Atiku gives reason for Fulani herdsmen, Tiv farmers crisis

A former Vice-President and presidential aspirant on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, on Sunday said the clashes between Tivs and fulani herdsmen were caused by misunderstanding.

Atiku stated this while speaking with journalists during his visit to a first-class Chief, His Royal Highness, Abu King Shuluwa in Makurdi.

Atiku who is the Zege Mule U Tiv (protective shield of Tiv nation) said stopping herdsmen and farmers clashes in Benue was a simple thing to do.

“Traditionally over a number of years, Tiv and Fulanis have coexisted. I believe that what is happening of recent can be attributed to sponsored misunderstanding between Tivs and Fulani herdsmen and we have always done our best to resolve the conflict.

We have always sat down to resolve the conflict. As Zege Mule U Tiv, I have spearheaded many meetings to resolve conflicts.”

The former Vice-President said that if voted into office, he would look for better ways to stop the clashes.

Asked if he would work with anyone who would emerge as the party candidate in the forthcoming primary, Atiku said the only way all the presidential aspirants would work together after the party primary was to have free, fair and credible primary election

He said he and other aspirants had been looking forward to the primary election holding in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on October 5 and 6, 2018.

He noted that he would abide by the decision of the delegates if the primary was conducted without manipulation.

Whoever emerges the party candidate in Port Harcourt we will support him if the primary  election is free, fair and credible.”

In his remark, Shuluwa said Tiv people had no issue with the Fulani, stressing that those attacking and killing the Tiv people were not Fulani of Nigeria origin.

“The Fulani that you see fighting the Tiv people are not the Fulani that we know and I have always said this. We don’t know where these crop of Fulani come from. The Fulani who are indigenes of Nigeria can never fight a Tiv man.

“As time goes on, all our differences will be healed up. We will make sure that the Fulani that are non Nigerians don’t come into this land.

“That one I can assure everybody. But we have nothing against the Fulani generally.”

ICYMI: We opted for indirect primaries after consensus failed –Ogun APC

APC-logoThe Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Ogun State, Chief Derin Adebiyi, said the party has opted for indirect primary in the state when it appeared that the consensus and the direct options might not work.

It was known to us  that the party initially settled for the consensus arrangement but had to embrace the direct option when the former was rejected by some members.

He added that the state chapter of the party had to dump direct primary following an obvious reality that the national secretariat of the party was not forthcoming with an up-to-date membership register and cards.

Adebiyi said, “We actually opted for the consensus arrangement in Ogun State after the NEC meeting in Abuja but we later discovered that the arrangement did not go down well with some of our people; so, we settled for direct option

“Many state chapters complained that they don’t have an up-to-date register of their members and the national executive promised to provide it and the membership cards.

“Since the registration that we did between 2014 and 2015, nobody had been given membership card and the register had yet to be provided by our national body.”

The party chairman explained that his one-week trip to Abuja to get the necessary materials did not yield any positive result.

Adebiyi added, “The national executive promised to provide all the materials within one week. I was in Abuja throughout last week (penultimate week) from Monday to Saturday; we did not get either the register or the membership cards.

“I then made up my mind that the national leadership of the party is not ready for us on the issue of direct primary. Therefore, when we got home, I informed my executive about the situation.

“We therefore made up our mind that the direct option would not be an alternative to the consensus which was also no longer feasible in many areas.”

We have now decided that we will go for indirect primaries because we already have our delegates on the ground.”

