Quilox is Ending its 5th Season with the Shut Down Party happening this Saturday, May 13th

QuiloxThe luxurious nightlife brand Quilox has set the pace in the industry. Quilox has also set the bar so high they go in and beat the record and then re-set. Quilox season 5 has been an adventure compared to none, from the Season 5 reopening fire, to the Quilox World Tours, to the first ever 24-hour party that ended up being a 72-hour party, to Quilox Back to the Future, to Jeepers Creepers, to March Mayhem, to the exceptionally themed Quilox Ultra Pool Parties.

However the exceptional night life brand Quilox, is set to go for its annual break on the 14th of May 2018, Hence on the 13th of May would be the last day of the party: this date will
also mark the birthday of Night Life King, Shina Peller.

Come celebrate with us as we “SHUT DOWN” in grand style.