living together at the center of tropical rain forest before they started moving towards the Eastern part of the world where they started settling. So the race of the Jews and the Igbos are very similar but the Igbos are way older than the jews”.


Some Nigerians including comedian Wale Gates are not pleased with the Ooni’s comment. See their reactions below

Nigerians react after Ooni of Ife said the Igbo race first discovered and nurtured prosperity and wealth (video)Nigerians react after Ooni of Ife said the Igbo race first discovered and nurtured prosperity and wealth (video)Nigerians react after Ooni of Ife said the Igbo race first discovered and nurtured prosperity and wealth (video)Nigerians react after Ooni of Ife said the Igbo race first discovered and nurtured prosperity and wealth (video)Nigerians react after Ooni of Ife said the Igbo race first discovered and nurtured prosperity and wealth (video)

Watch the video below

Breaking: Policeman accused of killing Kolade Johnson has been dismissed from service (video)


The police has dismissed from service Insp Ogunyemi Olalekan, the officer who fired the shot that killed Kolade Johnson, at a football viewing center in Lagos last Sunday March 31st.


The suspected killers Insp Ogunyemi Olalekan and Sgt Godwin Orji attached to Anti Cultism Squad were paraded before newsmen today.


While speaking to the press, Olalekan said that Kolade was in a gathering of suspected cultists when the incident happened

We had a distress call that we should move to Mangoro. On getting there, we saw some group of guys smoking Indian hemp and thought they were cultists. We effected an arrest there. Suddenly, they mobbed us. While trying to run away from them, I fired up and I didn’t know how it got to meet the boy in question that was shot dead. I only fired one shot up” he said

Meanwhile a statement from the Lagos state police command spokesperson, DSP Bala Elkana, says Olalekan has been dismissed from service after he was found guilty. The second accused was discharged and acquitted after no evidence was found against him.


Read the statement below


The two Police Officers alleged to have been involved in the shooting of Kolade Johnson on 31/03/2019 were apprehended and subjected to internal disciplinary proceedings,  known as Orderly Room Trial by the Command.

The Orderly Room trial commenced on Monday 01/04/2019 and ended on Thursday 04/04/2019.

They were tried on  three count charges: (1) Discreditable Conduct (2) Unlawful and Unnecessary Exercise of Authority and (3) Damage to Clothing or Other Articles contrary to Paragraph E (iii), Q (ii) and D (i) First Schedule, Police Act and Regulations, Cap 370 LFN 1990.

The Trial started with the reading of charges and taking of plea.

Five witnesses testified.

At the conclusion of the trial, the first defaulter, Inspector Ogunyemi Olalekan was found guilty of Discreditable conduct by acting in a manner prejudicial to discipline and unbecoming of members of the Force by shooting and killing Kolade Johnson; Unlawful and Unnecessary exercise of authority by using unnecessary violence, by using AK 47 rifle on the deceased in total neglect to the provisions of Force Order 237 on the use of Firearms.

The Adjudicating Officer, CSP Indyar Apev awarded the punishment of dismissal from service and prosecution to the First defaulter.

There was no evidence linking the second defaulter, Sergeant Godwin Orji to the shooting, he was therefore found not guilty and discharged and acquitted.

The First defaulter, Inspector Ogunyemi Olalekan is handed over to Criminal Investigation Department, Panti for prosecution in conventional Court.

DSP Bala Elkana

Police Public Relations Officer

Lagos State.

Watch video of Olalekan narrating how he fired the shot that killed Kolade


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