Peacemaker stabbed by fighting neighbour


INEC reveals why Osun gov election is inconclusive


Osun election: Seek legal redress, Saraki tells PDP, Adeleke

President of the Senate and Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential Council on Osun State Governorship Election, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has faulted the declaration by the Independent National Electoral Commission that the results of the election held on Saturday were inconclusive.
Saraki, in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday, expressed dismay over the decision by the INEC to declare as “inconclusive” an election in which a candidate won the highest number of votes and fulfilled the condition for a geographical spread.
The Senate President advised the PDP and its governorship candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke, to seek a legal interpretation of the situation with the results and the decision taken by the INEC on it.
He said, “In my lay man’s opinion, the INEC was wrong in declaring the election as inconclusive because the votes in certain polling units were cancelled. The decision of INEC to cancel the election in those areas after voting had taken place means INEC had already excluded the votes in these areas from the election process and therefore those units should have no place in the overall results.
“My opinion would have been different if the election in the affected units did not take place at all, maybe as a result of malfunctioning of the card reader machine or unavailability of the electoral materials. Since the voting took place and was cancelled, only the courts could reverse the initial decision by INEC to cancel the votes in these areas.
“That is why I call on our party and its candidate to seek a further legal interpretation on this decision by the electoral body. One cannot but wonder whether if the places were reversed and the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress was the one leading in the election, the INEC would take the same decision it has taken now.”
Saraki stated that it was necessary to also call on INEC to display “courage, boldness, independence, neutrality and patriotism” in order to send signals to the world at large that Nigeria’s electoral system had come of age and that its democracy had matured.
He added, “The electoral body needs to reassure all and sundry that the 2019 election and other elections will be free of manipulations and undue interference.
“The INEC should note that the Osun gubernatorial election is not only about that South-western state. It is about our country and the entire world is watching. Our national interest is at stake. The integrity of our electoral system is at stake. The reputation of the electoral body is at stake. The future of our democracy is on the line.
“The way INEC conclusively handles the Osun election will determine global expectations from our political process. It should, therefore, ensure that the wish of the Osun State electorate eventually prevail.”

Wall Street finally taught Zuckerberg the lesson he deserved


This week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally got the whack across the nose that many had hoped Congress would give him back in April.
The social media giant’s stock price took a spectacular nose dive Thursday after the company forecast a slowdown in the rate of new user signups. Analysts reckon Facebook’s limp response to the European Union’s recently enacted digital privacy laws also soured investors on its near-term financial future.
While Zuckerberg spent the first half of 2018 listening to but not really hearing complaints about how Facebook mishandles user data, it’s a good bet he’s listening now. All told, Thursday’s trading vaporized $119 billion of the Menlo Park, Calif., company’s market value. That’s roughly the equivalent of the gross domestic product of Kuwait.
Public patience with Zuckerberg’s often unconvincing — and at times duplicitous — statements about the heroic lengths Facebook goes to to protect user data appears to have come to an end. A rolling tide of revelations this year about persistent privacy breaches has eviscerated Facebook’s credibility on the issue. People have been logging off in droves.
Facebook has long claimed that its mission is to develop social infrastructure and — *gag* — build community. That no longer passes the giggle test. What they really want to do is follow people around the internet, collect and organize what they learn and sell that information to the highest bidder.
To the three people who don’t realize it already: Facebook doesn’t think of you as the customer; they think of you as the product.
Congress raked Zuckerberg across the coals this spring. It made for satisfying viewing but ultimately came to nothing. No one in Washington appears up to the task of regulating America’s favorite time-waster.
Now the market has done what government failed to do — discipline Facebook for its bad behavior. It was the largest one-day stock drop ever and the most epic price correction in the history of Silicon Valley, an industry that knows a thing or two about making investors’ money disappear.
Facebook is far from the only tech company with delusions of grandeur.
Zuckerberg himself took a $15.4 billion hit to his net worth. The general attitude seems to be that he had it coming. Somebody, somewhere, had to cut the hoodie-clad 34-year-old down to size.
Like all the digital economy’s most respected entrepreneurs, Zuckerberg never had much time for questions about his motivations or intentions. From the beginning he cultivated a rules-don’t-apply-to-us culture. Whether it was the sudden, unannounced changes to the site’s layout or the frequent sneaky tweaks to your privacy settings, Facebook seemed to have a policy of ignoring all criticism and plowing ahead. Their motto said it all: Move fast and break things.
The Facebook crew was smarter than the crowd. They were more productive and could see further. They could imagine a future that most people weren’t creative enough to conjure or sharp enough to engineer. Speed was an invaluable asset and destruction the price of progress. Whether the public bought into their particular vision of the future was of no concern.
Facebook is far from the only tech company with delusions of grandeur. “We don’t believe in limits,” Apple CEO Tim Cook is fond of saying. “Apple has made products for years that people didn’t know they wanted and now they can’t live without.” That’s certainly true, and impressive, but you don’t need an MBA to see how an industry with that attitude could end up a little too convinced of its own invulnerability.
The Silicon Valley success narrative is as familiar to us now as a Greek myth. The hero, also known as the founder, goes off into the wilderness to meet his destiny. Everyone tells him the task he has set for himself is unachievable — it can’t be done. He does it anyway and is rewarded with glory and wealth beyond imagining.
Proving the cynics wrong is an integral part of the tech visionary’s hero journey. But the Greeks knew what the Silicon Valley founder cult apparently hasn’t considered — pride goeth before the fall. The road runs out for everyone.
“Move fast and break things” worked for a long time. It stopped working Thursday.
Facebook’s comeuppance is often what befalls companies that perceive their mission to be more grandiose than simply delivering a great product at a fair price.
As the economist Milton Friedman said, “A corporation’s social responsibility is to make as much money as possible while conforming to the basic rules of the society, both those embodied in law and those embodied in ethical custom.”
Maybe Mark Zuckerberg should make that Facebook’s new motto.
Matthew Hennessey is an associate editorial features editor at the Wall Street Journal. His book “ Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials” (Encounter Books) is out Aug. 14.

