Kia kia gas CEO wish to have a dinner with his birthday mate Boris Johnson Prime minister of UK

Below is an interview with him and his response

Firstly we congratulate you on your birthday sir, and would like to ask some questions

  1. Please introduce yourself proper to us?
    I am Emmanuel Ifeanyi Uwandu.
  2. Which of the business sectors are you involved in?
    I am involved with the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. My company Kiakiagas is the first online supplier of cooking gas in Nigeria.
  3. Tell us more what June 19 means to you.
    Aside being my birthday, I am reminding it is the day slavery ended in America when Major General Gordon Granger landed at Gavelstone Texas back in 1865.
  4. With the first half of 2020 coming to an end and the crises going on globally what are your plans for the rest of the year?
    We have switched our operations to become a fully remote business where all members of our team is working remotely adjusting to covid19 rules to deliver value to the market.
  5. Lastly if you could only make one wish today, what will it be?
    My wish. That will be my long time dream of having a physical birthday dinner with a man I admire so much and my birthday mate Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK and discuss about the economic emancipation and freedom of oppressed people around the world. If you’ve seen the pictures and videos trending all over the world you will know it no longer news that black lives are not considered priorities and this brings worry to me.