Photographs of #BBNaija 2018 ex-housemate Leo’s real girlfriend has surfaced. As indicated by Stella Dimiko’s blog, her name is Melissa and she is situated in the UK.

There were gossipy tidbits circumventing that Leo and Alex would never be a thing, aside from the conspicuous reason that he isn’t as in love as she is with him. With this new disclosure, things amongst Alex and Leo was certainly for inside the house alone.

As indicated by the blog, ”Leo won’t date Alex outside the house because he has a better-looking babe in London, so everyone should rest about the issue Her name is Melissa and they are crazy in love.”

Look at her photographs beneath.


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Treat Acne & Other Skin Conditions With Banana Peels!


Adult acne is a nasty thing. Just when you thought you’d put those awkward teenage years behind you, you wake up one morning in your mid to late twenties, and there it is: a ginormous, inflamed, middle school-esque pimple staring back at you from your forehead…or your nose…or your chin… Or all of the above – ewww…

Whether you’ve done your time with teenage acne or not, seeing it again during your adult years is not fun – and I’m speaking from personal experience! I’ve tried everything, from pills, to creams, to Proactiv-type products. Nothing worked, at least not for long. Fortunately for me, the problem fixed itself on its own and I now only battle the random breakout here and there.

treat acne and skin conditions with banana peels

My younger cousin is now going through the same thing, so for the past few months, I’ve made it my mission to find something that would help her. I didn’t want her to go down the same path as I did with pills, creams, etc. Now that I have this blog, I knew it was my duty to help her find a natural, chemical-free alternative to the steroid-laden pills and creams that are prescribed at the conventional dermatologist’s office.

treat acne and skin conditions with banana peels

Lo and behold, this link about using banana peels randomly crossed my path one night, and I sent it to my cousin and never thought about it again. A few weeks later, on our visit down to Florida, I noticed her skin looked much better and her acne scars were starting to fade. Imagine my surprise when she told me she’d been using the banana peels trick and loved it!

She even jokingly informed me that she’s become the “banana-nazi” so to speak, making sure no one throws away banana peels in her presence LOL 🙂

The steps are very simple:

Take a small piece of banana peel and rub it on the affected area for a few minutes until the inside of the peel turns brown.
As it dries, your skin will absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the peel. I leave it on for about 30 mins. and then wash it off with warm water. At night, I just leave it on overnight, then wash off in the morning.
Do this 3 times a day, and in a few days, you’ll notice results!
treat acne and skin conditions with banana peels

Even if you don’t have actual pimples on your skin, this trick can also help reduce acne scars from old breakouts. That’s where I come in: I used this on some old scars around my chin and jaw line and really noticed results within a couple days!

I’m not brave enough to share before/after pictures for the world to see, but the original poster graciously did this for us in her follow-up post. Just seeing those pictures was reason enough for me to try it and to send the link to my cousin!

If you’re looking to do away with commercial products and harsh chemicals on your skin, I urge you to give this a try. It’s totally worth a shot: what’s the worst that can happen – you get some banana on your face for a couple days? Totally worth the risk 🙂

So Why Does This Work?

Banana peels are chock-full of antioxidants, including lutein, which may help protect the skin against sun damage. They also contain esterified fatty acids, which have actually been isolated and incorporated into a patented lotion (Exorex lotion) used to treat eczema and psoriasis!

Some extra notes and other uses

Banana peels can also be used to treat warts as well! Just tape a piece of the peel to cover the wart, leave on overnight, and remove in the morning. Continue with nightly treatments until wart is gone.
To stop the itch from bug bites and poison ivy, rub banana peels on the affected area – no more itching!
Banana peels may also help with hemorrhoids because of the sugar content, which helps them shrink.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by rubbing banana peels on your skin, which helps to tighten and tone the skin.
Psoriasis sufferers may also find relief by rubbing banana peels on the affected areas, and may see results within a few days or weeks.
Banana peels contain lots of potassium, and the antioxidant, lutein.
Use ripe banana peels, to ensure the best results! And make sure they’re fresh; you don’t want to use an old peel that’s been lying on the counter for a few hours. (So yes, you may have to recruit some scheduled banana eaters for you 😉
How To Save the Banana Peels

There’s been lots of questions and ideas regarding how to save the peel to use it for subsequent treatments, so you’re not eating several bananas per day. And a reader (Hi Alison!) was kind enough to share her technique, which works great:

I’ve fine tuned my technique to cutting a portion of the skin from the banana at a time- just a shallow incision around a section big enough to do my face with, then peel off and use. That way it all stays in tact and 1 banana can go 1 or 2 days depending on size. The fruit gets exposed to the air but still good in a smoothie at the end on the day!

Why wizkid is special to me-Tiwa savage

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, has disclosed why she has a special relationship with colleague-Wizkid

This follows Wizkid’s sharing of numerous pictures of Tiwa savage on his Instagram page which got Nigerians talking.

However, the Mavin Records queen, on her Instagram responded to questions on their relationship saying, “You already know how emotional I get so this is just making me teary.

“Forget music, you’ve been there for me even when you didn’t have time

“When I doubt myself, you call me ‘mama JamJam’ and put a smile on my face. My dear Ayo, mama JamJam loves you.”