Court Order RUNTOWN To Appear In Court Or Go To PRISON

  • maxresdefault.jpgAn Abuja High Court has fixed 8th August, 2018 for Runtown to appear and give reasons why he should not be sent to prison for disobeying Court Injunction made on 10th May, 2018.

This was revealed by a statement released by Eric Many.
It reads;
“Recall that we served a Contempt Warning from Court on Runtown on 4th July, 2018 after he defied Court Order and released a song. Rather than heed the Contempt Warning and retrace his steps, he issued a Press Release in which he argued that the Injunction had expired. The Injunction was to stop things until the hearing of our Motion seeking to freeze activities until a decision on his status (whether he had discharged his obligations to us or not) is taken. It barred him from performing or releasing songs for the time being’.
The statement went on to add that, ‘the legal advice we received was that Runtown was wrong in his interpretation of the Rules of Court he relied on since he was already served with our Motion and was represented in Court on 31st May, 2018 when the Court adjourned to 27th September, 2018 to hear the Motion and the one filed by Runtown himself! To turn around after that day to proceed to do what the Order barred him from doing, and what the Motion served on him (adjourned in his presence) seeks to stop, is unjustifiable under the 7-Days Rule he relied upon. That could probably apply to a person against whom an interim injunction was obtained without more’.
‘Based on this, we have done two things: One, we have obtained a ‘FORM 49’ against him to explain why he should not be sent to prison, especially when he continued to publicize fixtures for shows in Canada, Namibia, Europe etc and threaten to release more songs, both actions in defiance of the Court Order. The application (now fixed for 8th August) has been served on him  as ordered by the Court. Two, since we will not allow him to continue to mock the Court Order we have applied and obtained a new Injunction to stop his actions to protect the Contempt Case. The new injunction bars him from his threatened defiant actions in Canada, Namibia, Europe etc. We believe the new Injunction has not also ‘expired’ and hope he respects the Court this time.
Please bear in mind that our main case in Court boils down to whether Runtown has discharged his monetary obligations to us and delivered one Album to us as spelt out in our Contract. He has responded, so it will be good to allow the Court to decide what each party filed. Let both sides apply restraint. As we always say, Ericmany Limited will continue to follow the judicial process. We have confidence in the Rule of Law and will continue to patiently follow the due process until the wrong done to us by Runtown after our heavy investment on him is redressed”.

It has come to the public notice that Reekado Banks and Kizz Daniel Beef Is Not Just About ‘Selense’

reekadoThe Kizz Daniel – Reekado Banks rivalry and the “Selense” song is perhaps the industry’s biggest irony today. Two artists of comparable stature were invited to collaborate on a song that involves blowing-whistle on industry scandals, beefs and gossips; and the two invitees ended up starting a beef story for other gossips, like you and I, to talk about.

According to Mr Songz, Kizz Daniel refused to work with Reekado Banks, causing a change of plans in the “Selense” project. Through his manager, he said, “The original version of the song was with Reekado Banks and Kizz Daniel but at a point, Daniel said he didn’t want to star in the video because Reekado would be on it.”

This story became a curtain lifter on the bad chemistry between two of the country’s finest music acts. While Reekado Banks continues to play pretence about the non-existence of the topic of his beef with Kizz Daniel; his rumoured rival claimed in a mail that he has nothing against Reekado Banks. The mail from Kizz Daniel’s camp read; “Kizz Daniel has nothing against Reekado Banks. That’s all we can say.”

The reaction from both artists has left an open field for free flow of speculations and assumptions. Some section of the fans assumed that the rivalry is a result of collusion of egos. Some others think that the animosity has been there since the incident of the 2015 Headies Awards where Reekado Banks won the Next Rated Award, even though the likes of Kizz Daniel and Lil Kesh were believed to be favourites.


Since his profile as a singer started to soar, Reekado Banks has been in the news for braggadocios statements and exaggerated claims that did not sit well with a lot of fans. During his “Thank You Concert” in Ibadan around the tail end of last year, Reekado Banks, in reference to Lil Kesh, said; “ the person wey you think say better pass me, I better pass him papa.” This statement cost him some amount of his goodwill and a lot of fans saw him as more of a talker than a doer. His egoistic persona would return to the centre of public discourse when he shared a video of himself in the studio with Tee-Y mix and bragged about being levels ahead of other artists.

Kizz Daniel however is less of a disrespecter but no less a bragger. Unlike Reekado,  he does most of his bragging on songs rather than during interviews or during performances. Reoccuringly, he sings in braggadocios tone; about being the one making “actual” music, being the best in the game and about his reign. He did this particularly on his collaboration with DJ Spinall titled “Baba”.

Much earlier in his career, Kizz had a reputation for being a “double faced act”, who appears as a sweet young man to fans but portrays a different character behind the curtain. This talk stemmed from his style of not collaborating with artists outside his then label, G-worldwide Entertainment. The situation was later blamed on the label, especially after the disagreement between the singer and the label became public; and fans got to learn more about the stringent terms he worked under at the label. While G-Worldwide was seen as the devil, Kizz Daniel’s reputation has not fully recovered.

2015 Headies Next Rated Beef

The incident at the 2015 Headies Next Awards is also suspected to be the origin of the animosity between Reekado Banks and Kizz Daniel. Reekado Banks, Kizz Daniel, Lil Kesh, Cynthian Morgan and Korede Bello were in the running for the award but the three of the nominees seemed to have their shoulder above the rest. Reekado had his signature all over one of the biggest hit songs at the time titled “Dorobucci.” He also had a fine single titled “Katapot”, giving him a good claim to the prize. Kizz Daniel had “Woju” and “Laye” which would have effortlessly earned him the award in another Headies edition. Lil Kesh had serial hits like “Shoki”, “Gbese” and “Efejoku”; which was unprecedented for a new comer.

The race later became a two-horse race, between Reeky and Kesh; and the Mavin Records act finally took home the prize, forcing a disapproving reaction from a lot of people including Olamide. Kizz Daniel might not have been in the final picture but he certainly wasn’t pleased to have lost the award. The two singers have since kept a distance apart.

For a while the comparison was between Reekado Banks and Lil Kesh but in recent times, Kizz Daniel seems to have outpaced both artistes, leaving only Reekado Banks is close distance. Although Kizz maintains he has no issue with Mr. Banks, their history of contention could be the reason for his refusal to collaborate with Reekado on Harrysong’s song.

The tongue-tied approach of both artistes to the topic of their beef would allow the rumours and speculations continue to run rife. The situation would not be helped by continued refusal by both singers to collaborate and it would likely lead to shades and subliminal stuffed in song verses. The sound of beef usually would excite fans who would be looking out for “who would come out tops in the Kizz Daniel versus Reekado Banks rivalry?” J. Cole is the man with the answers. In his words, “time would tell.”

We Finally Know Who’s Responsible For Killing Rapper XXXTentacion In Florida


Just over a month ago, famous rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed outside of a motorcycle shop in South Florida.
Since then, fans and fellow rappers have been devastated by the loss. While one man, Dendrick D. Williams , was initially linked to the murder, investigators did reveal that they were searching for multiple men that were involved in the shooting.,

details were released about the four men that are being charged with the crimes of shooting and killing XXXTentation.
On Wednesday, July 18th, a grand jury in Broward County, Florida indicted four men in the murder of XXXTenatacion.