It’s the final day of the season

It’s the final day of the season

Here’s the fixtures for today’s final games, all kicking off at 3pm.

  • Burnley vs Bournemouth
  • Crystal Palace vs West Brom
  • Huddersfield vs Arsenal
  • Liverpool vs Brighton
  • Manchester Utd vs Watford
  • Newcastle vs Chelsea
  • Southampton vs Man City
  • Swansea vs Stoke
  • Spurs vs Leicester
  • West Ham vs Everton

Latest transfer rumours on Neymar

United are lining up a move for Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar according to a report in the

They claim United have told the Brazilian they will rival Real Madrid to sign him if he quits PSG this summer.

But, he wouldn’t come cheap as It is expected he would cost in excess of £200million. However, United have reportedly made it clear they will pay a world record fee to land him and match his £30million a year wages to bring him to Old Trafford

The real reasons Beyoncé can’t stand Kim Kardashian

Newsflash: Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé allegedly are not friends. Even though they’re seen together occasionally, the friendship is reportedly rather one-sided, with Kardashian allegedly bending over backward to get into Queen Bey’s good graces but failing miserably. Why aren’t these superstars BFFs?

Well, for starters there’s the Kanye West factor. Kardashian’s rapper/producer husband was already a polarizing figure in the music world even before he started calling out Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, on stage during his disastrous 2016 Saint Pablo Tour. That couldn’t have helped things.

Of course, the whole thing Kim v. Bey feud has also been reduced to the easy explanation that they just don’t have much in common. Kardashian is a reality star whose fame is dependent on sharing her whole life with her fans, whereas Beyoncé keeps her personal life almost entirely disconnected from her career. Could it really be that simple, or is there more to Bey’s seemingly arms-length approach to the first lady of reality TV? Let’s dive into the real reasons Beyoncé can’t stand Kim Kardashian.

Maybe Beyoncé keeps her distance from Kim Kardashian because of Kardashian’s husband, rapper Kanye West, who won’t stop spreading rumors about Bey and her man.

E! News reported that at a stop on his since-cancelled Saint Pablo Tour in November 2016, West ranted from the stage, “Beyoncé, I was hurt ’cause I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won video of the year over me and over ‘Hotline Bling.'” He added, “Now, don’t go trying to diss Beyoncé. She is great … We are all great people. We are all equal, but sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forgetting who we are just to win.”

The expletive-laden tirade went on and on. West eventually set his sites on Bey’s husband, Jay-Z, saying, “Jay-Z, call me, bruh. You still ain’t called me. Jay-Z, call me … Jay-Z: I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me. Talk to me like a man.”

Of course, West’s remarks are his own, but if Kardashian’s only connection to Beyoncé was through West’s tumultuous relationship with Jay-Z, then it’s obvious there would be a strain there. As it turns out, Jay-Z would later confirm the fractured friendship

6 Signs You Are Going To Be Successful

Successful people are not so different as you think. There are a lot of patterns successful people have in common. Studying those by reading biographies, I have come up with six main points a lot of successful entrepreneurs have in common. If you find some points fitting to your personality, you are on the right track.

Here are six signs you are going to be successful:

1) You Love The Competition

We are comparing us to each other constantly. Some are satisfied faster than others and then there are people who can’t get enough. The most successful people are those who never stop competing! Athletes, businessmen, authors etc. Only the strongest, fastest, smartest will make it to the top! Successful entrepreneurs will always think about the next steps to outcompete the others. In a world that is dominated by capitalism, it is all about competition.

2) Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

Successful businessmen finish what they’ve started. There is no satisfaction in giving up. The reason why people become successful is that they didn’t give up when others did. This goes hand in hand with the first point because a huge part of the competition gives up on the way to the top. You just have to be consistent long enough until you are the last man standing. Do you finish the books you’ve started to read? Do you work until you reach your goals? If the answer is yes, you are on the right way.

3) Surrounded By The Strongest

Since successful people are always looking for an opportunity to grow and improve themselves, they surround themselves with more successful people to learn from them. They observe their patterns, ask questions about their decisions and follow their philosophy.

4) Credibility Through Social Proof

Additionally to the third point, social proof from other successful people is essential! By hanging out with inspirational people and getting to know them you’ll start to grow a reputation amongst them. This will open new opportunities, which grow into an upwards spiral. Successful people know how they can build a great reputation and how to use this to build an even stronger social proof. (see more at How to leave an impression that stays )

5) You Never Stop Thinking

Being successful isn’t a 9 to 5 job. Your mind doesn’t stop when you leave the office. If there is a problem, you will look for a solution while you are jogging through the park. Your mind is always filled with questions, options, and different solutions or ways to handle your business. This can be only achieved when you work for something you are passionate about. Otherwise, your mind will stop working as soon as the clock hits 5 o’clock.

6) You Have To Have It

When you listen to successful entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. there is always a dream behind it. There is always a greater cause. It doesn’t matter if it is a technical revolution, a Lamborghini or a new mansion. The motivation isn’t relevant as long as it is consistent until it’s reached. Successful people have to get what they want and they will find creative ways to get it!