Dendrick D. Wiliams, 22, Michael Boatwright, 22, Trayvon Newsome, 20, and Robert Allen, 22, were indicted on charges of first-degree murder with a firearm and armed robbery with a firearm.
Officials state that Boatwright and Newsome were the two armed suspects that confronted and fatally shot XXXTentacion as he returned to his car after motorcycle shopping.

Williams was arrested on June 20th and Boatwright was arrested on July 5th. Since then, police officials were searching for Newsome and Allen.
Newsome and Allen are still at large. The sheriff’s office states that anyone with information about the two suspects could be eligible for a reward of up to $3000.

Davido congratulates uncle for winning Osun PDP governorship ticket


Davido12David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has congratulated his uncle, Ademola Adeleke, for clinching the Osun governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
The senator representing Osun west, defeated his closest challenger, Akin Ogunbiyi, to emerge the flagbearer of the PDP in the September 22 governorship election.
Davido congratulated him in a tweet shortly after the final results were declared in Oshogbo.
“Congratulations to Senator Ademola Adeleke on winning the PDP gubernatorial primaries!! , the incoming governor of Osun state.


Beyoncé’s nudity acceptable if she were an upcoming reality TV desperado —Critic


It is no longer news that American megastar , Beyoncé Knowles , has bared it all as she and husband , Jay -Z , do a book tour of their On The Run II .
While the Internet continues to bubble on account of the sizzling photographs of the singer and her husband , critics have noted that a near- nude Beyoncé is nothing out of the ordinary, arguing that the deal these days , is that famous women can sing about “independence ” and “girl power ” as long as they ’re wearing next to nothing .
Writer , Hadley Freeman , expresses amazement that achiever women can ’t seem to celebrate their achievement without baring a generous portions of flesh , preferably as covers of men ’s magazines .

Discussing one of Beyoncé ’s numerous magazine interviews, Freeman wrote : “I never fail to be amazed at the high profile , often A-list women who celebrate their professional success by posing near naked on the covers of allegedly classy men ’s magazines, such as Esquire and GQ , and these covers are, to my eyes , becoming increasingly close to porn. ”
She laments that Beyoncé isn’t alone , noting that successful women such as Cameron Diaz have been photographed bending over in a pair of mesh pants; while Mila Kunis posed topless in leather trousers and later writhes naked on a bed .
Rihanna , too , has posed naked save for a mini leather jacket, while Lana Del Rey had also been naked except for some jewellery . In all of the cases , Freeman notes , all the men who graced all of the covers were fully clothed .
Again , in an interview with the GQ magazine, Beyoncé was quoted to have said in a video diary that “she informs herself that she is going to listen to one of her own songs before having sex with her husband .”
In one of the nude photographs here , the singer is naked but for the thongs , with husband Jay -Z lying beside her while she peruses what looks like a magazine.
Freeman however criticises the nude peddling , saying , “It’s one thing to submit to this attention -seeking nonsense if you’re a C -list reality TV desperado trying to get on the cover of Nuts ; it’s another if you are professedly one of the most powerful women in the entertainment business who has no need of such tactics .”
She laments that while it’s okay for Beyoncé to hate the fact that women are humiliated by being paid less than their male counterparts ; the humiliation doesn ’t end there , as successful women are similarly humiliated by being fed the message that it doesn ’t matter how successful , powerful or smart they are – all that matters is how sexually available they are willing to make themselves look .


Despite being a top musician , rapper Olanrewaju Ogunmefu, aka Vector, has decided to perform free at this year ’s Make Music Lagos , which is a rare gesture by Nigerian artistes .
While speaking with Punch , he said when the organisers of the annual music event , which holds on June 19 to 24 reached out to him, he thought it was another case of fraud or deceit .

He stated , “Do you know how many people who claimed to do free projects and you would discover later that they made money? When I was contacted, I didn ’t understand why I should do a free show . After I read through their emails and we started a conversation , they won my trust. Though I will not be paid as an artiste , I was told there would cater for logistics. But the fact that I am ready to do a free show does not mean other top artistes will do the same .”
Another factor that made the rapper to embrace the project, according to him , is the global appeal . Make Music Day is held in more than 120 countries all over the world to commemorate World Music Day .
Vector said , “The event will be part of history a few years later. It feels awesome being part of the project because I have always advocated for musicians operating for a global audience . Even if we sing in Yoruba language , I believe you should make music for everyone. In the barracks where I grew up , my mother ’s best friend , a northerner, loved listening to Sir Shina Peters, who is a Yoruba man .”
One of the artistes also billed to perform, Johnny Drille , said since this year ’s venue had been moved to Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island , Lagos , there would be more freedom of expression.
“The organisers must have learnt from the previous editions too ; so , it makes them better . More artistes are expected to perform this year also .
“For me, however , last year was amazing , it was held at the Balmoral Hall , Federal Palace Hotel , Victoria Island , Lagos . I loved the fact that the sound system was better than the first edition in 2016, ” the Mavin Records singer added .
Make Music Lagos is an annual music event organised by Showgear Limited . After holding some activities during the week , the grand finale event will take place on Sunday, June 24 , at Muri Okunola Park .

Charmee, Lese join Idol Records

Two talented musicians , Uzoma Victor , aka Charmee , and Olugbemi Ebenezer Rotimi, aka Lese , have been signed by Idol Records .
The unveiling held recently at Protea Hotel , Ikeja GRA, Lagos , attracted top media personalities , well- wishers and family members .

The owner of Idol Records , Mr . Lawal Olaide, explained that the record was created out of the need to help talented youngsters realise their true potentials , creating a platform to make their dreams become reality .
He stated , “Idol Records is here to focus on discovering, promoting , marketing and managing musical talents across and even beyond Nigeria . All we have in stock is to promote good music that will cut across all age groups and move beyond the Nigerian shores .
”With our two artistes and a team of musical pundits , Idol Records is here to stay and we plan to sign more artistes before the years runs out .”
While thanking his new boss for believing in him , Charmee said he was ready to show the world what he was made of .

American actor , Sylvester Stallone under probe for sexual assault


US prosecutors have launched a probe to determine whether film star Sylvester Stallone should be charged in connection with a sexual assault reported last year , a spokesman said Wednesday .
“A case was presented today by the Santa Monica Police Department regarding Sylvester Stallone ,” Greg Risling , a spokesman at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office , told AFP .
“It is under review by our sex crime task force. ”

The case involves a woman who reported last November that the 71 -year -old actor, best known for his roles in the “Rocky ” and “Rambo” movies , had assaulted her in 1990.

Risling declined to provide more details about the alleged assault or to clarify whether California ’s 10 -year statute of limitations applies in the case .
Police in Santa Monica and Stallone ’s attorney , Martin Singer , could also not be reached for comment .
The allegation against the star comes in the wake of the #MeToo movement that has focused attention on sexual harassment in Hollywood and beyond.
Singer in December told US media when the allegation first surfaced that his client “categorically disputes the claim and it is apparent that the woman filed the report to get a media outlet to publish the story .”
He acknowledged that Stallone had a relationship with the alleged victim while shooting a movie in Israel in 1987 while he was single .
The attorney said at the time that he planned to submit a claim against the woman for filing a false police report .

The # MeToo campaign took off last year following sexual assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein . It has since become a worldwide phenomenon.

Hundreds of celebrities and powerful people , including actor Kevin Spacey and longtime broadcast journalist Charlie Rose, have been accused of sexual harassment in the wake of the Weinstein scandal

MultiChoice unveils new talent academy to boost creative industry.

John Ugbe, MD Multichoice Nigeria

MultiChoice Africa,has  announced the take-off of its  Talent Factory, MTF, to further  boost the already  flourishing creative industries in the continent.

The Pan-African social investment initiative is a three-part initiative, which commenced with the launch of regional academy in Lagos, would also has academies in Kenya and Zambia. Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, held in Lagos, Wednesday,  the Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. John Ugbe,said the need to shift attention to the creative industry was vital, as the continent’s development had long been defined by investment in other industries, thereby neglecting the creative industry’s potential.