Personally, I find those six points to be very difficult to achieve. It is easy to identify yourself with 2-3 points but that won’t be enough. On the other hand, it is not important to dominate all six points. But the more, the better. By writing this article I found that I have a huge potential for improvement. But this is good! It is always great to know where you have to put in the work to improve personally.

Try it out for yourself! Which points are fitting your personality and which points are potential goals for yourself?

Could you be a workaholic, addicted to your job?

“My name is JC and I am a workaholic.”

JC, who lives in Tampa Bay, Florida, says she needed a lot of courage the first time she stood up and said that in front of a group of people she had never met before.

JC, who doesn’t want us to reveal her full name, had gone along to a meeting of Workaholics Anonymous because she felt she couldn’t cope anymore.

A 40-year-old healthcare worker, who had conquered her alcoholism and an eating disorder, she says she couldn’t experience the serenity that she hoped sobriety would bring because she instead had become addicted to working.

Work life balance

“I was constantly obsessed with work,” she says. “I realised I used work to numb out and avoid myself, my feelings and my fears.

Her work addiction and the stress that came with it affected her health.

“I had premature grey hair within three months of starting a management position,” she says. “I experienced adrenal fatigue… I have a heart condition.”

Following a similar 12-step recovery plan to the one first devised by Alcoholics Anonymous, Workaholics Anonymous started in the US in the early 1980s.

Today there are more than 100 meeting groups around the world, from Argentina to the US, the UK and Japan. There is also the possibility of joining an online meeting via Skype or over the phone.

But how do you know if you are a workaholic? And what other ways are there to get help?

Wilmar Schaufeli, a professor of work and organisational psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, describes a workaholic as “a person who works obsessively hard in a compulsive way”.

Wilmar Schaufeli

“So it’s a combination between excessive work and compulsive work, compulsive tendency.”

He adds that going to Workaholics Anonymous works for many sufferers because “you see people who have the same problem, so you are not alone. I think this is an important thing for all kinds of behavioural problems or addictions.”

For other people with work addiction problems, having one-to-one therapy with a trained professional might be the answer.

But what actually can lead to work addition?

Dr Claudia Herbert, a clinical psychologist at the Oxford Development Centre, in Putney, Oxfordshire, often treats sufferers. She says that many workaholics have other mental health disorders.

“Lots of clients may feel depressed, they may actually think that life is a little bit empty, they may have anxiety problems, they may also have aHerbert says that many workaholics have other mental health problems

The condition can be triggered by someone having to work too hard in the first place. “People often have to take jobs that in previous times would have been done by two or three people,” she says.

Work addiction may be caused in part by a person being pushed too hard by his or her parents in their earlier life. “People who as children were reinforced by their achievements rather than who they are, they are more likely to become work addicted,” she adds.

When it comes to the types of jobs where people are more vulnerable to becoming workaholics, Prof Schaufeli says it is more a case of senior professionals rather than those with jobs on the lower rungs of the workplace ladder.

He says that self-employed people are also vulnerable because they can become obsessed by their businesses.

Prof Schaufeli adds that work addicts very often don’t see that their behaviour is problematic because the fact they are doing vast amounts of work often means they are earning more and being promoted.

A stressed office workerworkaholics are not said to recognise that anything is wrong because they have secured promotions and pay rises

When it comes to treating work addiction, Dr Herbert says it needs to be individually tailored to each sufferer, and getting to the bottom of what caused it.

At Retreat South, a rehabilitation centre and mental health retreat in the Australian state of Victoria, they run a work-related stress and executive burnout programme, trying to get people’s work/life balance back.

The programme started six years ago, and the average length of stay is one month, with prices from 8,000 Australian dollars ($6,100; £4,400) per week.

Most of the clients are Australian, but they also have some from Asia and Europe.

“We work on the guilt – I haven’t been a good parent, I haven’t been a good partner,” says Jane Enter, Retreat South’s clinical director jane Enter says that her rehabilitation centre aims to help people rebalance their lives

“People should reconnect to who they are, it’s about getting a more balanced life.”

Back in Florida, JC – who first went to Workaholics Anonymous back in 2012 – now volunteers for the organisation.

“I have more time for fun and relationships with people,” she says. “I have the same job. However, because I have changed the way I think and act it is much more manageable.

“I place limits on the number of hours I work in a day.”

Quilox is Ending its 5th Season with the Shut Down Party happening this Saturday, May 13th

QuiloxThe luxurious nightlife brand Quilox has set the pace in the industry. Quilox has also set the bar so high they go in and beat the record and then re-set. Quilox season 5 has been an adventure compared to none, from the Season 5 reopening fire, to the Quilox World Tours, to the first ever 24-hour party that ended up being a 72-hour party, to Quilox Back to the Future, to Jeepers Creepers, to March Mayhem, to the exceptionally themed Quilox Ultra Pool Parties.

However the exceptional night life brand Quilox, is set to go for its annual break on the 14th of May 2018, Hence on the 13th of May would be the last day of the party: this date will
also mark the birthday of Night Life King, Shina Peller.

Come celebrate with us as we “SHUT DOWN” in grand style.