“The  African development story has long been defined by investment in the vast mineral wealth on the continent, leaving our creative industries to fend for themselves on the fringes of economic development for far too long. As a result, the film and television industries have not developed at the same rate as other industries on the continent, and not for a lack of talent, passion or imagination,”Ogbe stated. Ogbe said the launch of MTF forms part of the company’s new strategy of furthering this investment through creating shared value by using its core business resources, people, skills and networks to affect a positive change in  society. According to him, being MultiChoice’s 25th year of operations in Nigeria, this  project will concertize what it  stands for as an organization, as it lays a foundation that will foster economic growth for tomorrow’s leaders. Speaking further, MutiChoice boss said the  MTF initiative would deliver three touch points; the MTF academies, Masterclasses and the MTF Portal. The first to  be launched  is the MTF Academy, a 12-month educational programme, aimed at furnishing 60 deserving, young and  talented people who want to work and earn a living in the film and television production. Also, speaking at the event, award-winning film maker, Femi Odugbemi, who is MTF Academy Director for West Africa, said  “We must consciously build capacity so that our next generation film makers and producers can also create wealth and create employment by being entrepreneurs as well.  Application for the MTF is now open and would close on  July 5, 2018. The 60 post-school MTF students, 20 for each region, would be selected from 13 African countries. The one -year programme commences on October, 2018. During the course of the programme, MTF students would be expected to produce television and film content that will be aired on  MultiChoice platform.

Falz fires up with ‘This is Nigeria’, says we need to speak the true.


With nearly three million YouTube views in less than a week and an avalanche of reactions on social media, rapper Falz’s “This is Nigeria” has touched a nerve about the country’s problems. The track and video, a cover version of US performer Childish Gambino’s “This is America”, sees Falz wander around a huge warehouse bare-chested as a series of violent scenes unfurl.

Lyrics goes like this : This is Nigeria. Look how we living, nah! Look what we eating, nah!” he riffs to the camera.

Machetes replace the guns of the US version, where Gambino questions his compatriots about life for black people and police brutality. That version has been viewed more than 220 million times on YouTube in the last month. “This is Nigeria” was released on the video-sharing platform on May 25 and paints an unforgiving picture of life in Africa’s most populous nation. Despite having generated billions of dollars from oil, more than 70 percent of Nigeria’s 180 million people live in poverty, corruption is endemic and violent unrest commonplace. If the track arouses passions, it’s because it overturns the status quo. In Nigeria, it’s rare to see a music video open with anything other than scantily clad women sprawled over a luxury car or free-flowing champagne. Music more often goes together with easy money than political conscience. “I think we are too distracted by entertainment in general, by flashy lifestyle,” the 27-year-old Falz told the private Wazobia television channel this week. “We need to pause and think and look at our social space. We have a voice as artists and we need to use that voice for the right purpose, we need to speak the true to wake people up. “The terrible state of Nigeria has become so normalised.” – Spirit of Fela – Falz has won high praise in Nigeria and abroad for the track. In the United States, hip-hop star P. Diddy shared the video on his Instagram account, celebrating “artists changing the game!!!” Music journalist Joey Akan was quick to compare Falz to Fela Kuti, the icon of Afrobeat and freedom of expression during Nigeria’s three decades of military rule. “‘This is Nigeria’ embodies the revolutionary and rebel spirit of Fela Anikulapo Kuti before him,” he wrote in an opinion piece published online by CNN. “It shows that contrary to popular opinion among local talents, there is a demand for conscious music. “Musicians tend to avoid political commentary, partly due to an ingrained fear of persecution from the powerful political class.” For example, Nigeria’s 2Baba last year announced a mass demonstration against economic recession but was forced to back-pedal under pressure. Global superstars such as Davido or Wizkid meanwhile continue to perform for political bigwigs and captains of industry who are prepared to pay a small fortune for private concerts.

falz the bad guys name is Folarin Falana is not a nobody. He gave up a career in law to go into music. His father is leading Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana and excerpts of his speech on corruption are in the track. One of Falana senior’s most famous clients was Fela Kuti. Falz is giving a voice to the thoughts of many Nigerians who are tired of years of bad governance, and as President Muhammadu Buhari vies for a second term at elections next year. After three years in power and repeated promises to turn the country around, they feel nothing has been done — and may even have gotten worse. In Falz’s video, dancers wear long blue hijabs in a clear reference to the schoolgirls from Chibok, whose kidnapping by Boko Haram caused more outrage abroad than at home. In other scenes corrupt police officers beat up young men and drug addicts, and generators run flat out to make up for a lack of electricity from the national grid. Even Nigeria’s numerous powerful evangelical pastors aren’t spared. They’re depicted as hypocritical charlatans on the hunt for cash. Not everyone is a fan of “This is Nigeria”. Some have criticised it for “plagiarism” and of even being a “bad Nollywood” version of the US track. “If we go by social media reaction… we could give him (Falz) the award for Best Political Commentary,” critic Oris Aigbokhaevbolo wrote on “He would deserve the award but that is only because there is no competition. “Wizkid and Davido will not sing it, sequestered as they are in some club or festooned to a fluffy bed by a buxom broad.”


Check out Bobrisky’s Reaction To Toyin Lawani’s Birthday Car Gift To Nina


Controversial Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky has reacted to claims by many big brother naija fans that he is pained after seeing Toyin lawani buy his former ‘friend’ Nina a car for her 22nd birthday.

Recall that Bobrisky had said he was going to buy Nina a car when she come out of the big brother house, until she started rolling with Toyin.

Well, Bobrisky is not bothered about anything and has taken to Instagram to react. He wrote;

“Did I hear some people saying u will be pained right now ? make them leave car buy private jet I careless . Me that I’m enjoying myself. If they know how much I spend on hair alone I’m sure dey will be alright. I started buying hair from @creamyshair since January every week 200k with the fixing of the 360 frontal pls multiply that by 20weeks. 4million and someone said I will be crying by now . Biko my true fans another giveaway coming soon jare.”


Osinbajo’s daughter, Kiki shares her feelings about Tiwa Salvage, Wizkid ‘love’


kiki Osinbajo, daughter of Vice president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has shared her feeling on the relationship between superstar singers, Wizkid and Tiwa Salvage.

The Vice President’s daughter who shared pictures of the two singers on stage at the Afro Republik held two days ago, said she is in love with Tiwa Savage and Wizkid’s friendship and love.

Kiki is undergoing the compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

In a short clip posted on her Instagram page on Monday, Kiki wrote, “Can I just say I’m in love with this friendship/love.”

Angry Nigerian man calls out Wizkid after he failed to fulfill his promise to 10-year-old Ahmed

Recall a while back, Nigerian music star, starboy Wizkid, surprised many when he revealed he was going to sign a previously unknown fan that thrilled guests at his homecoming concert that took place in December 2017. He also promised to take care of the 10-year-old boy who was later identified Ahmed while also stating that he will give him a whooping sum of N10m. Well, not so much has been heard about the promises or the young boy. A clearly displeased Nigerian man took to social media to call out the singer on what he claims is his failure towards helping young Ahmed. He also rained insults on the father of 3 and told him never to compare himself with the likes of Davido since he has helped no one.

Although the starboy released a photo of the himself with the young boy, that seems to be the last time anyone heard of the supposed signee. It turns out Ahmed isn’t the only one Wizkid has promised to help.

He also urged other musicians that have made it in the industry to extend a helping hand and sign talented artistes.


Ifu Ennada celebrates as a total stranger allegedly sends her N1m.

imagesThese are interesting times for former Big Brother Naija housemate Ifu Ennada as she recently launched a new business. Ifu also revealed via her Instagram page that a total stranger gave her the sum of N1 million to help her business. She labelled the stranger’s action a testimony. See a post below: “So a total stranger sent me 1 million naira to support my HairCare Line @beautifuennada . What a way to start the new month! God is good! He said he wants to remain anonymous, but I had to share this testimony.

I remember how I was reluctant to annouce beautIFU Ennada…i was really scared, but look what God is doing! Please guys, if God has placed anything in your heart to do, do it! He’ll always have your back! I’m grateful to all of you supporting me, everyone who has preordered, we’d have a grand launch when I comd back from London! Thank you so much!”